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  1. Why not go buy a sleeve of good, fresh Titleist balls for a tournament? You found a practice ball and you're going to use it for a tourney? Have fun shooting 93.
  2. I say Steve Stricker and I have a personal reason why. In 2006, Stricker was no where to be found. Well, sectional qualifying for the US Open at Winged Foot happened to be at the country club in my hometown. I looked up who was playing and saw that Stricker was playing with the U of I coach Mike Small. My friend and I decided we would go watch them play. The place was empty and we were basically able to walk in the fairways alongside the players. We proceeded to watch Stricker shoot 65-64 on a tough golf course. We cheered him along, after the round we spoke to him for a few minutes and
  3. British or no British, I don't care what it's called I just want to hoist that goddamn Jug. As for the topic of the thread, I don't really have a problem with it either. People can yell what they like, but sometimes it's dumb. The go in the hole crap is the worst--on a par 3 it's fine, but those long holes it seems rather silly. But that's how we Americans are...just a little bit silly.
  4. I'm more of the Carlos Franco type...I'm not a big range rat. I grew up on a course without a range so I learned how to play and practice by simply going and teeing it up. It is still weird for me to just sit on the range and beat balls, I don't feel like I'm getting great practice out of it. However, when I do warm up before a serious round, I tend to hit wedges until I feel my tempo is where I want it. Then I'll work on hitting a few cuts / draws with the 5 iron--just to get a feel for my alignment. After that I'll hit a few shots with the hybrid, I should be 100% warmed up by now so I'll le
  5. After many years fighting it, and watching my friend get an albatross with it, I finally took out the 2 iron and put in a hybrid. I still have the Deuce in the closet, I like taking it to the range every so often. My driver and 3 wood have slightly shorter shafts than normal, but I went with a slightly longer than normal shaft for my hybrid. I used a shaft cut to length for the 19 degree hybrid in my 22 degree hybrid. It's a slight difference, but it helps me hit it far when I went to step on it.
  6. I don't understand, it's a 2 stroke penalty if I find a broken tee to use instead of a nice new one?
  7. I really like pie. Blueberry is great, but peach or apple is just the bomb.
  8. Graeme McDowell -- 7 under Luke Donald -- 4 under Tiger Woods -- Even
  9. I tell you what...I'll have someone read the posts to me at the same time you're having someone explain to you what sarcasm and hyperbole are. Sounds good eh?
  10. Paradox, not every piece of etiquette is written down. While you are correct that no rule actually prohibits the playing of a second ball, it's just one of those things that is slightly douchebag to do on a busy day at the course. Golf used to be a gentleman's game; it's crap like this that makes me miss those days when the courses weren't full of idiots. Both sides were wrong--the kid playing two balls and the guy swearing at him. It's a complete lack of class on both sides; they should both be banned for life from golf courses. Scratch golfer should know better, I'm ashamed.
  11. The guy with the awesome avatar is correct, it's just simple golf etiquette to not be playing two balls. The irate man's response lacked an eloquent touch, but he was well within his rights to say something. Why not just play from the blues? If he's truly a scratch golfer, he could adjust to any tee for the tournament. Just saying...
  12. The best were the old Footjoy commercials with the crazy guy. The best of those was the one where he and Tim Herron were eating sausages and watching Jesper Parnevik sweat like a pig on a bike. They don't have those anymore...so sad.
  13. As one PGM to another, welcome sir. You could've picked a better school though
  14. I don't know for certain, but I would imagine they shorten their three woods as well. Mine is cut down by 1/2" and I love it. Putting the ball in the fairway is the goal, the distance of your shot means nothing if you put it in the trees. I think this is just one of those preference questions; whatever works the best for your individual game is what you should go with. If something helps you shave one stroke or five strokes, it is worth it to your game. Test it out.
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