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  1. Been following along for some time I thought to finally sign up and say howdy!! I live in Monmouth County NJ and have been an avid (but not that good) golfer for some time. I own a few businesses (cigar lovers please say hello as one of my businesses is in the cigar industry) and I am also a professional musician (hence why I dont have as much time to golf as I'd like. Any way, just wanted to say hi and thank our hosts for a very informative place to learn about all things golf and golf related. Cheers, Johnny
  2. Been lurking for months and finally signed up!! New member here. I have an old set (bought in 1991-ish?) of Tommy Armour Silver Scots 845S irons that I dont ever really use any more and are still in very good condition. We've purchased a vacation home and I want to bring and leave the clubs there to use when we visit and stay. My current irons (TaylorMade M4) have stiff shafts whereas my old 845's have the stock Tommy Armour Tour Step R shafts on them. My question: Is it worth replacing the shafts on these irons and if so what do you recommend? I am not the most knowledgeable on shafts and the tech and variety has gotten quite extensive. I realize there is not a lot you know about how I play etc but I am a above average size guy (8-12 handicap depending on time of year) and relatively strong so dont need a lot of flex in my shaft. I just dont know what if any value I would gain in my game by swapping shafts to something else and if so which ones might be a worthy replacement. Any help, advice, suggestions are GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance Johnny
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