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  1. After 8 straight days of constant rain and having to hit balls in my garage, the sun has finally came out and was able to get to the range last night. Overall, it was another pretty solid day. Contact wasn't as consistent as my last range session (probably my best session this year) but I would imagine the week off played a part in that. I hit a few shots pretty fat but for most it was pretty solid contact with maybe a bit of fade. Things I was focusing on: - Throwing motion at beginning of downswing - Get right elbow in front on trail hip when doing the throwing motion - I wasn't really paying much attention to my palmar flexion here but usually that is something I am conscious of. If I do the throwing motion correctly the palmar flexion should happen there Also, I don't want to speak too soon but it looks like my "rollover" with my right wrist around impact has virtually gone away.
  2. I do appreciate the reply though! I was confused initially as well when starting this piece thinking it would cause more of a flip but due to the hands coming down quicker it's almost like now I don't even have time to "flip". @iacas wanted to get out to the range tonight but ended up raining. I should have something for you in the next couple days
  3. Was able to get a couple a range sessions in the last few days so thought I'd give an update. I wasn't able to get to the range until later last night so I went through my bucket more quickly than normal as each day we're losing more and more light 😬. Also a couple of the videos are super exposed due to the light issue so it's difficult to see the shaft. These were hit with a 6 iron. The majority of my ball flights had a fade to them, which is normal for me. It looks like I'm not pulling quite as much as before but still not that "inside to out" swing path I would like. Also, I had the tendency to hit the ball a bit fat. Not sure but I think this may be to due to my arms not coming down quick enough. More throwing is definitely needed!!! It seems like when I start my transition the club/shaft begins to shallow nicely but soon after starts to steepen again once I get to around P5 (left arm horizontal) Also hit a couple drives with my last couple balls as my driver has been very inconsistent. I usually pull the ball really bad but this shot seems to be right on my target line which feels good (no idea where it went because It was too dark). Need to limit my head movement with the driver as @iacas pointed out. I seem to want to turn my head a bunch on the backswing. Also still getting too much across at the top of the backswing. Need to shorten that a bit. Have a good day everyone!
  4. I immediately thought of Scottie Scheffler. Back foot definitely slides forward after impact
  5. Quick update: This week I've been really busy with work so haven't been able to make it to the range since Monday but I have been hitting some foam balls in my garage. I'm definitely making progress on my priority piece which is shallowing my downswing a bit more. I'm hoping to get out to the range tonight and practice on some real golf balls. Currently my swing thought at transition is "throw the shaft behind me and away from the target". That is giving me some palmar flexion in the downswing but I think I could use a bit more around impact. Also still working a decent amount on rotating/extending through the ball, which was my previous priority piece.
  6. To add to what @boogielicious said, it looks like the first half of your backswing is all arms. Meaning you have very little rotation of the shoulders when your shaft is about parallel with the ground. Definitely check out the COVID practice drills linked above
  7. I think that's even more reason to never let up. With the amount of games the opposing team will get their chance to "redeem" themselves or whatever. Also it's common for players to receive bonuses for reaching a specific stat in the season. What if someone misses their home run bonus by 1 because their manager didn't want to hurt the other team's feelings? Seems kinda childish
  8. Just thought the little backswing change (slightly more steep) would help with my transition and getting the shaft more shallow on the downswing. I would guess that played a big part in in my driver slicing. I do feel like it helps me shallow out my downswing with irons at least, I could be wrong though! Will get a driver submission up soon!
  9. And the funniest thing is next day the Phillies were up 7-0 and then were down 7-9 by the 6th. The people complaining the Padres game (10-3) was "in-hand" have obviously never played sports. Screw your "unwritten" rules
  10. Just wanted to compare the video from the other night and and one from a few weeks ago. Backswing is looking much better, but not too worried about that currently. The bottom row is my downswing, which is definitely starting to shallow out more 👍 Played 9 holes yesterday at a really nice course yesterday. Fairways felt amazing to hit from as it was super easy to take a divot. Greens were also very soft and was getting a lot of spin on shots ranging from chips to 180 yards out. The only issue was with my driver. Every shot was sliced pretty hard which is not normally my miss with that club (normally its a pull hook). I could feel I was leaving the face very open at impact. I think I need to work on getting the hands through more quickly as I think it's kinda "stuck behind me"
  11. Finally got out to the range last night to work on getting the shaft on a more shallow plane on the downswing. I've spent a lot of time just working on the feeling by hitting foam balls so It was nice to finally take some real swings. Something else I've been working on a bit with this is getting my backswing to be a bit steeper and eliminating some of the wrist action I have. Very happy with those slight changes, maybe just a tad bit shorter backswing so my shaft doesn't end up "across the line" at the top. Overall, it was a pretty solid day at the range. Other than a couple shots I chunked, all of them were relatively straight. Maybe a very slight fade. This video is just a slow-motion shot of me trying to get the correct feeling on the transition/downswing This is a full 7 iron shot Still a lot of work to do but I think I'm on the right track! Need to continue to remind myself to ROTATE ROTATE ROTATE
  12. I've been doing this drill a couple times a day since starting on my shallowing piece. Loved that video!
  13. So $1200 per year just to use your own golf cart at the course? That's insane!
  14. Sounds more like an etiquette issue more than a golf cart issue
  15. I remember watching this video a few months ago and not really understanding it, but since I've started working on the feeling of shallowing the club on the downswing, this is EXACLY what I feel when I begin to add the rotation on the downswing. Anyone else notice this?
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