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  1. 91 45/46 Both 9s had plenty of loose shots. That happens when your round takes nine hours. One par five took us literally 30 minutes to play
  2. shot a 43 on the front 9, with a quad on a par 3. Then I turned around and shot 50 on the back, ending the day with a birdie Tale of two nines for sure
  3. Network engineer in the telecom world. Nowadays I lead a team of triage engineers but my career has been spent putting fires out versus doing network planning.
  4. Hi all! I've come through the sandtrap about a million times over the years while doing internet searches and never stuck around long enough to create an account. Well today's the day! Hi all 🙂
  5. It is just a piece of wood - you can easily recreate them with plywood. They're a few sizes - 12x18 being the most common 'adult male' size (smaller ones are available for those with smaller stances). The general idea is that it helps you quiet your lower body - killing swaying and the like. You basically put it between your feet and use pressure from the insides of your feet to "hold" the board while you swing (obviously releasing as you rotate through). Like many training aids it's just another way to work on a feel for your golf swing. This one is lower body related.
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