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  1. The difference between the winner and the rest of the field is less than one per round
  2. I started playing over 50 years ago. I can’t remember where I played last week. No way I could remember stuff like that from that long ago.
  3. I think you have to practice on what you need work on. Everybody’s game is different. Some guys don’t need to practice at all. I recently bought my first 60* wedge and haven’t gotten used to it yet so I spend a greater percentage of my practice time with that club. I’m hitting my driver pretty well so I’ll spend less time with that club. I just try to keep my practice fun and productive.
  4. Golfers probably aren’t any more delusional than anybody else but as far as guys thinking they could compete on the PGA tour, they may have the game for competing at the local level. But, the thing that separates those that can hold on to their tour card from the wannabees, is their ability to play their best under the extreme pressure faced on tour.
  5. Titleist T400 irons. I haven’t gotten them yet, but they are on order!
  6. I can’t imagine a reason not to hold it. It’s an invitational for the best players in the world to compete. Fans affect the atmosphere which can have effect the players in a variety of ways. But, it’s still about playing golf. It’s still Augusta National. Seeing it the fall will be a real treat. I can’t wait to see it.
  7. I prefer first and last, but I allow first name and last initial. I need enough to identify the person. I’m sure it cuts down on the number of registrations, but I don’t care. I really only want our members on the site. If it keeps out the trolls, so much the better
  8. I run a small forum mostly used by members of a fishing club but open to anyone. I require that all registrants use only their real name. No alias’. For one, I need to know who the paid members are and by posting with their real name, they are much less likely to be rude or cause trouble.
  9. This was back in the 60’s. I was probably 12 or 13. There really wasn’t anything more to it. The guy mistakenly left my name off the starter sheet. They sent me off alone, my score for the day wouldn’t count. In those days, parents weren’t attending every event kids participated in so no one was there to stand up for me. I’m sure the guy in charge didn’t want to be bothered fixing his mistake and assumed I wasn’t going to play well enough to matter anymore than the 50 other kids entered. It wasn’t a big deal to me then, my father wasn’t happy about it, but by the time he got home to hear about it, the trophies were already given out and all had gone home. I let the adults deal with it.
  10. When I was a kid, I entered a local junior 2 day tournament. On the second day of the event, I waited and waited for my name to be called to tee off, but they never called me. When I went to the guy running the event, he realized he’d left my name off the starter sheet for the second day. They let me play that day but I was alone. Even though it was their mistake, I was DQ’d from the tournament. I’d have finished in third place. My father came back and argued with them, but it didn’t do any good.
  11. 30, 5 under par during a tournament. Included one bogey, missed a 4 footer. Funny how I shot a score I’m sure I’ll never top, but the thing I remember first, is missing a short putt!
  12. Choke down a bit on the longer club, take a full swing.
  13. To take it a step farther, make it a series like survivor where 32 equally matched golfers compete on the Golf Channel. The highest scores from each round go home. Fewest putts being one of the tie breakers. Keep cutting the field until only 2 are left. Then the big match where the winner takes all. Add a lot of personal background information and show the players personalities. Get the viewers involved so you have someone to root for. That, I'd watch.
  14. I personally don’t care what he says or who hears it on national tv. But, I wonder how his sponsors, FootJoy, Beats Electronics, Titleist, NetJets, Citigroup, Ralph Lauren feel about it. He’s wearing their name on his clothes and gear. Other potential sponsors were watching him on tv, and see his name associated with his outburst all over the web. It could cost him a lot of money if those sponsors would prefer their spokesperson didn’t swear while mike’d up for television.
  15. Played this morning, 43-42 =85. My bad back requires that I hit some balls on the range before I hit the first tee. I was told when I paid my green fees that the range would be closed for another hour so I didn’t get a good warm up. My drives and long fairway shots suffered for the first several holes, but my irons, short game and putting kept me in the game. I complain about my lack of distance but playing from the senior tees makes up for it. The game is a lot more fun when you have a chance to reach the green in regulation, even if you don’t do it as often as you’d like.
  16. In 1973, my dad bought me a complete set of PowerBuilt Citation clubs, irons and woods for $200
  17. I’d turn and find a different direction, you are comfortable with to hit the ball and get it out of the bunker. It’s going to cost you a stroke, but it could cost more to hit a bad stroke and leave the ball in the bunker.
  18. I’ve been playing for the last 6 weeks after a nearly 20 year layoff. Back in the day, with 70’s vintage blades and REAL wood, woods, I never had an official handicap, but I shot in the 70s most of the time. The big shock was the enormous loss of distance after I came back. I’m sure glad that courses have senior tees, and senior discounts being that I’m 65 with a questionable back. I’m retired so I have the time to practice or play every day. I set up a net in the backyard and hit balls there, I practice my short game and putting at a local course and hit 3 or 4 buckets every week. The work I’ve been putting in is starting to pay off. My first 5 rounds back were all in the 90’s. Last two rounds were 83 (par 72 6200 yards) and 77 (par 70, 6000 yd course)
  19. I’m 65 and trying to find a way to get some of my length back. I’m going to try and “cheat” my way back by starting with longer, stronger lofted, irons. My current irons are 10 years old. Am I wrong in thinking new clubs are going to make a big difference? I like the way I’m swinging now, without coming out of my shoes on every shot, I can hit it pretty straight with high ball flight, just not very far.
  20. I play from the correct tees for me. I don't know, and don't care what tees others golfers play from. I have enough to concern myself with in my own game to even suggest what someone else should be doing with their game.
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