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  1. Lots of great info here, thanks everybody! I think I'll try out the GG and Taylormade apps - the free price tag is hard to beat. And the stats seem great! I don't have a watch to use with them, but maybe I'll get one if I like the apps enough (money that would have gone towards Arccos/Game Golf/Garmin/whatever).
  2. @Missouri Swede I don't necessarily dislike automatic shot tracking, just think it doesn't add any value to me. From what I've seen, a manual tagging system like Game Golf Live's wouldn't bother me. Also - for me personally - I'd have more trust in a manual system than a automatic one. Regarding Arccos in general, it seems like I'm paying for a bunch of additional features (Arccos caddie + auto shot tracking) that don't make any difference for me. Although I think I'm going to go the Arccos route if Game Golf seems like a bad idea. @iacas I agree with you on your Shot Scope points - I don
  3. Hey guys! I'm in the market for a shot tracker and having a ton of trouble figuring out what's right for me. I want one to better analyze my own game, get a better handle on my shot zones (shout out LSW), and figure out where I'm losing the most strokes. These are the options that I'm aware of: Game Golf - Game Golf Live seemingly does what I want, but it appears that users in the Game Golf thread are having trouble with it recently. I would get this if I knew it would be supported into the future. Haven't heard great things about Game Golf Pro. Arccos - Also seemingly do
  4. For someone without the SS sticks or radar, is the best/cheapest radar option probably the PRGR from the SS website (it's $150 if you buy the SS sticks at the same time)? I know you can get a radar for ~$110, but I think the added functionality of the PRGR is worth $40. Anybody know of a radar $<100? The SS sticks seem very worth it at $200, but the extra $100 - $200 for the radar kills me.
  5. Looking to find an instructor to learn Aimpoint Express. Is a level 1 instructor (according to Aimpoint's website) fine for this? Is there any value in trying to find a level 2 or 3 instructor?
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