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  1. The years of watching Jim Nance hosting The Masters may be coming to and end. Nance is also co-host with Tony Romo on CBS's NFL games. Romo was paid almost 3 times what Nance is making and Jim isn't happy. ESPN are making offers and the question of the day is....if Nance leaves CBS for ESPN, who would you like to see in the CBS anchor seat at Augusta to replace him?
  2. Once you go down that road of "boycotting" or moving tournaments away because a few people don't like the venue, the people running the tournament, or its political leaders, we might never see golf played again. Remember Augusta with its no women policy? They held the tournament anyway and the players played. I don't remember them moving it elsewhere. Just play golf !
  3. I'm sure almost everyone at one time has gotten excited over the eagle they just made and while writing it down on their scorecard forgotten to put their putter back in their bag. Walking to the next hole you realize its still back on the green and while your playing partners walk to the next tee area, you run back to retrieve it. Perhaps it only takes a minute to do this, but never the less if you did you would be penalized under Rule 6-7 ( undue delay ). The penalty in Match Play is loss of hole and in Stroke Play its 2 strokes ! Has anyone ever called this on a playing partner, and if so
  4. The US Open is shared with The Golf Channel and NBC. Golf Channel you pay for with subscription and NBC coverage is free. If you cant "watch" the golf, and subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio, the PGATOUR Radio channel coverage is excellent. In the UK the TV coverage is NOT free. They must pay for it on their SKY Cable subscription or listen to highlights on BBC Radio, which is free.
  5. What is the longest hole you've played? Did you take a golf cart of walk it? I've been on some 500 yard plus courses, but one day I'd like to play 3rd hole on the Jeongeup course at the Gunsan Country Club in South Korea. This Country Club boasts the longest hole outside the US. It consists of 81 holes and features almost 30% of the 1,060 acre property underwater. It has 29 bridges to connect some of the holes. There are a total of seven 9-hole courses that are open to the public and a single 18-hole course that is for members only. The 3rd hole on the Jeongeup Course is a par-7 monster. It is
  6. Watching the pros play golf on television is very entertaining. Seeing how they get themselves out of trouble, and their club selection, can always be a learning experience. Asking yourself why he chose that 3 iron when putting off the green instead of a wedge or why he is laying up instead of going for the green in a certain situation. Ah, these little bits of information can easily be explained by the golf commentator or analyst. They are there not only to fill during commercial breaks, but to enlighten you on the finer points of the game. Every network has their own with a mixture of foreig
  7. It will be odd to watch The Masters in November on television this year. The early warm Spring weather with the colorful Azalea bushes, will be different this time around. The normal temperatures at Augusta in November are 63-47 degrees. This will make the ball not go as far and the greens will be also slower with more rain at this time of year. Not to mention the wind. The fans are what makes The Masters. It will be a low keyed tournament if they aren't there. Question, should The Masters have been post-phoned this year like the R & A did with THE OPEN? Looks like 7 under par might the wi
  8. It will be odd to watch The Masters, ( Nov. 12-16 ) on television. First of all the fans are what makes the Masters what it is and second switching it from April to November will make a big difference in scoring. The air is denser and the balls wont travel as far. The temperatures around this time of the year in Augusta range from a high of 63 to a low of 47. The greens will be softer and not be as lightning fast as they normally are either due to little rain this time of the year. . Look for lower scoring this year. With the Azalea bushes not in full bloom the course will be less colorful.
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