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  1. I have a used M5 driver with the weights set for maximum forgiveness. The seller didn't have the key to adjust the weights. I just want to know if moving weights to "draw" position in the M5 driver effective in fighting a slice before investing in a key? I know it is a band aid fix but I have tournaments coming up and anything helps at this point.
  2. After having a golf simulator for 2 months my golf scores have stabilized tremendously. Previously I used to play in the mid to high 90s. My last 3 scores has been 89, 89 and 90 on tough courses. The biggest improvement is that I have completed a golf wedge matrix with 1/3, 2/3 and full swing distances and now I am able to hit the greens over 80% of of the time within 30 yards to 90 yards. This limits most bad holes to bogeys. There are stretches of 9 holes that I have only 2 over. However, my slices and pulls sometimes resulted in big numbers on a few holes. With the golf simulator
  3. It's just a small amount of money with everyone chipping in $30 for the pot, with 3 places for F9, B9 and overall. I played yesterday and finished second place with a score of 90 and most importantly didn't blow up in the last two holes.
  4. I have shot 89 in my last two rounds of golf. In both rounds I were 11 over after 16 holes (or 7 under with my 18 handicap) and on the verge of winning our group of 24-player handicap tournament for the first time. In both rounds I managed to have 6 over in the last 2 holes and ended up third and fourth. I think I screwed up because of my weak mental game and lack of focus. With the last few holes left and it seems like the tournament were mine to lose, my friends started saying things like "you are winning, be careful" or "you've got this tournament". I don't know how but I started to make ma
  5. I plan to collect more data perhaps 20 to 40 shots each, record actual data of each shot rather than average of 5. With the data, I will calculate the variances to compare for the same shot distance between 1/3 swing shot with a less lofted club vs 2/3 swing shot with a more lofted club to see which one has smaller variance.
  6. With SkyTrak at home, I am able to get better yardage with my clubs. Here is my wedge matrix. Each data point is an average of 5 shots. I have collected data on 3 different days. The bottom numbers are the average. This has been really helpful in breaking 90 two times in a row. I know some people have full, 3/4 and 1/2 but I like full, 2/3 and 1/3 better. I don't hit full shot with my 52 degree wedge as I have had a few disasters with it. Do you use a wedge matrix and how is your experience? If you run into similar yardage with different clubs and back swing lengths, do you prefer the sho
  7. I think the Ryder Cup or President Cup format is where players can intentionally lose a match if the number of bets heavily favor one side.
  8. I have the problem of out-to-in swing resulting in pulls and slices, with overswing (backswing), and early release (flipping). I have tried many things but it is just too hard to overcome an ingrained bad swing. Recently, I have tried what I felt like a half swing back swing but in reality it is more like a 3/4 swing. I noticed that it minimizes my pulls and slices and I have better contact. Distance is about the same but with the smaller backswing I instinctively have more lower body turn. Ball trajectories are also lower which means flipping is less of a problem. I have broke 90 t
  9. Since I am in Cypress, Long Beach is just 10 minutes away. I tried to get tee times at Skylinks, Rec 18 and El Dorado but unsuccessful. Next time I should try to book the minute when tee times are available for booking.
  10. My foursome wants to play early this Saturday and we are unable to get a tee time at a decent course. We are in Orange County, CA. I don't remember something like this in previous years. Do you feel that people are playing more during Covid-19 pandemic?
  11. I know you can bet on other sports and golf for a long time but when betting goes mainstream and embraced by the PGA then I am very uneasy about it. If the betting amounts get big enough, it can lead to corruption. I have a gambling addict in the family so I am very much against gambling.
  12. Why are they allowing sponsors like DraftKings? When will players start to throw golf tournaments? I don't like this development at all. Any opinion on this?
  13. I have finally completed my golf simulator. The total cost for the simulator with hardware, software is around $5.5k. Skytrak + Game Improvement Package + TGC2019 Desktop + 50" TV Fiberbuilt Mat Supertex 9'x9' screen Landing turf 8'x10' Benq th671st projector I have been able to practice daily and it helped my short game immensely , chipping/pitching from 10 yards to 75 yards. I have not seen a big improvement in the full swing yet.
  14. Collin Morikawa putting is atrocious. He has missed 4 putts within 4 feet just in the front 9 of the third round. He also missed 2 putts within 6 to 7 feet.
  15. Thank you. I just purchased 2 used Cleveland CBX wedges with 54 and 58 degrees loft for $100. I never hit full shot with the wedges. With 1/3 shots, I get 40 and 30 yards with these clubs. Anything within 100 yards, I used my AW (50 and 75), PW (60 and 90) and 9 (70 and 100) with either 1/3 or 2/3 swings.
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