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  1. Hello. This is my first serious season of golf even though have played for a few. I am playing multiple times a week and have improved dramatically. Break 100 most times I play which while not good is good progress. I recently got new irons and got fit for. Plus .5 and 2 degrees up. I absolutely love them and made a world of difference. Best purchase ever. My game is improving everywhere except.... I am trash with the driver. I plan on getting lessons this winter but until then am afraid to hit it. I have been using 5 iron off the tee 200+ to good results. I haven’t found a hybrid or wood I hit well so that’s my go to. My driver is super inconsistent. The few times I hit it well I can get 250-275 but not often. I usually hit a slice or just a terrible swing. I know it’s mostly me but did not get fitted and I think that hurts. it is a f9 with 2g in front and 14g in back. I could buy higher back weight or front. It is standard 45.5 inches and stiff flex. 10.5 degrees but I have it at 11.5 as flight is a bit better. I am considering having it cut down to 44.5 or 45 but I’m not sure if that’s the answer. Also would probably need to change the head weight right? I am 6”4 with a 35 wrist to floor if that helps. I use stiff irons and hit them well. Thanks for opinions.
  2. Hello all. I am a fairly new golfer. I usually shoot around 100 and have been golfing for a few years. Probably only have 20 rounds total give or take. Missed last two years with a knee issue but am back 100% and playing a ton. I hit some great shots but for most part am very inconsistent. I understand that you swing and game need to improve. my question is about my clubs and bag/gapping/fitting etc. I am dedicated to getting better. I am intrigued by the one length setups I have seen. I even like the idea of the driving irons though the wedges I’m sure is a big adjustment. I just think it makes a ton of sense for someone like me that does not have tons of years at variable lengths. I could see the consistency of length being very beneficial. Especially if I go regular size driver and everything else one length until putter. my two main questions are I understand fitting would be good for me/ a good lesson. I am not sure if most fitters have one length though or would be receptive to the idea. I am debating a local place that seems very reputable for fitting but am not sure. I do not need to 100% go to one length but I don’t want it immediately shutdown either. another option would be building the one length style bag on my own either right away or over time and then as I get better and hopefully take lessons maybe get fit more so to make sure shafts are correct and maybe some gapping adjustments while keeping one length. The last question is I know cobra is probably the standard for one length, but I am unsure of what the best ones would be. I would like to do it more game improvement style then something tougher like blades as I do not have enough skills yet. that is a lot to read so thanks for your time and any and all opinions will be appreciated. Thanks!
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