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  1. Oh sorry just talking to myself. Did not mean to post anything
  2. Ok thanks it does look pretty nasty out on those fairways
  3. Adam Long just marked and raised his ball in the fairway! Is that allowed now?
  4. Go for it! more power to ya! im not telling anyone how to Putt or how to play, it’s just my method, that’s all! to each his own! Golf has many methods none are right or wrong just different that’s all!
  5. Who died and made you the boss anyway? I bought them like that!
  6. There also called woods but mine are metal?
  7. My pitching wedge is no where near 56 degrees! just a couple past a 9 iron like I said it’s a 10 iron cant find my sand wedge so I don’t know what it is!
  8. Works for me! i saw Tony F. Make a 20 footer during the pga and it died at the hole and fell in from the side of the cup! works for me!
  9. I don’t know for sure maybe the modern ones I’ll have check when I get home.
  10. And I said plainly I don’t consider a pitching or sand wedge to be a wedge, it’s called a wedge I know but it’s not, it’s just a 10 & 11 iron! they have nowhere near a 56 degree angle! i consider a wedge to be a high lofted club, like a 56 to 60 degree wedge! ok?
  11. What did I lie about? my lies are always in a divot! forums? Something to do! therapy! Almost as good as the driving range!
  12. What’s OP? i don’t what anyone thinks or reply’s I have the same right to be here as anyone! just my opinions observations experiences and frustrations more power to ya!
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