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  1. 64 degrees ?

    I can't think of any situation where you'd need a 64 degree wedge. I don't carry anything higher than a 56*, and today I was horribly short-sided, green sloping away from, but had no problem hitting a little pitch over the trap. Did it roll past the hole? Sure, but I made the 4 foot putt coming back. Golf is hard enough without gimmick clubs like 64* wedges imho.
  2. Offset Clubs Everywhere!!

    It's very amusing to see such disdain for the design. Got a good laugh from this thread before bedtime, really couldn't make some of it up if I tried. Thanks guys!
  3. New Groove Rule

    I have a hoard of old-style wedges in my basement. When I wear the last of them out, I'll buy new-style grooved wedges. I've decided to stockpile for this year, but I won't buy more after the deadline for production passes. I've already got plenty, and will get a few more sets of my favorite styles/designs.
  4. what's your 21 - 24 degree club ?

    PING G5 are good hybrids, I really liked the 22 I used to have. I'm playing either a TEE CB2 22* or an Alpha RX GF3 22* these days, both very forgiving and hit it a ton. Either of them is a full club longer than a 4i for me, so I have my bag down to a 5 iron, then 5h, 4h, 2h to provide the desired yardage gaps.
  5. Help with irons.....

    I hit more duffed iron shots today than I usually do in 10 rounds, plus 2 outright shanks that went 45* right. I usually shoot low to mid 80s, today was 99 and I was actually driving the ball as well as normal. Some days it's just a mystery, no explanation for the poor play. Hopefully your problems are just a temporary aberration, I sure hope mine are!
  6. Best Shot of the Week

    4W from the fairway on a par 5, 40 feet from the hole, made the putt for an eagle 3
  7. Nice courses in you area that allow jeans.

    I think the majority of courses around here would allow blue jeans. I've only played a couple of private country clubs locally, and they certainly don't allow it. It's not like I'd show up anywhere to play in anything other than a golf shirt and dress pants. I play golf because I enjoy it, the social aspect and the nice clothes and gentlemanly behavior are an integral part of it for me. But, as long as they pay a green fee and are contributing ($) to the local course, I don't care what anyone else wears. If someone else feels that being a contrarian is their way to show respect, good for them.
  8. It doesn't get hot enough from the sun to break down epoxy. There's a reason a heatgun or torch is needed.
  9. Golf Outing "On Course Contests"

    At one of the fun tournaments we have here, on one of the holes they have about a 30" driver. They give out a prize for longest drive with that goofy club, some guys smoke it over 200 yards!
  10. Dear Golf Course Management

    I think having singles and 2somes out on a busy day is a huge part of the problem. Pair/join them up!! That, and hackers playing from too far back. Unless you're breaking 90 almost all the time, I don't think you should be playing from anywhere other than one set behind the ladies'/forward tees. I can't stand the guys who break 100 on a career day playing from the blues/tips. Huge waste of time!!
  11. What I've Learned From My First Real Round of 18

    Awesome!! Thanks for posting that. I started out pretty much the same way when I was teen, lessons, driving range & par 3 course for a long time before I went out to the 'real' course. It sounds like you have a good approach, I hope you continue to enjoy the game and improve as you put in the work. 92 is GREAT for your first time out, IMHO.
  12. taking a huge leap of faith re Golf dream

    I say go for it!! Absolutely!! Are you aiming to try to be a touring pro, or more interested in other areas of that world?
  13. New to golf - I need everything

    A few pointers, since you asked. Don't spend a ton of money on what's basically a beginner's set. Buy used, take some lessons, be willing to practice, and then spend a little more when you have a much better idea of what will work for you. All the major OEMs and most of the component companies all sell top quality gear, so it's more a matter of what you like the look of and how it sounds. Performance won't be much different from any brand to any other, with the mandated specific limits on various elements of club-design, you really only need to worry bout finding clubs you like! I'd say, get a driver, a 4 or 5 wood, an iron set that has 5-PW in irons and a couple hybrids, a putter and a sand wedge. Any more than this is just going to add confusion. Don't worry bout mow many wedges, or what lofts. Get a SW you like and practice with it lots, to learn what you can do with it. Definitely get a hybrid set for you irons, very few (and usually only the most-skilled) players use a strictly 3-PW set. Hybrids will improve you shots from 3i or 4i distance by a lot!! Not sure what it's like to try to find used gear around where you are, but the BST on this and similar forums is great for getting used stuff for a great deal.
  14. Is it time to upgrade?

    2 things stand out to me: Save your $$$ and take more lessons / play more. Learn how to change grips yourself, you won't regret it!
  15. Hole in One - Do You Buy Drinks?

    I've never made an ace, but I absolutely voted "yes" in the poll. A fellow made one in our club championship last year, and it cost him several hundred dollars. The bar gave him a roll of tickets to hand out to keep track, and I thanked him gratefully but gave the ticket back to him. A large number of players politely declined his offer to help him keep the cost down, but the usual suspects all soused it up on his bill. If/when I make one, I'll certainly expect the bar to buy a round at my expense for all present, and will ask the course to put my name & the date on the wall/board/plaque/trophy/whatever they use to record said events. I normally always buy a round for whoever I'm playing with, no matter what, so the idea of buying them a drink when I make an ace is beside the point. This is a part of the world where we all offer to buy when the cart girl announces the price. It's a gentleman's game, that's a big part of what I like bout the game!