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  1. Thanks erock. Does anyone have any experience with the Sonnocaddie AutoPlay? I've been reading about that model in the last few days but don't know anything about golf GPS systems. Thanks.
  2. So how does the UPRO work with the "NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE"? I assume that a tonne of golf courses are already inluded on the unit itself. Can you still download other golf couses that aren't included in the unit. The reason why I'm asking is because I'm from Canada and I wouldn't expect any Canadian courses to be defaulted on there.
  3. Sorry guys. I've seen the replies but just can't get my camera to work. I'll try again tommorrow.
  4. Just got my Mizuno MX 950 hybrids/irons this week .....soooooo nice!
  5. I want to purchase a set of Mizuno irons and was wondering how to verify a serial #. I couldn't find anything on the Mizuno USA website.
  6. My simulator speed was anywhere from low 80s to mid 90s with a steel stiff 7irons and high 80s to high 90s (even some mid 100s) with a 3 graphite stiff hybrid. Thanks guys.
  7. I appreciate both replies, but I should have just got right to the point. Could there be that much of a difference between 103 grams (R300) and 104 grams (S300) when it comes to flex? It seems like it doesn't matter what shaft I buy, because I don't see how only 1 gram will change a steel flex from regular to stiff. Thanks.
  8. Thanks DJYoshi. That answers part II of my question. Now what's the major difference between R300 flex...102 grams and S300 flex...103 grams. I swing in the 80s-90s on simulator.
  9. I'm interested in buying some Mizuno MX 950 3-pw steel stiff. The specs show that the shaft options for T. Temper Dynalite Gold Superlite (R300/ S300) are: R 300 flex... 102 grams ...High Ball Flight...Tip 0.355...Butt...0.600 S 300 flex... 103 grams ...High Ball Flight...Tip 0.355...Butt...0.600 That doesn't seem like a whole lot of difference between stiff or regular shafts. Is there a major difference in something else that I'm just not seeing (like kick point)? I don't even know what "kick point" is, really, but I thought I'd ask.
  10. This was just a long shot, as I already expected not to get too many replies, if any at all. I was also thinking of going to a shoe repair place, considering these guys work with leather all day. Maybe they could fabricate some pieces together for me. Any other suggestions? I want to make by bag look normal again.
  11. I need a rain cover and front panel (dual zipper) for my Taylormade TMX staff bag. They're missing. If you have one or both of these parts please let me know. Thanks.
  12. Great review. Thanks Sherwoodnatl. I'm undecided on a particular ball....still playing the field, so to speak.
  13. While speaking to a large chain retail clerk, I questioned if PING was just another over-rated company and why the high prices. It was stated to me that PING (one of few remaining family owned companies) has very high quality control standards. All respective club face lies and angles are nearly identical before leaving the factory and going into circulation. He also told me that PING is rarely put on sale compared to other major companies.
  14. Our first snowfall arrived last night....time for indoor simulators and basement putting.
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