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  1. That's the problem...my "feel" isn't repeatable. With same "feel", sometimes I feel jammed up on swing, other times I feel like I'm reaching. +/-1/2" strike on face is a big difference. Way back when I first started playing, I would lay the butt of grip on my thigh to kind of get an idea where I was. Looking for for something more mechanical like that.
  2. Was viewing "Posture is Almost the Same for All Clubs" Instructional Droplet by @iacas. Setup for irons understandable, vert. arm drop, grip club and clubhead tells you where to be. I'm having a hard time with getting a consistent setup distance from ball with driver. Sometimes feel jammed up on swing, other times feel reaching. Droplet says "The only thing that really changes much is the angle at which your arms hang - a bit farther out for driver." What is a bit farther? I'm looking for a check/routine to get me a repeatable setup distance. What do you all do?
  3. Skins game yesterday. Hit every range shot well, encouraging! Then proceeded to play a below average, bordering on poor round. Hole 13, par 5 - drive pulled short and left. Finally hit a good fairway wood (no usual draw) thru elevated fairway and over hill, leaving a blind approach from 152yds. Playing partners lined me up and I flushed a 7, just happy I finally hit a solid shot. Back up to fairway and see it ended up 3 ft. from pin. Rolled in putt for birdie. The best part...the birdie held up...for 11 Skin$500+! Whoo-Hoo! And yes, I ran a beer tab.
  4. To me, seems about 3-4 yrs. ago when BT speakers got hot. Really pissed me off at first, but have become accustomed to it, IF the volume is reasonable. Funny how I can tune out music and even partners talking when preparing to make a drive/shot/putt, but can't tune out a whisper. Drives me nuts...they must be talking about me...right?
  5. The more I research these Big Cup things, looks like they try to put the cup in the most extreme place on the green...true? Then below the cup, off the green even?
  6. Playing in my first big (8") cup tourney this weekend. Scramble format from the tips. My team has no illusions of winning (these things tend to attract loaded teams, at least at this course), but offers decent prizes for finishing in the top 75%. Looking for any tips/thoughts about putting in particular. My downfall is leaving well read putts short, been working on that, so firmer than usual seems obvious, but how much? Firm enough to hit back of std. cup or firm enough to roll over back edge?
  7. Happened just last night. On a dogleg right, have to get past trees on inside corner at 210 to have clear shot in, but you can drive through the fairway, especially since conditions have been dry and hard. Or you can take a chance on cutting corner but getting caught in clumps of ornamental grasses. Having a particularly unimpressive night, so had nothing to lose by cutting the corner. Hit best drive of the night, snuck through the grasses, ending up 30 yds. from front of green. It is a frontish pin on a green sloped severely back to front, with a plateau on back quarter, bunker in front.
  8. I'm assuming you bought the 714s used? Have you checked shaft length and lie compared to your Pings?
  9. For anyone who has put off updating your equipment... Have been playing fitted Titleist DCI 762s since 2003. Have been thinking of getting new irons for 5+ years now, but kept putting off because felt my swing "wasn't consistent enough". Finally decided to pull the trigger in June and got fitted for a new set - ended up with Mizuno 919 Forged. My game all of a sudden jumped a level in the enjoyment category. My misses tend to creep to the toe and were a club short and right (I'm a righty) so I would be pitching. Now my misses are still short and right, but I'm nGIR - on-fringe puttab
  10. Shot a 3 under 32 on a par 35 Front...then backed it up with a 41. Only time I've ever broken par on a nine. I'm definitely one who has trouble stringing 2 good nines together on same day!
  11. New member here. Have been re-reading my LSW and finally decided to join TST. Break 90 semi-regularly, working towards breaking 80. How do I get the awards added to my signature?
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