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  1. Open stance a quick fix to better rotation? would like to hear some thoughts on who plays an open stance with success. I think it’s avenue I would like to go down. Pre set hips left off target and swing more right. Trevino esque
  2. Thanks. the left heel just feels more natural as I rotate into my right hip. I can’t seem to get the same feel when I don’t do it. I struggle with rotation from years off playing a flip draw, not rotating on backswing then early extending in downswing, still early extending but not as bad If you see at previous video. thanks for input though! Yeah I totally forgot about the site. Been back at work after initial lockdown but will try and be more of an active member from now on. fore!!!
  3. Could do with some help guys? Nobody got an opinion on what I can work on?
  4. wee update on swing since July. Trying for more hip depth on backswing. 7 iron speed at around 90mph now a gain off 7mph. What else should I work on. Any suggestions? thanks bill
  5. My official handicap was 8 when I got the job 11 years ago I have recently started playing again, haven’t went for my handicap but I’m my 15 rounds since I have been back an 81 and 82 lowest I have shot. Few silly holes ruining my card. Ironically caddying is the worst thing for golf is caddying I don’t get too play in summer months normally but because of covid I’m playing again. Your right too get too too you need a certain level but no excuse for bad manners.
  6. Thank you guys. I have probably seen the very best an very worst of golfers an people on the links. Best I have seen his is 66 with every hi fairway and every green Hit by some English pro and worst I have seen is German 50 handicapper who took 22 shots on first but didn’t go in burn lol which was more amazing. Met a lot of the pros. Rory McIlroy, Ernie Els and Brandon stone nicest pros I have met with Paul lawrie (even though he’s Scottish too) very arrogant and Jimenez (up himself too)
  7. Meant to say thinned contacts with irons and hybrids is a real killer 😕
  8. Local caddie at old course. obviously with covid right now of the links for time being. Anyone want ant heads up about old course etc give me a shout. Caddie of 11 years their. Best place in world. Hope the rest of you guys are enjoying being back playing the greatest sport in world ⛳️
  9. Struggle with closed club face. Lose a lot of balls left best round is 70 but back after 13 years and shoot 81-95 on form hit a nice draw. Miss is straight left duck hook or massive push. Thinned irons try anplay fade an hit straight left. Would like to continue with draw but miss right 🤙 Videos:
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