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  1. Dechambeau, Masters' favorite, is in trouble.
  2. I just used my Wilson harmonized chipper for the first time on the course and I believe it saved me 1 to 2 strokes. I took out my rarely used 5-iron for the chipper. I used it only 2 times and both times I got up and down. I use the chipper when the balls are on the fringe, a few feet from the green and the grass is just too tall for putting. There are cases where an iron is not an ideal tool to used. I have seen people using a mid iron with a putting stroke near the green. First they have to stand closer and choke down on the mid iron, second the heel of the iron is way up and now they
  3. I was watching JT Poston and he is very lanky and the opposite of Dechambeau. Poston's driving distance average is 306 which is long but I wonder if he can gain another 10 to 15 yards if he works out a little bit.
  4. It will rain on and off for all 4 days which favors the long hitters. I am picking Justin Thomas and Collin Morikawa, 2020 leaders with strokes gained/approach stat, to win. I am super excited but I don't have ESPN to watch on Thursday and Friday. I have to stream to watch featured group and Amen corner holes.
  5. These balls are long. About 10 yards longer with the driver and go straighter with less fade which is my typical ball flight which are exactly what I wanted. My problem is that they tend to bounce too much on the greens. When I hit short irons with Kirkland Signature balls or other soft balls they spin back about 1 foot or only roll forward 1 or 2 feet when hit the greens. With the Titleist Velocity balls they roll forward 4 to 20 feet during my last round. I kinda expect this with low spin balls but this is a little more that what I had hope for. I will not buy again.
  6. I have Callaway FT-IZ driver and Tour Edge Exotics XCG 3 wood. I hit them about 235 and 205 yards total. Are 2019/2020 drivers and 3 woods much longer and more forgiving? If you have made a switch recently, did you see a major improvement?
  7. I am trying this drill and keep hitting part of the gate but I am getting better. Balls still going left slightly but definitely better putter contact. I remember seeing Tiger using this drill. It is amazing that we don't make contact at the center of the putter often. IowaGreg, I tried to keep my right elbow closer to my body but didn't see a difference. I am trying a more aggressive follow through [rather than decelerating] and keep the putter head going more straight like you suggested and I think it helped a lot.
  8. I just bought a 6 feet putting mat for my office. I notice that I am pulling the putts left and the balls enter the hole on the left side. If the mat is over 9 feet I think the balls would lip the hole. I checked the floor with a level and I am sure that it is flat because I turned the mat around and the same thing happens. I never notice this because you can't know for sure on the putting greens. Do I open up the putter face 1 or 2 degrees to fix this or fix my putting stroke?
  9. Hi Everyone, sorry I haven't posted my progress. Currently I am asking my instructor to help me with chipping and putting in the last 2 weeks and for the next 4 weeks. I realize that this is where I can drop my score fastest. On the full swing and lag. Right now on the range I am just doing half swing drill while try to maintain a bowed left wrist (closed club face) and hit the ball with a low trajectory. I find it that if I try my full swing I tend to revert back to the old swing. It is difficult to refrain from hitting full shots at the range but I think it is best if I just be pa
  10. I understand this concept but it is so weird I just couldn't do it. I tried the towel drill. I think the key is using this drill with a short swing and and keep doing it. From the video, I notice that don't shift my weight during the downswing so I am doing a lot of weight shift drills without a golf club. One drill I like is swinging my arm back with my feet together, while the arms go back and near the top, step forward with my left foot and their finish swinging the arms up while putting most of the weight on the left foot in the golf finishing position. I also received my Tour Striker
  11. Thank you for your feedback. Recently, sometimes there are so many swing thoughts my mind went blank. I will focus on turning and leading with my lower body to clear room for the arms and club to go through without compensating with chicken wing, and flip.
  12. @cipher Thank you, what drill do you suggest to promote better turn? Thank you, his hip looks at least 45 degree turned. Mine is square.
  13. My swing was very flat, too much upper body turn, with no weight shift during backswing[as shown on pressure mat]. At impact I am flipping with chicken wing. My instructor is helping me with: 1) More weight shift at start of swing, feel more weight on right foot during backswing. 2) Turn with left shoulder rather than arm take away, left shoulder pointing to ball. 3) More upright backswing with bowed left wrist at top, this also helps to limit excessive body turn that doesn't store power 4) Weight shift from right to left in lower body, hit half swing stinger shots
  14. I flip my wrist at the ball and I am taking lesson to overcome it. After 3 weeks it is still a problem. There are hundreds of videos on youtube suggesting various drills such as work on weight shift by stepping your left foot forward, bow your left wrist at top of backswing, hitting stinger shots only at the range, practice swing without the balls. Can you share your experience on overcoming your flipping problem? What was the most effective drill and how long did it take to have lag in your swing?
  15. Hi Warren, I have not started working on adding drywall for my garage. Thank you for the tips on adding insulation and soundproofing acoustic panels. I plan to take 1 week off and start doing drywall mid November. I am in Southern California so heating is not an issue. I can use a space heater if needed. Right now I am leaning toward Skytrak because it seems like it is better for simulator golf games. I don't plan on taking the device to the range. I will checkout the Golf Simulator Forum.
  16. I want to share the differences between a new iron set and a 20 year old iron set. I have been playing with my Mizuno MX-20 irons for 20 years. They are a little worn so I decided to buy new Mavrik irons with 2 deg flat and 0.5 inch short. I have flipping problem with my swing and my ball flight trajectory is usually too high so I have to hit 1 or 2 more clubs compared to my golf buddies. Since my ball flight is high I specifically looked for irons with strong loft and I found the Mavrik irons to have strongest loft of all irons. Below are the comparison. Note that Mavrik basically is 1 t
  17. Thanks for the tip. I will look into Mevo+. I want to practice and play simulated golf rounds at home. My intend with the golf simulator is not to have to go to the range as much.
  18. The prices of QED and EYEXO are just too high for me. My budget of under $4k works better with Skytrak. With a mat, net, software, skytrak and the protective box it is just nicely under $4k. I haven't purchased anything yet. I plan to add drywall to my garage first. Most likely I will get Skytrak this December if I don't find anything better in the same price range. I have used Skytrak with my golf instructor and I like it alot except for shots over 200 yards. Under 180 yards, it is very accurate. Yes, it has way more users and reviews and it give me more confident.
  19. I just came back from the range during my lunch break and hit 100 stinger type chips around 90 yards with my 8 iron. Hope to keep this drill going.
  20. We can always dream 🤣. Here I can't even solve my flipping problem.
  21. I was rooting against Bryson. Bryson is just so big, muscular and athletic that it is hard for most average golfers to related to. His swing is also not pretty to look at. Obviously it worked for him. I am really surprised to find out that many golfers drove longer than Bryson in the tournament. I like Justin Thomas, Collin Morikawa and golfers with smaller stature that amateurs can related to.
  22. Thank you boogielicious, I am trying to do the chipping drill you recommended. I find it is easier to maintain lag with chipping, as soon as I try the full swing, I revert back to flipping. I hope to keep chipping with lag and then slowly increase the swing until I can maintain lag with the full swing.
  23. Sorry, I couldn't add more information on the first post because it is locked. I have attached the image at impact [from the video] which shows chicken wing and flipping. I started playing 20 years ago [in 2020] right after college with friends and coworkers help me with my swing. I took 4 lessons in around 2008 but it didn't help because I was too grooved with my bad swing. I shot anywhere from 84 (best round) to 104 in the last 15 years. I stopped playing in 2015 and returned to playing 2 months ago. Last month I played a 9-hole course twice before returning to an 18 hole course and sh
  24. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 years My current handicap index or average score is: 18 - unofficial, but my friends give me this when we play My typical ball flight is: high, push The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat, thin, push, flipping at impact, chicken wing I am RIGHT handed, the videos show me left handed. I will figure out this for the next videos. Many thanks. Videos:
  25. I agree with the post but it is hard not to shoot at the pins. It is like not to swing hard AT the ball. If we can swing like our practice swings we can all play better. I will try at the center of the green the next time I come out on a course.
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