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  1. Hee hee, I think the monthly payment will be your best bet :)
  2. Is your tee still standing?

    For me, I guess it all depends. When its teed down low, for irons and such, the tee stays put. For my driver or FW, I use Tomahawk tees and they just fall forward.
  3. How many rounds a week do you play?

    We try to play at least on the weekends, since its harder during the week since we're at work. I can't wait for summer, at least then I can still go to the driving range after work and it'll still be sunshine out :) During the winter months, its practice on the weekends, range on the weekends, try to get a round in both days, and my lesson on the weekends :(
  4. How do golfers keep their irons so new?

    I use iron headcovers when I play, and when I don't :) But they're easy to slip in your pocket when you are using your club then after I hit, I'll clean the club and put the cover back on in time for another!!
  5. Do you wear jewelry while golfing?

    I won't wear jewelry when I play golf at all. Its too much trouble and they just get in the way!
  6. Bump and run

    A short iron does the job for me, anywhere from a 7, 8,or 9, but usually I'll use a 7 iron.
  7. Is Pebble Beach worth $495

    Maybe just once in your lifetime :)
  8. What does golf do for you?

    Its a very humbling sport!!
  9. What car do you have?

    My BF had a B5 S4 in Imola yellow...great car!! I drive a 2009 BMW 335i coupe :)
  10. Hank Haney at Golfsmith

    We were going to stop by, but figured there would be way too many people there, and Irvine isn't necessarily down the street from us, its about an hour's drive or so...
  11. I haven't been able to hit with my 3-wood either until yesterday!! Its a great club once you get the hang of it :) Yesterday, I was able to hit it off the tee and off the fairway, so exciting It just takes a LOT of practice!!
  12. Weather Today . . .

    It was brisk and cool yesterday playing golf, high of about 60*. Today is about the same...getting cooler!! But in the mornings when I'm on my way to work (about 6:30am) its about 35* out!!
  13. I sank a 20 and a 40 footer putts today!!

    That's such a great feeling!!