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  1. I don't practice. Anymore. When I was playing seriously, years ago, I practiced all the time and played 4 rounds a week for score. Now I play once or twice a week, just for fun, hitting a few putts before the round but that's about it. Most rounds are in the mid to high 70s with an occasional blow-up round in the low 80s and an eve rarer sub-par round. Walking a course and playing with friends sure beats sitting on the couch!
  2. Yes, this is a open carry state, and I do have a concealed carry permit. I always carry, and when golfing, I put the gun in my bag, as I don't want to leave it in the car unattended. Not a very responsible thing to do. No, I don't carry in the shower. Takes too much time to disassemble and dry the gun afterwards. ;)
  3. No excuse for getting angry on a golf course. Most people aren't good enough to even warrant getting upset. Only time someone came close to hitting me with a golf club, I asked/told him to go play with someone else. As the young idiot started walking aggressively towards me, my friend said "I'm a cop, and he's carrying". Stopped the idiot in his tracks like a deer blinking in a car's headlights. Then he stormed off to probably go whine to his Mommy or something.
  4. I removed my 'handicap' because it offended someone, can't remember who, because it was calculated on ClubSG, not a true USGA number. Doesn't matter, as I don't fall in your average numbers anyway. As for asking questions, I have witnessed posts on this site and others, where the first thing written is an apology for asking a dumb/stupid/ignorant question that may have been asked before, and the subsequent flamethrowers applied. Now this site is not as bad as some, but there are a few here that are very quick to lash out, and I think this causes trepidation on the part of new members. S
  5. Thanks! I am getting kind of excited about playing with her as well. I too can use way different swings, stances, and ball positions and play adequately, though not to your level. Maybe she has some of my so-called 'talent'? Of course that might not be a good thing, from a consistency standpoint. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. My concern with getting her lessons is that many of the teaching pros in my area here are very fixed into one method of swinging a club. One guy stresses 'positions', another timing, and so on. I don't want to confuse her, or frustrate her int
  6. Yea, my S57s are cast in China, assembled and tested here in Arizona.
  7. About once a year. I play year round, probably between 60-70 rounds a year. Tour velvets .600 round. :)
  8. You're right, of course, my swing is too upright (bad lower back) and while I'm a D/D, she's more of a D/S (driver/slider). She likes Paula Creamer, as we watch the girls play when we can. I'd say she'd be an ok role model. And she's a girlie girl like my daughter.
  9. Question. Why is it some people need to be shown every technical detail of a golf swing in order to properly push a golf ball downrange, and then there are others who with a simple description, or maybe a visual example, seem to do just fine? For example: My daughter wanted me to teach her how to play golf. OK. So I took her to a driving range, and we walked way down to the end, so our talking wouldn't bother anyone. Now my daughter was a pretty good athlete in school, playing soccer, softball, basketball, and volleyball. So I know she has pretty good hand-eye coordination.
  10. I've met and talked to him before. I think he's the west coast rep? He told me he'd be back in Feb., with the i20 driver. He thinks I'm gonna love that thing. Hope so, because my current i15 is a tad too much fade biased for me. If I'm the least bit late to the ball, it goes right. Always. Maybe I should hold off and try the i20 irons... Didn't think of that till just now. Hmmm....
  11. Ping was at my home course today, and I decided to try some of the new offerings and do a formal fitting. We did the static fitting, which showed a silver dot, .5 over as a starting point. When the rep asked me what I currently played, I told him S57s white dot, .5 over. He looked at me and said "ok, why don't you hit a few for me, and we'll check your ball flight." So I hit 3 or 4 balls, all of which moved left 10 or more yards. He asked me if this was my normal flight, where I was aiming, and what my target was. He didn't like the fact that I was having to aim 30-40 feet right of my targe
  12. I have, years ago when I played in a few USGA events. Shot two sub-par rounds at Rivera CC in LA during a two day qualifier, for example. Don't know if the nerves would hold up any more though. That was over 20 years ago.
  13. Ok, I see your point. But, in my defense, my 1.67 putts avg over 100+ rounds means I 'might' make a few of them... :) Edit: Besides, my putting ability wasn't the original purpose of the experiment. I was simply trying to ascertain if I can make a repeatable stroke.
  14. I misspoke when I said that my misses are directional misreads. I absolutely understand that breaking putts are all about pace, I.e., less pace means more break, more pace means less. I definitely miss putts because I didn't have the pace right for my chosen line. Yet oftentimes I simply don't see a break, or underestimate it's severity. I also don't understand the math that has me missing 3 of 60 on carpet equating to 20 percent on fast smooth greens? I actually putt better the faster and truer the green are.
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