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  1. I normally don't watch it but I tuned in to watch this last tournament at Ozark's National. Mostly because Phil was teeing it up and I was intrigued to see how he would fare. I have to say I enjoyed the M-T-W format. Between the PGA Tour and Euro Tour events T-F-Sat-Sun I just don't have the time or interest to follow the CT. Pretty much the only time I watch a couple mins of CT is when Fred Couples is in one of the featured groups. I just love watching Freddie swing a club.
  2. I don't like swinging easier to hit yardage and I don't like stepping on one either. I find I play my best golf when I swing the same for all full shots which for my feel is about 80%. So if I am between clubs on approach I look at where the pin is in relation to trouble. If I have 145 and the pin is front with bunkers guarding the front of the green I will hit my stock 7 iron. If the pin is back of the green I will hit my stock 8. For the level of my game I don't get worried about proximity to hole until I get to a wedge yardage then I am trying to attack pins. For mid to long irons I'm
  3. I'm playing the Hammer Controls as I previously would game the Top Flite D2 Feel and they are very similar in performance. If anything I would say the HC feels slightly firmer than the D2 Feel but more soft than the Gamer. Great value right now $25 for 30 balls (2 - 15 packs).
  4. I've tried them in the past and they are just okay. If you are looking for a good cheap ball that is low compression I would check out the Wilson Staff Zip or the Wilson Staff 50 Elite. The Zips can be found on Amazon for $19.97 for a double dozen. The 50 Elite is about $12.99 for a dozen. Another ball worth checking out is the new Top Flight Hammer Control. GG/Dicks usually have specials on these and they definitely in the same neighborhood performance/feel wise as the Supersoft.
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