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  1. I play in the Calgary, Alberta area. Elevation here is 3600 </>. I also play in Myrtle Beach, SC. Because of the elevation difference I always "club down" in MB. Where I would us a 7i in Calgary I would use a 6i in MB.
  2. Very impressive. I just looked at TheGrint, very neat looking program. I signed up and will try it tomorrow. I used your name when I signed in.
  3. Thank you, yes that also works. As I normally play about 20+ games a year, I like to shade in this years games a different color from last years. By sorting them it shows me if my games for this year are a factor in my handicap. Just something I do !
  4. I developed my own spreadsheet. Excel Handicap.xlsx It will take some explaining: There are 2 columns of numbers on the left, the first column is the number of games in table (1-20), the second column is the order that the games are played, #1 being the most recent game. When you add a new game you first must sort the table. Select the cells from C5 down and over to J24 and sort from smallest to largest in column C. Then you COPY from cells D5 down to J23, and paste it into cell D6. The top 2 rows should look the same, so you add your new game into the top row, over typing
  5. I have Game Golf Live, and have been thinking of changing over to Accros. I would like to maintain my GG data. Does anyone know how to convert the data to an Excel spreadsheet? Here is an email address, they may be able to steer you in the right direction; support@game-golf.zendesk.com
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  7. If you are using Game Golf Live, you need to do a factory reset on the GPS that clips onto your belt. Turn it on and then press and hold the rest button, (inside the belt clip) for 5 or 10 seconds. This occured to me, none of the holes lined up, some were on top of each other. I did the reset, and looked at the course again and it was all fine.
  8. Greetings fellow golfers... I am unable to find or locate a manual for my Game Golf Live. I have looking on line without success. I recall somewhere in the manual, telling me that I should/could turn off the WiFi while playing. Is this correct?
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