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  1. Reid Park is a nice challenge I think their South Course is where we used to play our DII sectionals and it can get very tight through a stretch of the back nine. Learned a lot about false fronts there with 2-3 of their holes. I’m originally from Miami County so my list might be more Northern but from what I remember I’d rank my top 5 as: 1) Piqua CC 2) Heatherwood 3) Troy CC 4) Yankee Trace 5) Windy Knoll
  2. I haven’t lived in the Dayton area for around 10 years now, what’s happened to Windy Knoll? I think I last played it 2 summers ago when I went back and visited and it was in good shape then. It used to be my favorite course in the area. I was not crazy about them flipping the two nines 1 became a very tight first tee shot with the road down the right side. I used to play Arrowhead quite often as well heard it was slipping a little too, I know they changed pros a couple years ago. Turtle Creek is what used to be Greenville CC correct? Had some very rough rounds there in HS.
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