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  1. That makes two of us. 😷 I've confined my comments to how it is where we're at, as others are commenting on how it is where they're at. The vaccine rollout is the same as the COVID fight plan has been . . . . helter-skelter, patchwork, lacking co-ordination, totally reliant on leaders at the state and local level. I see others here are reporting similar situations in their areas. The hype here is that we are in 1B, and there are maps of where vaccine sites, but the boots-on-the-ground fact is that in our area this is no vaccine. If there was, I'd be happy to report it, and
  2. Same here . . . and Florida is our other option. We're passing on it this year as, generally speaking, it is much more dangerous there than here, and our Florida County has been virtually out of ICU beds since I started checking every day. Our Snowbird friends call us every day, and they're very concerned. If we had known, they could have had our house, and saved some money. We can hunker down where we're at, and are building a new house to stay busy. The real news today is that those who will be taking over/starting national COVID management don't know what they don't know, a
  3. Be careful what you say. Generally speaking, people somewhere are getting some vaccine it appears. 😷 Yes. That's what I'm saying about our area, too. We don't know anyone personally who has gotten a vaccine in our area, and we have a lot of higher risk people. My sister-in-law got it, and is ready for #2, but she's in another state, works in a high-risk home healthcare job, and got it through her employer. Some of her co-workers are anti-vacs, so opted out, and there have been a couple of positives and exposures. On the bright side, a better
  4. In this morning's news is the first accurate reporting of our vaccine situation: The (state health) Department said on Twitter it is important to understand that many vaccinators are still waiting on supplies from the federal government. While the Governor is saying: Missouri is currently vaccinating Phase 1A and Phase 1B – Tier 1 populations. The truth in any of our nearby counties is that no one has any, or knows when they will get any. If it was otherwise I would not be saying this. In the mean time we are continuing to be as cautious as we have been from the begi
  5. I guess I was just speaking of where we're at. Lotsa vaccine hype on the news, but no one has any vaccine. I have called them all, and no one knows when the next is coming. Our state is not going by CDC guidelines, and every County Health Department decides how to handle it.
  6. You're lucky if you actually get it. Most are just get false information.
  7. OK. December 26, 7:00 AM, I was with the mob at WalMart, snarfing up the half-price Christmas Candy. That's in my job description for the day after Easter and the day after Halloween, too. At Easter it's for those Brach's chocolate/marshmallow bunnies where you either bite their ears or legs off first. Halloween is normally for bags of miniatures or what they call Harvest Corn, the way-too-surgery pieces of candy corn with the chocolate tops, instead of yellow. As you can probably figure out, I bite the chocolate top off first The best deal was the big bags of Hershey's miniatur
  8. I called the major healthcare provider in our area, three of their locations, and I've contacted two local County Health Departments. None of them have any vaccine or have any idea when they will get it. In our state, it is up to the County Health Departments how to distribute and administer it, and no one is following CDC or HHS guidelines. They are still stuck in 1A, and healthcare workers have not all been vaccinated yet. In our other state, it's a free-for-all, first-come, first-served for anyone over 65, and they are running out almost as soon as they start, leaving hundreds in li
  9. That means there's only one answer to the eternal question . . . Ginger. She is the only member of the cast still living. I celebrated another birthday yesterday, which I consider to be an admirable accomplishment in these times.
  10. One of my wife's classmates, 65-ish and pillar of their small rural community, died in a far-away hospital. They had a big church funeral, no masks. At the same time, his wife died in the far-away hospital. Yesterday was my wife's BD, and she wanted to go to Chili's for our regular shared fajitas. I just couldn't let us let our guard down when we have done so good, an end being in sight. So we ordered them To Go, and had a nice evening at home. We're putting off going to our Florida home, but our Minnysoduh Snowbird friends got there and opened the house for us a couple d
  11. Regardless, this is the COVID thread, and yesterday the US set another record. The United States reported 3,124 coronavirus-related deaths Wednesday, the highest single-day total of the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins University. That brings the total number of Covid-19 fatalities recorded in the country to at least 289,373. Another 221,267 cases were also reported on Wednesday, bringing the country's total to at least 15,386,562, according to JHU's tally. My prayers go out to all who have been affected, and, doubly so to the healthcare workers who are fighting this ba
  12. Habits are hard to break. I have always had a hard down hitting down on the ball, coming down steeper, so I get a high flight and short distance. I did drop 5 strokes working on that problem, but, after 60 years, if I hit the ball right I would probably add strokes. Not a problem for now.
  13. First Amendment. "This is a gold forum after all." What's a "Gold" forum? - - - - - - Like that lady on ABC News tonight, upset that her restaurant is closed by order when a movie set was right next door with the same sort of outdoor eating area that she has, it may take paying people/businesses to get compliance, just like the Cares Act did.
  14. Pay people to stay at home? Well, it's not as simple as that, but a Stay-At-Home Order would likely get more compliance if people got paid. It is in line with the CARES Act, paying both businesses and individuals. It would definitely be more acceptable than martial law, or roadblocks set up to keep people from going places they should not. Which, by the way, we sometimes had where I grew up in Iowa in times of emergencies, like floods and tornadoes. Authorities kept people from going places, doing things, that would hamper the recovery efforts. As a last resort, if people don
  15. That's pretty much what me and mine do. A couple weeks ago our Commissioner showed up at the front door, unannounced, to talk about something we were trying to get done. He's big, get-close-to-you guy, and we was not masked. Once I realized whom it was, I put on the mask I keep at the front door. Yesterday I was expecting a check in the mail, so when our rural carrier came down the road, I put that handy mask on to go meet her. My wife's brother is a rural mail carrier, in a rural deny-er county, which is now spiking, so we talk about how public buildings like post offices a
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