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  1. You cant appreciate good shots unless you do bad ones
  2. I am seldom to far out so I would rather hit a 20 metre short drive on a teed up lie then gamble on the second shot most times.
  3. That local rule should become a global rule. More fun then pretend golf when you dont find it. Of course its a bit of a cheat because why hit a provisional if you can just hit a ball from guaranteed fairway. Just bomb the driver get a more valid strategy. Its seldom I loose both balls on provisional but it happens particularly when hitting the second in rage. Hitting a third often feels expensive and pointless.
  4. A chipper is perfect for putting. Just use the putter stroke and see the ball roll straight. Mine has no offset so everything is straight. My chipper is also my most accurate approach club. Just dont want to go anywhere but where I aim.
  5. I do play 56 so I get more golf. Could play 52. Good drives and I can get some really tough approach shots on some par 4:s and easier on others so yes it depend. If you hit a solid drive but to much spin or it starts off not where you aim it soon goes oob as fairways are not wide. That is my problem I generally hit the ball well its dispersion that create the oob. Harder with an iron to hit that far there it more often is rollers 🙂 In theory I should afford an oob but if I could get more stable with my irons and nail more approach shots it would more then compensate.
  6. Clubs that go long can be costly if you are focused on scoring. My driver often cause me one hole. That is two strokes. I am often struggling to get in on two anyway on some par 4:s and other require epic drives so it would be an interesting experiment. But I want to have fun also. Driver and Iron swing is totally different so if you only have to have Iron swing in your head that simplifies it too. Hard to remember the days both my irons and drives was good.
  7. I am using it proper again. I will say though life as a bump and runner dunno if it´s easier then a boom and zoomer... Boom and zoom shot is still the best shot with this too. But sure the worst shot will be better but checks with some backspin for chipping can be helpful at times besides always starting the roll on the green. My approach now is just to master the chipper in all occasions just to reduce the real bad shots is worth more then getting it a tad closer on the really good shots. I got to say it´s amazing at times. Was on a round today. I worked so hard on my driver but neglected my irons so dispersion is quite big at the moment. GIR is low but I know if I can get into the zone of a full chipper shot at about 105-120 metres I am golden. It just so easy to boom it straight exactly on the line I aim and at full blast. Its like technique doesn´t matter. Got three pin high where the fellows I played with must started to believe maybe he isn´t that horrible afterall 😄 Also had some bunker shots (very easy bunkers) but just hit it clean is so easy with this. I maybe should get that GW and SW just for full blast approach shots but don´t feel like spending even more on this game.
  8. You can hit the shorter club 110 %. But if 100 % is a hundred I like the idea of reaching the pin if there is no hazard front or back.
  9. It happened to me once. A callaway hawkeye. My first own driver. Believe it was third strike on the driving range and the clubhead flew 50 metres forward in a great low spin trajectory. I then learned that this particular model was notorious to break like this. Amazing that this happens on an object where you are supposed to hit solid objects at great speed with.
  10. Find them quite tricky. Hit them like an iron or flatter like a wood? Also my G400 hybrid has no swing weight which helps swing speed but makes me nervous. Also it just dont have a good feeling to it. Proper Woods are so fun to hit.
  11. I dont mind it. Particularly if it comes after a bad shot its natural to react to it
  12. Is those the ones that came after i3? I had the i3 oversized. It it wasnt for the weight of them would probably still use them. Very informative on where you hit and great feel from sweetspot. Went high and stopped where they landed with the square grooves. The weight made me struggle with the long irons though.
  13. Started playing with Wilson DX2 softs and I can´t hear my strikes anyway. Not on the irons can still hear my driver 🙂 Can still feel some so dont see the issue but I realize I never tried swinging with music.
  14. Came back after 12 years. Short game was what took the longest to get back. I am also battling fatique. Back then you could do 36 holes in a day and didnt have to think as much.
  15. I have a 5wood here instead and my shotscope stats give your distance. My 22 degree hybrid seem to be more like your 5 iron goes a little bit further not much. My 18 degree 5 wood sits nicely and is more fun to hit and do 200 with ease. Heck on monsterhits it sneaks close to my 15.5 3wood. It requires a bit more driver like swing though. Not yet fully figure my hybrid out but its operable at least.
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