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  1. I did look at both side by side I guess i get why everyone would want a forged iron. but to be completely honest, i felt no difference in feel between the i15 and S56s vs the AP2s. People say forged feels better, well im not so sure about that after this. Some will definitely argue against this im sure. If i had a no idea what club i was hitting and they were both similar models, one forged, one not, im pretty sure i couldnt tell the difference at all... The AP2 were a little more muted off the face than the Pings, but the i15 still felt great. In my opinion, the Ping's were the best pe
  2. Alright folks i made the decisiion. Tested the Ping S56, Ping i15, Titleist AP2, Taylormade R9 TP, Mizuno MP 58, Callaway X Forged, and Adams CB1 Initial testing, i wanted to narrow it down slowly Ping's both felt great. Titleist and Mizuno probably had the best feel and Taylormade was best forgiveness. However, the MP 58 felt great, but for some reason, they were short for me. this was the same case for the Callaways. Adams just didnt feel right, which is too bad considering they where EASILY the best looking So i had the S56, i15, AP2, and RP TP R9 TP were good, but didnt have the
  3. Alrght, thanks for the advice everyone! Now, are there anymore recommendations to try? I have the AP2 and R9 TPs
  4. Alright thanks! Also, will i lose any distance with a forged iron? For example, i hit a 6 iron 170. Would i hit the AP2 160--165 ish b/cuz of the loss of loft? An R7 6iron is like 29* but an AP2 is 31* If i would lose the distance, could you just bend the forged clubs 1 or 2 degrees stronger or would that mess up bounce and lie angles?
  5. Ok. just making sure im getting this right So if say a blade iron or AP2 or whatever forged players iron is struck like a Centimeter out towards the toe, you wont lose like 20 yards? Clearly im not as educated as i should be on this topic.
  6. Ive been told by friends i play with that forged irons and blades needed to be struck virtually dead center to get consistent results Unless im wrong, i just want a set that wont penalize me AS MUCH as a blade would, thats all
  7. So far, i think ill take the extra forgiveness. Ill still be able to work the ball with the AP2 or MP53s, just not as much as CBs etc. So far, i got the Titleist AP2, and Mizunos MP53 I had 2 other sets suggested to me. The new Callaway Forged and the Ping S57. Anyone care to share their thoughts on these sets?
  8. That seems to good to be true. AP2's are definitley on the list. They will definitley be in the running too i have a feeling Ive heard Mizunos play really great too. Anyone here tried the new sets they released or any other 2011 players iron releases for that matter?
  9. That good huh? Reasons for liking them so much?
  10. I definitley dont want a blade iron. In my short term experiences, those are a little too difficult to manage. I think a cavity back would suit my taste a little better Also, i have S300's in my current irons How was the feel and distance with them?
  11. Hello all. Im no expert in the golf club industry. Lately ive been looking for a new set of irons. I want something forged with a little bit more feel and feedback but still have a good amount of forgiveness Top 3 things i want in an iron in order would be 1. Control and feel 2. Forgiveness and distance 3. look at address (dont care what the cavity looks like as long as it performces) Anyone have any recommendations? Im a 6 HCP and a solid ball striker. I hit it close to center more than i miss, but i still want something to negate the loss of the misses Looking at getting them a
  12. You say this even though the shaft is perfectly straight now?
  13. Played today early in the morning. I was in a lie behind a tree. Had a clear opening for a perfect 8 iron shot into the green. I swung and my club clipped the tree and bent the steel shaft of the club. It was bent slightly to the side, so at adress, i had to move the ball about 1/4 inch back to get the club straight. Through some labor, i managed to push the shaft so i is nearly perfectly straight. If you would look at it now, it looks perfectly normal. Even though it looks normal --- 1. Will my shots still be affected? 2. Will the shaft break? 3. Will i need a new shaft? The shaft
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