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  1. Thanks, I think I might be in the same camp.
  2. That's what I originally thought, which is why I was confused as for what to do next. I've tried choking down an inch on my longer clubs, but my wrists don't respond well (probably b/c I have a strong grip).
  3. DrMetal


  4. Then maybe I'm having a length issue? I haven't played much with hybrids, maybe that's a good option. old Ping game improvement clubs, G20. I definitely need a new set! Yeah, I feel the same way, especially in my back swing. I try to compensate for it by lifting the club higher, but then I lose my form as I'm bringing it down. So did you switch to graphite permanently? My only hesitation in doing this, is that I like the 'feel' of steel, especially for 7 and higher, and I don't want to lose that. What do you think about single length clubs, or maybe just reducing the length on my 6,5,4, to equal that of my 7?
  5. Hello, I'm a double digit handicap. A Bogey kind a guy on most holes. I'm fairly decent with my short irons. My distance with my 7-iron (standard length) is anywhere from 160-175 yds. But as soon as I pick up my longer irons (6, 5, or 4), my swing falls apart. I'm not sure if it's the extra length---I'm ok with my driver (250-280 yards)----or if it's the added weight of those irons, or maybe a combination of the two. I feel like I have some difficulty in raising the club and generative good speed, which makes me think its the extra weight of the club that's hindering me. Solutions? I was thinking of switching to graphite clubs (but I do like the feel of steel, especially in my short irons). Get fitted? (I am in the marked for a new set of clubs. possible to just reduce the lengths of my 6, 5 and 4?) Workout and build more body mass?! I should be doing that. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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