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  1. I have not heard of any reported massive COVID outbreaks attributed to golf courses, just massive COVID outbreaks in general, from being close to other people. So, being close to other people at a golf course is probably no more dangerous than being close to other people other places. &, as of yesterday, COVID is at it's highest point.
  2. Thanks. I'm getting my small fix picking the range once a week . . . my community service work. My course is having it's most profitable (or least money-losing) season ever. Packed tee sheet day-after-day, and packed charity events. While doing that yesterday, and watching group after group come to the range, then go the first tee, I had the random thought that the number of those who choose to believe it is a hoax, the deny-ers and anti-maskers, is going to decrease. It cannot possibly get bigger; the virus will see to that. One of those we know recently got it, and had to air-evac 200 miles to the nearest COVID ICU. That will wake up his group, and the school system where he teaches. Then, this morning's news!!!!!!!!! Regarding accepting facts, someone once told me, "When the student's ready, the teacher will appear." It is what it is. Beautiful day, here. I think I'll go work on our boat trailer.
  3. Well, I can not play golf in Florida just as easy as I can not play golf up north. I'm still itching to get out there, though. The course looks great and I can hear it calling.
  4. Woods, Thomas, McIlroy and Rose headline 'Payne’s Valley Cup' 18-Hole Match for Charity will be Televised Live on GOLF Channel Tuesday, Sept. 22; Encore on NBC, Dec. 26-27; Also Streaming on Select NBC Sports apps and GolfPass The new Big Cedar Lodge Payne Stewart tribute course, Payne's Valley, opened with the inaugural Payne's Valley Cup, with Woods, Thomas, McIlroy and Rose in a USA v. Europe format. Great course, great competition, settled on the 19th hole. The Payne’s Valley Cup will implement a comprehensive health and safety play that will follow all recommended protocols put in place by the PGA TOUR and local government, utilizing testing measures to help protect the health and safety of the players, officials, the production team and others on-site. The Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, hob-nobbed with the other celebs. Then he tested positive. If you wanna give Payne's Valley a try, it's $225.
  5. I went by last Thursday, and saw all the carts lined up for a shotgun start. All the carts were out of the cart barn, plus some rented ones, for an annual charity tournament. More than 120 golfers were congregating close together, with no precautions being taken. Like I said before, it's a tourist area, and in May/June had very few positives. So, people in spiking areas came here to get away from it. It's spiking here now.
  6. My home course up north is in a tourist area where there is a mask mandate until mid-October at least. Tourist-wise, since re-opening, it's been about half as busy as normal in the area. Covid has spiked since tourist season began. But . . . Today is Wednesday, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are no tee times available. I have a guest in town, and could not get us a tee time. Greens fees are $89 and $79, $59 for locals, military/first responders, et al. The owners of the course got PPP in the first relief package, as did almost every tourist business in the area, but the course is not hurting for revenue now.
  7. Courses in my Summer area are all open. Really busy some days, not so busy others. Just like normal. It is a tourist area, and tourism is way down because COVID has spiked, and there are a lot of golf course relative to the reduced tourism. What's strange is at the course where I used to play in Members' Only Men's Day, where they used to have 10 to 12 groups, now they normally only have four, and have to do threesomes to get that. I asked one regular whose name I don't see on the tee times any more, and he said he's playing, just not in Men's Day. So, I haven't figured out why that is down. I plan on playing next week . . . first time since before the lockdown in March.
  8. If you go to Johnny's courses at Big Cedar/Ridgedale/Branson, MO, make sure you go when they are all open. Ozark National has just opened, but Payne's Valley, Johnny and Tiger's tribute to local native Payne Stewart opens in September. Johnny has a way of missing deadlines . . . Top of the Rock was closed for six or seven years, with every year being the date of re-opening. While in the area, you should also play Branson Hills Golf Club, FKA The Payne Stewart Golf Club, and LedgeStone. Ratings are likely to change this year, but in 2019 all were in Golfweek's Top Courses in Missouri: 1. Buffalo Ridge Springs, Hollister (m)2. Branson Hills, Branson (m)3. Swope Memorial, Kansas City (c)4. Old Kinderhook, Camdenton (m)5. Creekmore, Raymore (m)6. Ledgestone, Branson (m)
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