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  1. Have now played 5 rounds with the Ping i3+ iron set I acquired on eBay. They actually remind of the later model Ping G2 which I played some years back. The feel of the ball coming off the club head is similar to the G2s (for me personally). Really enjoying these irons. A bit of lost distance versus my other iron set (Edels; not single length irons) so I adjust down one club to compensate which is just fine. Overall I am hitting them straight down the chute. Fun fun.
  2. Would appreciate any reference to a club restorer service. Ping i3+ set is in good shape but looking to restore them. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the responses. Yes, the Eye2s can be purchased at a good price on eBay. Several of my friends play the i3+ and love them. One of them played some of the newer Pings and went back to i3+. Since neither club set will break the bank will see how I get on for the rest of the year with the i3+s as can always revert to the Eye 2s. Will share feedback on my experience. Thanks
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  5. Just purchased a set of Ping i3+ from a wonderful seller on eBay who kept them in Bristol new-like condition. I played Ping Eye2s for many years until the airline lost my golf bag a decade ago and have since bounced around 4 of the other major club manufactures (don’t want to share anything negative about them on the Forum). None of the other irons have given me the same pleasant feel of the old Ping Eye2s. Any feedback on your experience playing the i3+ would be great.
  6. Refurbishing a set of Ping Zing 2 irons (3 - SW) as returning to these older irons which I played well some years back. At my tender (advancing) age I need a bit more forgiving shaft so looking for any recommendations on shafts that pair well with Zing 2s. I played off a 14 years back but now at 19.7. Thanks!
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