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  1. Thanks for posting this, this is very helpful and something I'll be working on at my next session.
  2. After taking lots of video over the last few weeks, I can't get over how true this is. I noticed that as my club length increased, I would come out of my posture more and more, probably causing my to spray my woods and hybrids all over. I've been working on trying to stay in posture with all my clubs, and got some good results yesterday with 4-wood and driver(!) at my backyard net. Really solid shots. Of course, there's a hole in the net which I can't fix, my mat and rubber tee are now mostly destroyed, and my tripod is falling apart as well 😞. I'll get to the range in one of the next few days and see if I can replicate this feeling on camera, and actually see which direction the balls fly.
  3. So I've really been working on getting into a "posted-up" position at impact, as I'm hoping it will ensure that my weight and body is in good position to strike the ball more consistently. I've nearly eliminated my dreadful hook with my irons, and the times I do hook, I'm pretty sure it's because I pull up out of my posture and come off the ball. Most of my iron shots now are going straight or fading. I've really tried to feel weight centered, hips turning and bumping toward the target. I'm trying to get my left shoulder low on the backswing and squat into the downswing. I'm still hitting some shots thin, which I'm hoping will resolve with more practice. My woods and hybrids, however, I still have this problem where I'm just spraying it all over. Upon closer inspection with video, I can definitely see I'm pulling up with the driver instead of getting deeper into a squat. I'm hoping for some feedback just to see if I'm on the right track here. I've never looked this good as far as getting my weight back to the left and straightening out the left leg, but I still need to work on getting my hands more in front of the ball and still work more on the "squat" so I don't come up out of my stance. Any idea why I might be pulling up (ie, some kind of compensation my body is trying to make)? I used to think that maybe I was standing to close to the ball, but it doesn't really look or feel that way.
  4. So I've been working through the assigned drills from days 1-5 and getting some good solid hits. Also, though I might be getting ahead of myself in getting back to a full swing, I wanted to try the whole "sit/squat into the left leg to start the downswing" bit I've seen, and wow...what results. I filmed the chipping exercise and the impact exercise (what I call "punch"), as well as a slow motion of me just trying a sit/squat with no ball, and one with ball. I can't believe how just doing that 1 motion has me in a much more dynamic position coming through and into the ball than I ever have. My impact looks better on the swing without the ball, as I still look like I'm breaking down a bit on the swing where I actually hit the ball. However, my weight is transferring, my hips are getting around, and I'm actually building some lag in the club. Thoughts?
  5. Posted! I'll try to get better video from head on in the future.
  6. I’ve recently come back to the game after about 2 years off due to frustrations with the game and time/money constraints. I’m 34, 6’, 200 lbs, flexible, and have no major injury history. In other words, I am pretty well set-up for a powerful golf swing, which manifests itself at times. However, I have no accuracy or consistency with my full swing. I can hit my irons fairly well, but I tend to hook my hybrids, pretty severely sometimes. My fairway woods I tend to push/fade, and my driver is all over the map. Snap hooks, push slices, and pure straight bombs. I’ve broken 100 only once over about 20 years of playing recreationally and pouring money into lessons. I’ve got Taylormade Burner 2.0 stiff shafts as my woods, hybrids, and irons, and Ping wedges. Equipment now is closing in on 10 years old, but I have no intention of replacing anything, as that is not my answer to improving. I recently posted a thread about my driver and being unable to control it. I have been working in the weeks since on trying to feel less like I’m coming from the inside while getting steeper and trying to hit more of a fade. I’ve had some success in straightening out my shots, but that snap hook still rears its ugly head at times. I’ve finally been able to get some video (sorry, the head-on driver shot isn’t very good, not much room) to share. In watching my videos, it seems to me that my lower body looks pretty passive and my wrists really turn over coming through the ball. Should I work on using my body more to square the club face? The club face looks ok on my backswing and at the top unless I’m mistaken, and my swing does seem to be on plane. I've been Playing Golf for: 20+ years My current handicap index or average score is: average score in the 100's My typical ball flight is: everywhere The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: snap hook Videos:
  7. I will go back to taking video of my swing once I get my regular phone back. Lots of room on the range and have a tripod, etc. I also think I'll try to get some powder spray or something to see where I'm hitting the ball on the face of the driver, as I read that hitting a heel shot can cause the face to twist closed, causing that nasty shot. I'm going to practice for a bit today and play a quick 9, so I'll see how that goes. Regarding the comments on my grips, I have tried everything sensible over the last 20 years from upgrading my equipment to lessons from various pros. The grip size was never mentioned until now, yet it seems like it can make a lot of difference for many players. I was just looking for input from anyone that may have tried bigger grips on their bigger clubs or experienced the problem I'm having. I don't -think- I overswing with the woods; I try to have a smooth, in-tempo swing for all of my clubs.
  8. I've been playing golf recreationally for about 20 years now (I'm 34) and have always wanted to improve, but still stuck in the 100-110 range after years of lessons and thousands spent. I took about 2 years off of golf due to lack of time and money, as well as frustration with the game. However, with my wife starting up with new clubs and lessons, I've been getting back into golf this summer, having played a few times and practicing at the range. The reason I've never been able to shave strokes off my score is that I simply have not been able to strike the ball consistently. Fat and thin shots have been less of an issue as of late, but I've been a victim of severe slicing (more a problem of the past) and severe hooking (more of a recent problem). I love the short game and have practiced it a lot, and my putting is generally about 15-16 putts per 9. Distance is not a problem either, but I can't hit my tee shot and consistently play from the wrong fairway or incur penalty strokes and have any shot at even averaging a bogey over the course of a round. This year, I had, at the recommendation of my wife's golf instructor, all of my clubs regripped with midsize wraps (I have big hands). I like the feel, and I've been pretty happy with the results with my irons so far. From 3h all the way down to the wedges, I consistently draw (sometimes hook, but I'm getting there) the ball, with my misses being severe hooks. I almost never miss them to the right. The driver and 4w, however, are a different story. I just really have no feel yet with the 4 wood - I have hit it 240 straight, but more often than not I top it or lose it to the right. Or sometimes the left. I'm not as worried about the 4 wood since I can get a reliable 200 and sometimes 220+ out of the 3h. I'm more concerned about the driver - again, I can hit it straight 260+, but what can tend to happen after a while is I will feel the grip turn in my hand at impact, causing a low hook that goes nowhere. This, despite new grips and a new glove. This only really happens with the driver, and I'm not sure if it's because of my relative swing speed with the driver vs the other clubs? Might it be something due to grip pressure? I would assume I need to grip it tighter with my left hand if it slips, but that doesn't really seem to help. I was thinking I could maybe even try a jumbo grip on the driver...my biggest fear with that is I sometimes miss high to the right. However, I'd rather work on getting the club face closed with a more stable grip if I can completely eliminate this grip turning issue. Any thoughts on how I can stop this issue and hopefully start shooting under 100?
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