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  1. Yeah sorry for the poorly phrased question, I did mean #1. I know all good golfers have forward shaft lean but was just wondering if doing that at address was a fix for something you aren't doing correctly in your swing. I guess I need to pay more attention to the pros angle at address. Thanks for reply!
  2. I just can't for the life of me hit down on the ball unless I have at least a few inches of forward shaft lean. However, I very rarely see good golfers doing this. Is this considered a bandaid for a bad weight shift or something?
  3. Got a round in yesterday with my dad for his Father's Day present. Overall I played pretty well considering how hot and humid it was and shot an 83 (par 72), however my putting was pretty terrible. As far as irons go I did hit a couple fat but other than that I was pretty happy. Still not hitting down on the ball as much as I want to. I think I need to work on my weight shift and possibly slow down my transition. Does it seem a little quick for anyone else? For putting, I have always switched between a conventional grip and a left hand low grip. Recently I have been going with left had low and the conventional grip for lag putts as I get a better feel for distance with conventional. I noticed a lot of putts around 10-20 feet I was leaving well short so I may try going back to conventional grip full time to see if that fixes some of my distance issues. How much importance do you think eye-dominance is when putting? I am left eye-dominant so I started moving the ball up in my stance a bit, which could be causing me to miss the sweet spot of the putter. I will also have to keep that in mind and make sure my hands are far enough forward at address.
  4. The first recommendation I have is to try shortening your backswing. I try to feel like I am keeping the arms more straight on the backswing. You can see in the pic at the top of your backswing that your left arm is bent at an angle more than 90 degrees. You want it to be slightly less than 90 degrees at that point. Check out this video!
  5. Yeah I think it is just that the angle was a bit off because I thought it looked a little forward as well. But that's definitely something I need to keep in mind. I probably should try moving it back a few inches either way.
  6. Now it's my turn for the mistake haha. Yes, I meant to say IN FRONT OF the ball as opposed to behind the ball. Thanks for pointing that out!
  7. I like your thoughts on the downswing. I feel like that would help eliminate any shanks by trying to feel my weight/pressure on my left heel. Also, jealous of your shoulder turn haha
  8. I feel like I could live at the range! Was able to get out last night for a little bit to get some slow-mo and facing videos of my swing. I noticed when I was hitting my driver my swing just didn't feel very good. It felt almost like I was all shoulders on the downswing and had a sort of robotic feeling. Didn't like the feeling at all, even on drives that were straight. As far as irons went, I had one terrible shank that I got video and I was also hitting a lot of them fat which has been a problem lately. Really need to start working on hitting more behind the ball I pulled this shot a bit as you can see This was one of the worst shanks I've had in awhile. Figured this would be a good one to post to see if ya'll see anything?
  9. At the navigation bar along the top if you hover over "Forums" in the middle you should see "Member Swings" next to "Instruction". All swings are posted as threads in there
  10. Last night I tested some new irons on a simulator. I noticed a crack in my 5 iron shaft the other day and my irons are at least 10 years old so figured now wouldn't be a bad time to upgrade. Unfortunately they were all out of the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged but was able to take some swings with the Srixon z785 irons. I made sure to remember some of my stats on the simulator. These were my averages with a 7 iron: - 193 yards of carry (is this so high because my spin rate is lower?) - 21 degree launch - 3800-4100 RPM (this is pretty low for a 7 iron, correct?) - 118-125 MPH ball speed - 81-84 MPH swing speed I have heard the Srixon's aren't a very high spinning iron so I would imagine I would be better off with a higher spinning iron.
  11. Yeah next time I get out I plan on getting some slow mo videos. Was meaning too before, but forgot once I got to the range. And when you say "Right off the bat I see the clubhead WAY outside the hands at P2", did you mean inside the hands? From what I can see the club head looks to be inside if anything, excluding my driver swing Appreciate the reply!
  12. What I am currently working on is: 1. Shallowing club on downswing and focusing on letting my hands catch up to my body/shoulders (from what I've read this is done by the weight shift so really working on transferring my weight to my left side at the start of my downswing) 2. Bigger shoulder turn on backswing. Also making it a bit more steep
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: ~17 years My current handicap index or average score is: 14 handicap My typical ball flight is: Slight fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull hooks with the driver and hitting my irons fat Videos: Sorry, I only have DTL videos at the moment but heres a video with a driver. Hopefully the camera isn't too close
  14. Thank you! A few of the things I've been working on is: 1. Making more of a shoulder turn and trying to "steepen" it out a bit as often my shoulders are too flat at the top 2. More of a shallow downswing and trying to keep my arms/hands more in front of me as opposed to "yanking" my front shoulder at the beginning of my downswing and causing my hands to move too much towards the ball (this one has been tough!) During the quarantine I've been watching a lot of Mike Malaska's videos on youtube
  15. Nice to meet ya! I live around the Cedar Rapids area so don't get to Des Moines often but I did just golf Waveland. I swear 80% of my shots were totally blind with all the hills but played the back really well and shot an 83. When I was in high school I got to golf Amana and Blue Top Ridge which was super nice!
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