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  1. Why? Are you a professional golfer with thousands of people watching you each week 😛 I could care less about what grown men do though, it is a little rough if the young kids want to watch golf and are getting hit with f-bombs, but ehh life.
  2. So I got a little bit extra TGW cash and pulled the trigger on the G400 Max 10.5, R shaft with Alta CB 55. This will allow me to get fitted later on when I move back to the states and should still give me a decent upgrade over the Nike in terms of feel and forgiveness. Now let's see if they actually ship it. Thanks all for your help.
  3. Definitely helpful. I'll be back in the states in a year so I'll be able to dig deeper into getting the right setup. Thanks for your time.
  4. What do you mean by guessing? At what I need, or what I currently play? I wish I could go get my swing looked at and get some raw data. I don't enjoy the thought of buying a driver raw, but I got to get something lol.
  5. I play the steel shafts that came with my Nike Slingshots, and my current Dymo 2 driver has a regular flex 55g shaft, nothing special. I don't have any woods, I have a slingshot 3H with stock shaft, and a Ping G410 2H with the basic R flex shaft. For the most part my ball flight is straight with a slight right push. I'd love to learn how to hit a drawl, but right now I'm just focusing on impact. I am stuck between the M2 and the G400. Unfortunately it seems like ping is backlogged on their clubs, and getting something custom would take at least a month till it "maybe" ships. I really appreciate all the replys. I could push my budget up to 400 since it would only be 100 out of pocket. That might open up some more options.
  6. Ball flight is fairly straight, I slice it every one in a while but for the most part it stays straight. I typically get good height from my drives and very rarely go low. Unfortunately I have no way of testing my swing speed right now. I do not own a swing analyzer nor is there one on the island except for one place that only fits pings, and I am not sure what they use to do it, and they only carry $500+ drivers (Guam inflation FTW). I don't like the look of the driver, and I absolutely hate the sound it makes. I never understood Rick Shiels infatuation with driver sounds until I devoted range time with my driver. It literally hurts my ears when I get good connections.
  7. Hello all, I have recently renewed my love/hate relationship with golf, and am looking to move away from the ear raping 08 Nike SQ Dymo 2 driver in favor of something a little more tame on the ears and more forgiving. The only problem is, I currently live in Guam so I have no options to get fitted, or to do any type of swing analysis. I currently hit my SQ 10.5 Reg about 220-230 and get near 250 if I hit it pure. I don't want to spend a lot of money since I can't get fitted, and I am currently sitting on a $275 gift certificate at TGW.com. What would you suggest? Thanks for your time.
  8. I don't take any test numbers seriously until they can stop with the false positives, false negatives nonsense. Nobody has any idea of the real numbers. What I do know is that in a country of over 350M people, hardly any hospitals or cities used their emergency medial facilities for patient overflow during the pre-lockdown spread of Covid. Is it scary? Sure it is. Should it be taken seriously? Of course. Should the US grind to a halt because of it? No way. People love to use New Zealand as an example of success, but you can't compare an island with 4M people who gets 11M visitors a year to the USA who got almost 70M international visitors last year. Everyone wants to say we aren't doing enough but nobody has an answer other than shut everything down. This country is not setup to sustain months and months and months of economic stagnation, nor can they afford to pay everyone a monthly sum to make ends meet. There is no magic wand, and no easy way to do this in a country where people hold on to their beliefs of freedom with literally their lives. We don't bat an eye at the 300,000 people that die each year from obesity, which also makes people way more likely to die from Covid. We shrug at the 480,000 tobacco related deaths each year, which also makes people more susceptible to the virus. But we grind to a screeching halt over a virus that primarily effects the old and sick, which by they way, most diseases are more deadly to the old and sick. I don't get it. I'm not a conspiracy theory nutjob, but at some point you have to wonder if this is more about safety or compliance.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 months My current handicap index or average score is: Well over 100 My typical ball flight is: Straight or dead right if I can't get my hips and chest turned. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Hitting the ball thin. A little about me, I am 40 and have always been fascinated by golf. I have had a set of Nike Slingshots since 2008 and only played about 10 times since I bought them. This quarantine has renewed my desire to play and I have about 20 rounds + multiple range days under my belt. I struggle primarily with thin shots or taking divots behind the ball. I fail constantly at hip/shoulder rotation, and weight transfer is almost non existent with my driver. Not a lot of golf pro's here on Guam to take lessons from so I have been primarily trying to learn from YouTube. I just started filming my shots so here are three to start off this thread. I am extremely receptive to any advice/criticism. I won't get offended by anything said. Thank you.
  10. Please be gentle lol. I will be making a my swing thread soon.
  11. I do that knee in move too, however when my knee comes in it causes me to bend down which throws off the backswing and I end up topping every shot. I hit about 100 range balla last night between my 6 and 7 iron and didn't get a single ball up in the air, all tops and striking the ground before the ball. I feel like this might be the reverse pivot?
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