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  1. I was really just wondering specs but also when they were made and also what materials and i really need to find a heavier weight for my driver. the guy who runs the range said it probably would be impossible to find a wight but to just go with some lead tape. Yessir thats the big lb 3 wood! I would definitely consider going with an lb 737 or 747 if i cant find a 727 4 and 8 iron . if i cant make this set whole if i ever save up enough id like to buy a set of the pp727 or pp737 blades that are on ebay every now and then. I have called Honma to ask them how the tour world 727 compare to the lb 727 but the guy i spoke with wasnt sure. i was told mine play more like beres and that i might not like the tour worlds as much but they look sharp to me. i am open to suggestions Thanks for the feedback fellas oh and by the way..... By the way i went to the range today and i hadn't read any of your replies at that point but its creepy how you were right about me receiving a proper smiting! it was like a foreign set of clubs for a second there with the trajectory being super high today while before it was piercing and low. Golf Gods got me for that one!
  2. Ok so im new to the sand trap...my name is Ian i live in Georgia and ive been having trouble finding out about my golf clubs. A year or 2 back i got really lucky and traded a comforter for an almost complete set of Honma Golf clubs. The set came with the honma big lb driver 3 wood and 5 wood and the irons were the cavity tour lb 727 irons. they all have 3 star shafts in them and they feel like they were made for me. the clubs have literally changed my life and i am absolutely killing it on the range and at my local course. they have a surgical precision to them and they feel like absolute weapons in my hands. i have never been so comfortable with a set of clubs in my life. i used to play the callaway diablo edges and some tour series 767 irons. I even bought some mizuno mp 57 irons recently and hated them. i was so excited to try out mizuno because i had always heard "nothing feels like a mizuno" but after trying them for 6 months im worried that honma has turned me into a snob. I hated the mp 57's i ended up reselling them. the butter feeling just wasnt there compared to my Honma clubs...my 3 and 5 woods are guaranteed stinger bringers, and my irons are on point all day...but they are older clubs they seem like early or late 90s but i am having trouble finding any info on them. i will put them next to any new set of clubs and i always go back to them. i hear that it is rare to find a set of clubs that is so perfect for a golfer so i know i need to keep them but if i ever did want to sell them what could they be worth and can you give me any info on them. i found a site in malaysia but it was fairly limited. i would love to find out more about these clubs and While i have found out a lot about honma it has been hard to find out about the lb 727 irons and the big lb woods. any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your help and thanks for your time. Peace Dudes! oh i almost forgot. the set did not come with a putter or a 4 iron. actually it did but it was a mitsushiba putter and a Walt hagen international 4 iron so if you know where i could find the single honma irons they have been just as hard to find. anyways Peace dudes!
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