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  1. Your favorite Professional Golfer.

    Would have to say Darren Clarke. Thought he was fantastic over the Ryder Cup weekend. From a swing point of view I would take Retief's any day of the week. I have sat for hours on the range watching him hit balls.
  2. Tin Cup

    Am I the only person on the site to own the soundtrack?? There are some classic quotes in it from Gary McCord. (Roy hits a ball from the bar to a pelican on a piller - McCord: He's in jail here, no chance for parole he's got 30 feet bar and grill ....) Not a bad shot at a Hollywood golfing pick ! Not as good as Caddyshack but possible better then Happy Gilmore. Anyone else agree or disagree ?
  3. Hello from Dublin, Ireland

    The Ryder Cup was fantastic for advertising the country and bringing tourists over however a lot of courses have decided to jack up the price for green fees to make a quick few bucks. Hopefully by this time next year they will start to drop a bit and everyone will get the benefit
  4. Sponsors

    Did anyone else notice how Tiger always manages to squeeze his sponsors logo into the team events he palys in ? At this years Ryder Cup and Tavistock Cup the carry strap has been the Buick one from his regular bag. Is he the only one allowed do this ? I'm sure none of the rookies would have dared put a Taylor Made or Cleveland strap on their bags. Perhaps I'm just looking for something to give out about Tiger !
  5. Hello from Dublin, Ireland

    Definatly would agree. The K Club is a fantastic course but there are so many fantastic courses around like Lahinch, Portmarnock etc. One of the great things about the country is the choice between Parkland and links you have no matter where you go. Have no spare rooms though at the moment. Don't make enough money to afford to bring people to the K Club as it is currently around €250 a round which is lots even in dollers. Sorry to say rafci you will be third on the list as the hosts from the Golf Talk Podcasts (Eric & Jeff) are up first as they keep me entertained as I'm off to my next game in the car !
  6. A big hello from Ireland to everyone I came across the Forum from the Podcasts and I have to say I have been hooked reading all the reviews etc and listening to the show. I started playing golf when I was about 12 years old and havnt had a club outa my hands since. I worked on a driving range and then in American Golf Discount for a number of years before falling into my current job. The dream of one day being a tour pro seem dead and buried however I would love to some day become a teaching pro so the job is on to get the handicap down enough to qualify. My golfing hero would have to be Darren Clarke due to fact that he shares the same nickname as myself.