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  1. My wife's family is all still in the very rural County where she grew up. It is largely deny-ers going about things like normal. When we came back from FL in April, there were no cases; now there are 500. They only test symptomatic, so who knows the actual number, but the positivity rate is 20%. We know of 5 who have died, and since a lot of people are related, I have been doing research to see where they are in her family. The County has a nice website, but it is only showing 2 deaths, up from 1 two days ago, so that speaks to the credibility of the site. Pillars of the community are infected, but take no precautions. The owner of the hardware store has it, does not allow the store to have a mask mandate, and scoffs at anyone wearing one. Personal Choice is not an effective way to fight a pandemic.
  2. With great empathy, I've thought a lot about all the people who cannot stay at home, and how at-risk they are every day. I have thoughts in that regard, but . . . . We also heard from one of our Florida neighbors yesterday. She and her 85-ish mother, who lives her, tested positive. They are not deny-ers, but made some bad choices on their drive down from Wisconsin, stopping to see relatives along the way like normal.
  3. In the mean time, I would think there would be no question any more about how to avoid it. If you are 65 or over, stay at home. If you are under 65, stay at home. If you cannot do #1, not limited to just the following, avoid people anywhere and everywhere, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, use disinfectant and hand sanitizer, avoid contact with "high touch" surfaces, and don't touch your eyes, nose and mouth. mdl: Tell them Ole Duffer said you can have his vaccine. I'll just keep doing the right things, and see how it goes. 😷 Another of my wife's extended family members passed away in the distant hospital they were shipped off to.
  4. I'm from Missouri, and, yes, it was stupid. But, it has just blended in with all the other stupid things. Like I said before, lay out the plan, ignore the detractors, carry out the plan.
  5. My mother's son remembers polio. 😉 I remember the scare, and a friend of mine wearing those metal leg braces. He turned out OK, and I played basketball against him in high school. We didn't have "vents", but we had "Iron Lungs." In 1952, the number of polio cases in the U.S. peaked at 57,879, resulting in 3,145 deaths. The deadly polio epidemic and why it matters for coronavirus Polio was nearly eradicated with the Salk vaccine in 1955. At the time, little was known about this mysterious disease that paralyzed and sometimes killed young children. Actually 1 American died every 33 seconds yesterday. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/02/health/us-coronavirus-wednesday/index.html
  6. I had not ever thought it until this pandemic came along, but both my parents were born in March, 1919. That means both my grandmothers would have been pregnant with them during the height of the 1918 pandemic, and it still would have been an issue when they were born. That would have been a scary time. I think the biggest key to conquering COVID-19 is to stop letting the distractors distract. Just announce how we're going to conquer it, then do it.
  7. “There are no specific definitions here,” said LaBaer, “but bars, churches, rallies (motorcycle, political, and others), funerals, restaurants, and now, even the White House, have all hosted documented superspreader events that lead to sometimes dozens of individuals getting infected at the same time.” How ‘Just Meeting a Few Friends’ Can Become a Superspreader Event It doesn’t take a large crowd with hundreds of people to cause a COVID-19 superspreader event. It can happen with small groups as well. A problem with COVID-19, and one which is peculiar, not demonstrated during previous infectious outbreaks, is how many people insist on viewing it only through their own eyes. Of course, we all know why this one is different. No one argues the common cold, no one argues the flu, no one argued Sars, no one argued polio . . . . . & there's nothing to be gained by arguing with people like that. They are not going to change. It is what it is.
  8. One thing about the virus . . . it's easy to see where people stand on it. sadly What Is a Superspreader Event? - Mass General Advances in Motion The primary mode of transmission of SARS-Cov-2 is close contact between persons. Accordingly, there has been a heavy emphasis on effective non-pharmaceutical interventions. Breakdowns in... More recently, there was a superspreader event at the White House that led to President Trump and several other attendees becoming ill. However, experts say it’s not just about how many people are present. It’s about how infectious a particular individual’s case might be. Even a small event, like a family get-together, has the potential to be a superspreader event if a person with a highly contagious case of COVID-19 is present. How ‘Just Meeting a Few Friends’ Can Become a Superspreader Event It doesn’t take a large crowd with hundreds of people to cause a COVID-19 superspreader event. It can happen with small groups as well.
  9. Has there been a super-spreader type event that was held outside? I'm assuming that's tongue-in-cheek, that no one really questions whether those have occurred. But, anyway . . . Of course there's been a lot of outside Super Spreader events, like the Harley Rally in Spearfish, football games, college parties, weddings and social gatherings, Mega-Church events, protests, the Memorial Day and 4th of July pool parties at Lake of the Ozarks, and, God forbid I say it, Trump rallies. The South Dakota events and the LOTO pool parties spread it widely throughout the Midwest. And lets not forget that event on the South Lawn introducing Amy Coney Barrett . . . and other White House events. Feel free to add to the list.
  10. Ole Duffer

    Ole Duffer

  11. I have been watching crowds at football games on TV, to see how responsible/irresponsible different ones are. The Texas A&M one this past weekend was totally inappropriate during a Super Pandemic, equaled only by the Notre Dame crowd for the Clemson game. There have been some very interesting and entertaining crowd choices for college games, attesting to American creativity. There obviously is a market for made-for-TV non-spectator spectator sports. It's a shame that the NFL boycotters of recent years are not able to boycott the NFL, not that their boycott affected anything previously. Those sports/teams that have chosen to continue on during a Super Pandemic just have to deal with it. It was their choice. Overall, professional sports have made a valiant attempt to deal with and reflect the turbulent time. Some college sports, too. Both my college and professional teams are doing well, making it almost worth the 50-year wait. Necessity is the mother of invention.
  12. The course I would be playing at if I was playing this year does not care how customers wish to cart, so I see singles and doubles. When the Young Bucks play, they may have six carts in their group. (Let's not go there!) Strange, though, the course where I would not be playing even if I was playing this year, where I am a member only because I pay them money, so I am still on their email list, recently sent out an email emphasizing their 2 carts per foursome rule. The superintendent was chastising members who play in their personal carts and don't pair up, citing the extra damage that does to the dormant grass.
  13. Does anyone else have this one, an "O"? Are we past the point of thinking that gathering in large groups, in close proximity, and not wearing masks, is not unsafe? Or talking to a total stranger, face-to-face, unmasked is not unsafe?
  14. Mine has been the opposite. The positive is that my improved handicap has not gotten worse. Oh yeah, the last month's gas bill for our two daily drivers was $15, and the oil change I got last week was the first one since November, 2019. &, I have gotten a lot of things done that I would not have. Some things we've been waiting more than ten years.
  15. I was trying to . . . Steelers started at Post 715, I think. 😷
  16. Well, one of us probably feels better now. Sorry your guy lost . . . that hurts for awhile. Happy Thanksgiving. 😷 Since we're running all around, topic-wise, anyone else sense a Steelers/Chiefs showdown? If the Chiefs played the first 58 minutes like they play the last 2, no one could touch them. This season may well come down to who can play and who can't.
  17. In lieu of national leadership, states do what they were told they have to do, deal with it themselves.
  18. Can States Restrict Travelers From Other States? | The Heritage Foundation In response to the coronavirus pandemic, state governments are flexing their emergency powers. Some states have issued orders requiring people entering the state to self-quarantine for at least two weeks. Some of these...
  19. See Post #650. 😷
  20. Way back when, before is took off in our northern-home-tourist-destination, people traveled to it because it was "so safe" there. Of course, they brought it with them. &, regarding Hawaii: Planning to fly to Hawaii for the holidays? Better make sure your negative COVID-19 results are in hand, and not just pending, before boarding your plane under a change to the state’s Safe Travels program announced Thursday, Nov. 19. The moves come as Hawaii aims to tighten coronavirus restrictions before the holiday travel season. Under the modified Safe Travels program, which begins Tuesday, Nov. 24, arriving passengers must have already received their negative results before landing, or they will be required to quarantine for 14 days or the length of their stay, whichever is shorter.
  21. If there is a more diplomatic way of saying this, pretend I said it that way, but, our ex-niece said she thought she had it when she couldn't smell her poop one morning. She went to work (school teacher), and a co-worker ask if she could smell his cologne, and she couldn't. 14 days off, and lots of folks quarantining since she had worked the gate at the BB game.
  22. When we left our Florida home on April 16, not long after my last round of golf this year, there were 5 cases in the County, now there have been 4333. When we got to our northern home on April 17, there were no cases yet. Now there have been 988. My wife's mother is 85, lives alone, but near lots of very close-knit family, in a rural area of mostly Denyers. We do everything we can to keep people from visiting her, or her visiting others, unprotected. One of her longtime friends, a friend to the family for 70 years, tested positive last week, got shipped off to a distant hospital, and died yesterday. Everyone who was close to her, and who has now been tested, is positive. Our nephew's wife's stepfather tested positive, got shipped off to the big city hospital, and died, alone. There were no cases to speak of in that rural county until school started. It is been football, and now basketball, like nothing's different. Our school teacher ex-niece got it, and her fam now. Our great-nephew, jr high bball player got it. School's out this week because too many bus drivers have it. But, the Thanksgiving get-together super spreader is still on. That county is at 401 cases now, with a 19% positivity rate. It's totally predictable that South Dakota's positivity rate is 60%. Is not hard to see what the outcome of some events will be. Funny, WalMart. where I've had all of our vehicles serviced for more than 20 years, refused to service of of them yesterday because the driver's window doesn't work (never has, but they always have serviced it before). With my typical diplomacy . . . three managers, some common sense, and half hour discussion, they did, with the driver's side door open, the passenger window down, and the sunroof open. If COVID gets worse, next time they can leave the hatch open, too. 😷 So, when my wife goes to visit her Mom tomorrow, I guess she will have to quarantine for 14 days when she gets back, before we can be together. I believe that's the CDC guideline.
  23. The virus is spread by mouth and nose, but mostly by rear ends. 😷
  24. Fact check: CDC Guidelines Overview Wear masks with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19 Wear the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin Masks should be worn by people two years and older Masks should NOT be worn by children younger than two, people who have trouble breathing, or people who cannot remove the mask without assistance Do NOT wear masks intended for healthcare workers, for example, N95 respirators CDC does not recommend the use of face shields alone. Evaluation of face shields is ongoing but effectiveness is unknown at this time. Evaluation of mask and gaiter materials and structure is ongoing. How to Wear Wear a Mask correctly and consistently for the best protection. Be sure to wash your hands before putting on a mask Do NOT touch the mask when wearing it Do wear a mask that Covers your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin Fits snugly against the sides of your face I don't see a lot of people wearing masks incorrectly, but I do see a lot of people not wearing a mask incorrectly. There may have been some confusion about mask-wearing early on, when there was a shortage of PPE, but there is no confusion about mask-wearing now. 😷
  25. Similar here. First, I only leave the home once or twice a week. I have a can of spray disinfectant in my passenger seat. I always mask when out of the car in public. When I get back in, I spray both sides of the mask, then hang it from the sunglasses clip on the passenger side visor, along with my back-up mask. Then I spray the disinfectant on one hand, and rub them together. It is no more hassle than buckling and unbuckling my seat belt. Given that we live in two areas inhabited by sizable numbers of irresponsible people, we are very cautious. We know of many deny-ers who have gotten and spread the virus. That helicopter ride to the nearest available ICU is probably a PITA. & ailments have lingered for those we know who got it. YMMV
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