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  1. Hahhaha. That is funny. Yeah I only had the 5 peel and it’ll also be hidden by the ferrule. That’s about what I took them down to as well. Copperish color and no black. Makes me feel slightly more confident in what I’m doing. Thanks!! Now I can epoxy. Wish me luck! I read somewhere else they used a different finish on the tapers that supposedly lasts longer than these older tour shafts. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Thanks Adam. Picked up some aluminum ferrules to help add some weight back.
  3. Hello, got a set of the old black nickel finish shafts. Started sanding the tips to expoxy and on the 5iron the ‘finish’ started to peel. I’ve heard that’s an issue (after already purchasing). My question is when I’m prepping these to epoxy do I need to sand em down to take that finish off or just rough them up enough for the epoxy to grab? thanks!!
  4. Thanks everyone!! What I thought was a quick change out has gotten a lot more complicated! At least I'm learning. I got a drill bit and was able to pull that red piece out. Its just a little piece of plastic! So maybe some sort of shaft plug? When I purchased them off eBay eons ago I later found out the 4 iron didn't have the same serial # so I'm guessing that's why that didn't have any weight to it? I called Mizuno and they said I would probably drop about 1 swing weight by reusing the weights with the 10 gram lighter Kbs tour shafts (120 gram). I have a set of jpx 800 pro (regular 115g shaft) that are a D2 swing weight and the stock mp-53 were D3. So my plan is to use these weights and see how they work out for me. The jpx felt too whispy and a tad light while the mp-53 were like swinging tree branches and heavy. Hoping to be in the middle now. I had swung mp-53 with the Kbs tour shafts a long time ago and they were fantastic but of course now I don't know what the swing weight was. Question. I splurged on fancy ferrules cause I figured hey make em unique. If things don't feel good and I want to go back in and add more weight can I still reuse the fancy ferrules? Thanks again everyone for your help. Greatly appreciate it and now have a whole new understanding of changing shafts.
  5. Hello all, first time reshafting. my current shafts are TT dynamic gold s300 and going to kbs tour stiff. The heads are Mizuno MP-53. When I pullled my 4 I saw this red thing stuck in there. I then noticed tips on all the ends of the other shafts while the 4 shaft was empty. Do I reuse these tips on the KBS irons? Any idea what the red thing is and how I get it out? Or do I? Thanks for any guidance.
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