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  1. Ah, the friendly fluffing a lie policy. "Winter rules" We call that playing it up, fairway only, and intended to be done with the clubhead. But, then, like most things, there are those who confuse it with LC&P, and pick the ball up, and look to find the perfect fairway tee. 😷 Rounds not played under the rules of golf should not be posted. IMO When I played high school golf in Iowa, it was mostly in March and April, and that policy was always in effect. & I don't see anyone here asking to play Winter Rules all the time.
  2. From my 50+ years of playing the game somewhat seriously, I conclude that a group that does not want to allow a faster group to play through will not, regardless of how the rules bodies change the rules to stress that they should, including the last 15 years when it was part of my duty to persuade them to do so. The last instance was a four 4-some group who m/l ordered me to tell their slow group, which was holding up the morning's entire tee sheet, to pickup and move to the next tee, and they would not. &, they likely never will, anywhere, for anyone, or reason.
  3. Going back a few, five days after getting my second Pfizer shot, I got shingles. My doctor-type-person nodded, and said something to the nature of, "Well, your immune system was being manipulated." Did I not say that initially? Let me go look . . . yup. My doctor-type-person said that can happen when your immune system is being manipulated. I'm asking if anyone here has had any side affects because there are some instances of shingles on the Internet. Of course, I still have it, and have studied it, and for an unfortunate minority, it can linger for months/years. But
  4. Even as I posted that, I knew that I was saying it inartfully, that I should be doing an exact quote and citing the source, which I found in my research of this topic the last two days. But, Yes, playing it as it lies was the primary reason for not allowing relief; defining a divot was secondary. At courses with big maintenance budgets and carts armed with sand bottles, the issue gets trickier when an old divot blatantly becomes ground under repair, particularly when players can spot seeds in the mix. I found it, where the USGA was commenting: “To provide relief in that sit
  5. So, has anyone else here come down with shingles, or any other immune-system related issue, after getting their COVID vaccine?
  6. I read that during my research the last two days. There is no question that not getting relief from divots in the fairway has been an issue for a long time, is an issue now, and will continue to be an issue as long as there is no rule to address it. Not an issue worth losing sleep over, or getting upset with some stranger on the Internet about, but an issue. 😷 Sorta like Pace of Play, which, even though it has been addressed by the rules of golf, is still an issue, and will continue to be. There, another golfer-induced issue. same here . . . if my drives got to whe
  7. The actual explanation from the USGA as to why it allowed the repair of golfer-induced damage to the green is because the green is the only portion of the course where the ball is intended to roll along the ground.
  8. A detailed document was prepared to explain why rules were changed, but not to explain why rules were not changed: https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/images/rules/rules-modernization/golf-new-rules/Explanation for Each Major Change in the New Rules of Golf for 2019 (1).pdf
  9. Yup. & as long as it remains unchanged, and every time a drive on TV gets close to a divot, and the announcer makes a big deal out of it, it will continue to be an issue. If the rule gets changed, so an announcer never gets his panties in a bunch, it will cease being an issue there, or here, or anywhere.
  10. This is probably one of the more disliked rules in the game by golfers of all skill levels. https://www.liveabout.com/relief-from-divot-hole-1565982 - - - - - - Golf's 13 Most Ridiculous Rules and How We'd Change Them 2. Divots 12 OF 13 Group being addressed: Both Rule in question: No relief from divots How to change it: Treat divots as ground under repair (The only "worse" rule is:) 1. Armchair Referees 13 OF 13 Group being addressed: Tour pros Rule in question: Game-changi
  11. Always . . . yet you couldn't repair spike marks until 2018. I bet it gets revisited, and, like I've said a few times, it could go either way, and both sides will accept it. If it gets changed, to allow relief, I doubt that many will choose not to take it, or complain when they take it. 😷
  12. A pro-changer would argue that repairing spike marks is undoing golfer-induced damage to the course, and taking relief from a divot in the fairway is also undoing golfer-induced damage to the course. A pro-changer can justifiably contend that a fairway divot was not "part of the course" until it was golfer-induced. So, yes, those top two issues Lady Pros wanted to address are very similar. In 2018, they either got it right, half-right, or wrong. But, in essence, this is a 50/50 issue, and both leaving it or changing it would be accepted.
  13. What do the Lady PGA Players have to say? If there is one rule in golf that you could change by fiat, what would it be? https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/19865737/lpga-confidential-survey-speaking-golf-inequalities I would not have even thought about this issue if I had not seen this discussion about it, and I would not have even investigated to see how others feel about it if there wasn't such a criticism of someone in favor of a rule change in this discussion. But, then, when I looked, 42.2% of this forum is in favor of a rule change, more than 50% in a larger pol
  14. Under the heading of "Don't Confuse Me With Facts", it appears the fact is that most golfers may want this rule changed: LIVE POLL 1041 VOTES Should golf's new rules provide relief from divots? 58%: Get Relief 29%: Play It Where It Lies https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2018/12/22/opinion-new-golf-rules-whiff-when-it-comes-to-relief-from-divots/ Can we agree that landing in a divot in a perfectly manicured fairway is unfortunate?
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