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  1. With the lofts of newer SGI irons being much stronger (as low as 20° for a 5-iron), I am wondering whether these are indeed easier to play than utility irons with the same lofts. E.g. would a Titleist T400 #5 be easier or harder to play / more forgiving than U510 #3 with the same loft? Or a Taylormade Sim Max OS #4 or #5 compared to a Sim UDI #2 or #3 with the same loft?
  2. I'm looking at ultra-light options for moderate swing speed, not only for driver, but also fairway and hybrids. Grand Bassara Beta comes to mind for the driver, but there must be some other options as well? Does anyone know more about the Mizuno Platinum MFusion shafts? They seem to be very light. Or can anyone recommend a website with comparisons of the different options in the market?
  3. Are you improving because you moved to less forgiving clubs, or because you moved to new clubs with better technology? 😉
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