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  1. Put a ball in the same water hazard three times did little for my spirit. First shot was just overoptimistic. Really bad lie with lots of bad angles but I was tired and just wanted to end the hole quickly. Still almost made it. Then dropping and going for my 56 degree blade which I hardly ever pitch with anymore. Manage a weak shot then another to not carry enough. So much for saving energy. But I was to tired to really care more three days of golf killing me.
  2. Topped shots dont cost much that appears to be quite accurate. Quite the opposite on short approach shots there it would be the equivalent of the shank!
  3. I can´t hit the ball like that. Every time I miss the ball just about entirely it´s because I was to quick checking where it was going! I also need to check myself so I keep my head still at the same height. this is actually my two major swing thoughts I feel I need for every swing or consistency is totally out the window.
  4. 95... I attempted the stunt of playing 18 holes in three consecutive days. I have such respect for the pros playing four days despite having caddie carrying their clubs and help with the decision making. First nine I actually played okay just lipped out all the putts but my tees was spot on and approaches was fine. Last nine a blur just couldnt hit straight with a tired body and stiff back struggling to achieve the orders of my brain. Yet I still stubbornly tried to hit the money shots. Just a practise round but really need to go for easy shots in this state aim for bogeys rather then pars. Went to the range after but no point hitting shots. Tendency to go right was a good lesson. Hopefully rains tomorrow so I dont get the idea going out again.
  5. In your case the longer shaft is your bandaid. The better your swing the longer shaft you can make use of to take advantage of more club speed. The further away the ball is to your hands the harder for me though just makes total sense 🙂 Gripping down I am much more successful now. Can shot scape now. May actually not need a new shaft getting used to the feel. When ever feeling superconfident I could try gripping up. There is some weird things happening with the urge to pull my hands in when not gripping down which dont happen now. May not be able to handle the centrifugal forces. I actually swing it now like my old driver 🙂
  6. I am ultra confident now about shorter shaft. But I am quite fine gripping down. Getting used to the new feel.
  7. Every time I hit a draw on my driver. Seriously best was third shot on a par 5 140 metre i7 over some treacherous water hazard. I dont get spin with my longer irons of my d7 set so it was crucial to get the carry just over but not more. I landed on the fringe and it rolled 10 metres some 60 cm past the hole on the perfect line. These shots would be so easy with more swing speed.
  8. Come on no hurt or foul. The OOB:er got what he deserved 😄 Had some golfer attempt it the other day. One in my group got a pull and called fore! Guy on the other fairway throwed a golf ball up and pretended to get hit.
  9. Thanks. Going to try out this one. Didn´t break the bank 🙂 Bullet Golfwagen 5000 Professional, klappbar mit mit leicht-klick-System Silber fÃŒr Golftaschen/Golfbags: Amazon.de: Sport & Freizeit Bullet Golfwagen 5000 Professional, klappbar mit mit leicht-klick-System Silber fÃŒr Golftaschen/Golfbags: Amazon.de: Sport & Freizeit
  10. I am in between those. I maybe average 205 metres on my drives and 190 on my FW 3. I can hit them longer but trying to be real. I find myself often having 180-160 metres left to flag on par 4s and also par 5s second shot of course is often long to make the third shot easier and not long again. But I am still debating sacrificing a wedge for another wood or not if it´s worth it because to be honest I don´t really expect to hit a green from 180 metres. It don´t happen all to often but it´s always fun to have a club you think you have a chance at least and don´t risk oob trying to hit it 80 %. So your calculation works I believe.
  11. My point is push carts leave marks where human feets dont. I seen it first hand. But it´s all relative in desert areas likely less of an issue.
  12. Well sherpas uses backpacks to get their gear up even when there is roads. Get more traction that way which helps versus having to use your arms to push a weight in front of you? I also find it easier to carry my clubs up the few hills then to drag my cart. I have not tried a push cart yet but doubt it will be any easier with my wheelbarrow experiences 🙂 My back don´t like my carrying every other day so now debating 3 or 4 wheeled. On relatively flat terrain is there such a big difference in balance of them? My old 2 wheel pull cart I could use in the forests with quite good success but that is out of the picture I understand with both 3 and 4 wheel variants. Another incentive not to go OOB.
  13. Can´t remember last I been on a golf course that allowed for spikes. push carts not supposed to be used in front of bunkers or fringed seem to be the general. Also avoids using them on tees there is no reason to cause extra wear on the course if you can help it so it just makes sense to me. There is a lot of push carts with small wheels wich much less contact area then a human foot that do leave marks just like golf cars tend to do in wet conditions.
  14. I have 3w relatively weak at 15.5 due to my swing speed, 5w at 18 and a 22 degree hybrid. I got distance irons so my 5i goes like my old 3i. The 22 degree hybrid still goes one club longer so this works fo me. I am not sure I am a fan of it though maybe should have a slim 7wood. My old school orlimar trimetal 5 wood is not much chunkier then my ping g400 hybrid to use in rough either. But gapping wise this does work quite well
  15. I can see myself soon even putting with the damn thing on the green lol. I get such a pure pendulum motion so the ball always goes straight toward the cup. I find I actually aim quite well without any aids. So easy to lock the arms and just get the shoulders working. For some reason I really really struggle finding a good pendulum motion with putters. Current one is by far better then any other I tried. Same length as the chipper but it´s still different somehow. Having to use a bit more force because the ball goes up and then down also helps activate larger muscle groups I recon to make for a smoother motion when you really have to be super delicate not going hard on the putter. Or it´s just how the grip and all angles is on the chipper that is just spot on for me. Further out it started to become less clear as pendulum starts to come better there for me with putter too as I could use more of a backswing. Really long distance putting I always struggles with will probably go chipper there if not just for taking slope more out of play. Certainly gonna play more with this and also try on entirely flat greens. I do have a problem I want to reintroduce the 5 wood but that is my 15th club. So maybe putter will go. The most sensible is probably my lob wedge though 😛
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