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  1. :sigh Is your reading comprehension really that bad? Why did you cut off the rest of my point? Did you really think I was saying I believe there will always be players who perform below average in distance and that's it? I'm saying that of those people who fall below average (whether average is 300, 320, 340 or whatever it rises to), some will still go on to have long decent careers similar to ZJ. The fact that an average exists means there must be people below it, unless everyone was hitting the ball exactly the same distance as everyone else...did you really think that was th
  2. "Others"? I was responding to one person who was arguing semantics. Word like average? I fail to see how the word average could be open to subjectivity when in the context of statistics. So how is that in conflict to me pointing out someone arguing semantics? Plenty is subjective when considered in the context of how much room one considers sufficient or plentiful, you know, as in plenty of room. My point in this whole conversation is that I believe there will always be players who perform below average in terms of distance who could still find a way to have long decent careers simi
  3. You're just arguing semantics now, we could argue all day over who's definition of "plenty of room" should be applied. My point is, there will always be people who perform below average in distance who still find a way to stick on the tour and even find a way to have decent careers. Will Zach Johnson be considered an all time great, no, but did he find a way even with his limited distance to have a long career that is nothing to be ashamed of, yes. I mean, he won The Open just five years ago. Summing him up as "one player who had an out of his mind putting week" is pretty weak in my opinio
  4. The claim I made was that there is still plenty of room in the game for "shorter" hitters. The fact that Zach Johnson at 44 years old is still playing on the tour and making money supports my claim. I did not claim that you could be a leading money winner and dominate the game if you are a "shorter" hitter.
  5. I was just getting ready to point this out. This U.S. Open just proved what so many people already know, there is more than one way to get it done when it comes to the game of golf. Zach averages 282 off the tee and finished in the top ten in a U.S. Open at the age of 44. There is still plenty of room in the game of golf for "shorter" hitters.
  6. Yeah, Tiger had 34 wins with 8 majors by the time he was 27 (Bryson's current age), BDC has 7 wins with 1 major. I don't think we'll ever have to worry about a legitimate BDC vs Tiger career conversation. Maybe I'll end up eating those words, but I wouldn't put money on it. I don't think BDC will even make it to Phil territory (44 wins with 5 majors).
  7. This right here ^^^ I don't really care to watch Bryson because his attitude rubs me the wrong way, it has nothing to do with the fact that he has a "unique" swing and has one length clubs. I also agree that the announcers don't do him any favors by over playing him being a "scientist", like you said, his credentials in the world of science are less than stellar, yet the announcers treat him as if he has multiple PhDs...it's nauseating. If he wasn't quite so whiny I think I would enjoy watching him more often, the "ant" situation, the "Karen Moment" with the rules official, and the comp
  8. Pre-round I'll hit a few putts on the practice green where I'm playing (when available), the bulk of my practice happens at the course I play most of my rounds at because I also enjoy their driving range. I usually like to hit a few long downhill putts, a few long uphill putts to get a feel for pace; and then I'll hit a few mid-range and short puts both up and downhill (pre-round routine). When I'm just going to the range and the putting green, I usually setup for long putts and practice trying to get them close, then I practice actually finishing out the two putt. I then spend at least a l
  9. I would say I fit more into #3. I'm also looking to start getting more instruction anyway, I've only ever had two lessons, most of my learning has been through online content and then a painful process of trial and error with that content. I'm looking to start getting more personalized focused instruction, hopefully this will be in the form of a series of lessons with the same pro.
  10. Does anybody have any experience with on course instruction? Did you feel like there was a real benefit going out and playing golf with the instructor, some things that you wouldn't get during a lesson on a range or simulator? There are a few courses around me that the pros offer on course lessons and I've been kicking around the idea of taking one. Wanted to get some thoughts on what to expect and maybe some positive/negatives with others' experiences.
  11. One thing that recently had me turn a corner in my ball striking (at a 15 handicap I'm clearly still not "there") was reading more about how to commit certain things into your procedural memory (most often referred to as muscle memory). Once you get your swing committed to your procedural memory, you can start focusing on being a tempo/target oriented golfer. I find now that most of my more egregious mishits come from letting mechanical thoughts creep in, my best ball striking days have come when I've been able to focus on my tempo and target. Run a quick google search on procedural/muscle
  12. Thanks all for the quick responses! Some good stuff to consider.
  13. Thanks for the advice! The problem definitely travels with me, I usually play one of three courses around me and have had issues at all three. I'm sure there are plenty of technical aspects of my putting that I could try and firm up with some instruction.
  14. Lately I've been struggling with what could probably be described as the "yips" while putting. When I'm playing by myself, or just my girlfriend and I, or on the practice green I feel like my putting is pretty solid; I have a good feel for the pace and I take my time lining up the put and usually average less than a 2 putt for the round. However, the last few times I've played with either strangers or casual acquaintances I've completely lost my feel for pace and I find myself rushing through my process of lining up the putt. Recent example, Wednesday I played in my work league (9 hole leag
  15. Definitely DJ, also, he's still in his 30s (36), so there is still time to add another major or 2 at least. Brooks' collapse this year in the PGA after talking trash chipped away a little at his major swagger. Didn't completely destroy it, but damaged that aura a little IMO.
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