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  1. On this subject, I have got the SIM Max after a fitting, and I love it, even so I have been sticking with my new aim of not going to auto pilot and pulling driver on every opportunity. I hit the Driver on 3 holes today, 2 par 5s and one long par 4 into the wind, hit the Driving Iron off most par 4 tees and a 5 iron on 2 of them. I must admit if I can get my putting sorted a bit I would have easily shot 75, came in with a 78 with more than a few missed opportunities on the green. Scores haven’t suffered a hit and if anything the consistency of my scores has improved. Before I could go round in
  2. Been there my friend, I still do this every now and again just to keep a bit of a rhythm going, I find standing on the tee box for too long and I lose a bit of rhythm and momentum, would much rather hit a different club and play shorter but keeping the flow going is preferable. on the topic itself I must say although I now have my new driver and hit it well, I do find myself using it far more sparingly than I used to, unless it gives me a huge advantage on a big wide fairway or unless it’s a long par 4 or 5 I prefer hitting my driving iron or even a 5 iron a lot of the time. Scores haven’
  3. It wasn’t so much that I’m not serious about my equipment, more a case of when I bought the set of clubs I bought in February when I took up golf again, I set about changing what’s in the bag to stuff that worked for me. I don’t have a collection of clubs I can swap in and out so when the M4 broke, the only replacement I had was the Nike Vapour. However I have gone for a fitting and the Sim seems to suit me best, probably the familiarity of playing TaylorMade drivers for so long (before my hiatus I played TM drivers).
  4. Definitely will stick around TST, seems a good place here 🙂 played tonight with the new driving iron (driver arrives tomorrow), and absolutely loved it. Got it out to 230-240 a couple of times, and was great off the fairway as well on the par 5. Great to have a good option that still gets Me in the fairway far more consistently without sacrificing too much distance! Playing both days this weekend so looking forward to having multiple options off the tee that I’m comfortable with
  5. Totally understand this mate, If my driver is off I go to a 5 iron rather than the 3 wood, I have the RBZ Stage 2 and that thing GOES. However, results aren’t consistent enough direction wise to trust it all the time, if my driver is off I’m going iron every day. I am more than comfortable hitting the RBZ off the deck, not so much a tee Following the advice of the good people here, and realising that relying on puring nearly every iron off the tee is probably a bad idea, I went for a driver fitting today. Tried the Sim Max, Mavrik, Cobra SZ and TS2 (I think, def a titleist anyway), and hap
  6. Yeah man I totally agree with you. As far as my game goes, my ball striking is by far the most consistent area of my game, and my go to shot is the 5 iron off the tee to get my game back on track. But I don’t want to become reliant on it too much, like you said I will have a day where it doesn’t go well and I don’t want to fall back to hitting short irons off the tee cos I’ve decided to take the driver out the bag. I think I’ll try taking the driving iron out for a trial, if I like it I’ll use the driver on the holes I need it, and if I’m hitting it well use it on a few of the holes it give me
  7. Thanks man, yeah I’m torn at the moment, for the course I play, i reckon if I get a driving iron and can hit it consistently well I could get round my course just fine without driver. I’m thinking about the new TaylorMade P790 UDI 2 Iron. I do know that the two par 5s and the one really long par 4 at our course is the only time I might “need” a driver, figured that much out after the last round. but yeah your right, I can see myself getting down a few more strokes in my hcp by improving my putting a bit, but I feel your right and it will plateau if I’m not giving myself the opportuni
  8. Well I wish we knew that at the time, it was only a social round, but he was pretty apologetic, not that it was his fault. At least I’ll know for future, cheers 😁
  9. A good number of years ago I played a PW on a short par 3 downhill, landed it about 5-6 feet from the hole and stopped it quick. My playing partner then hit a great shot, must have landed right on the front of my ball and mine squirted out off the green into the rough at the back where’s I had a horrible shot, the wall at the back of the rough restricted my swing to a foot at most.... whereas his ball, after landing on mine, bounced back a couple of foot and rolled to rest about 3-4 feet from the hole. Couldn’t believe it, went from a decent birdie chance to scrambling to try save par, ended u
  10. Hi mate, first of all, good work on improving your ball striking. Makes a big difference having that great feeling of flushing an iron multiple times during a round. On the putting, and specifically judging the distance, I had the exact same problem when I first started playing again back in feb. I found the best advice I had was focus on how you would “roll” the ball to the hole with your hand, and try to recreate that roll with the putter. I found this helped immediately and while I still blaze one past or baby one and leave it way short on occasion, the majority of
  11. Back in February I took the game back up after 4 years out completely although probably 6 years since playing regularly (weekly) I got a second hand set of decent clubs and headed to the range on the Saturday, hit 100 balls, got a bit of a feel back after thinning/topping the first 10 shots at the range. Went out on the Sunday morning with my mates and shot an 86, I was a 17 handicap before who didn’t practice much so it wasn’t too much to rediscover, I keep myself fairly fit etc and still have “some” youthful athleticism being 26. So I basically slotted straight back into my old g
  12. RyanG94


  13. I tend to take the longer club and commit to it 100%, but with a swing length maybe close to 80% and focus on a really solid impact as if it was a full shot. I used to be a firm believer of tearing the skin off it with the shorter club, believing if I absolutely murdered it and caught it pure I might get the desired result, obviously the macho approach 9 times out of 10 doesn’t give you the results you want. Think this was largely down to the fact that my alternative used to be that I used to try and control these shots with a longer club and hit it with a much slower swing speed which
  14. Hi all, new here, apologies if this has been gone over multiple times recently. basically after a 4 year hiatus I took golf up again in February, and found it relatively easy to get back into my old game, which wasn’t incredible by any means (17 hcp). My problem has always been the driver, can hit it a long way compared to my PP’s, but often find my 2nd shots are chipping out sideways from the trees, playing back into my fairway from the hole adjacent or trying to play an impossibly miracle shot that Tiger in his prime would have probably avoided attempting. anywa
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