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  1. Thanks guys, just an update.... Just so happens this weekend (via Facebook Marketplace close to home) I found a set of PING G400 +1 irons. Stiff steel shafts. The guy had ordered them direct from the factory in 2017 so they are full shafts not extended from standard. He was upgrading. They are in great condition. I went to the range and they feel so much better than the standard club (no more hunching over) Paid $400 which looks like a pretty good value especially finding the extra length. So these should do for a few years while I learn more.
  2. Thanks! Yeah I figure they are functional for my level, so it's just a matter of whether or not i feel like investing in them. Didn't realize they were quite that old :) No sentimental value really...just clubs he had. Tough to throw money into something this old. I'll have to see what else is out there. Thanks for all who have piped in here ....much appreciated!
  3. Thanks, that makes sense. I hit them ok, but honestly I don't have much of a reference point. I do know that I feel like I have to squat down a little to have the swing feel right. I have good hand/eye coordination and power but I just have to learn the nuances of the game and the needed touch. Attached are some images of the clubs. As for specs it just says "Medium - Low Flex Point". If these are ok I might toss $100-150 into them.
  4. Well I guess several different opinions here. If these are closer to the 15 yr old range are they still ok? My dad did not golf much and they seem to be in good shape for their age. I don't mind spending $300 plus on new (used) clubs if I can find them. But if these are fine for me now resized for $150 it might be ok. Again i'm a beginner so if I can get a few years that would work. Maybe by then i'll have a better idea of what I need and inventory will be better.
  5. Thanks for the welcome TourSpoon. Many people i've talked to and played with say I really shouldn't play on the short clubs too long as to create bad/habits and a bad swing. But maybe it won't hurt. I've poked around a little for used sets but inventory is low everywhere because of Covid. Just curious... is it hard from a materials standpoint to lengthen graphite?
  6. Happy Golfmore

    Happy Golfmore

  7. Thanks Vinsk. Maybe I should have added that I had a quick fitting (for length anyway and i'm about a +1) Unless there's more to it. I'm confused by your advice. You say look at used clubs by Cobra. That's what I have. Do you mean already lengthened Cobras?? I was told there aren't many brands that have readily made sets at +1 and that pretty much anything I buy would have to be lengthened. If what i have are good can they be lengthen easily?
  8. So i'm pretty much new to golf but hitting the ball well. I inherited my dads clubs but they are too short for me (they are standard length and i'm 6'3") They seem to be pretty good clubs, King Cobras oversized with Graphite shafts. Not sure how old they are... I'm guessing 8 -10 years, but with not a lot of use. I was thinking about a new set of clubs but at my level am I just better off lengthening these and maybe buyer a new driver?? (I have a decent old Taylor Made driver now) Guessing altering these might cost me $100-150. That might do me for another year or two. Although these are old, are they worth keep so I don't have to break the bank on new clubs? Seems I can always add to this set if needed. Any advice?? Thanks, Glenn
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