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  1. On 12/12/2020 at 6:04 PM, jest said:

    Lost confidence in my Epic Flash.   I'm getting older and losing some distance.  I would like to find a new driver with a great shaft to add some distance off the tee.  Any suggestions or recommendations?

    Demoed a Cobra F8 driver and was perfect for me. Had a Callaway Big Bertha Fusion (2016 model) and wanted  something new. Tried  a Maverick Max also but the F8 was more user friendly in these 73 year old hands  Picked up 15-20 yards so far 

    Try as many drivers as you can manage

  2. On 11/16/2020 at 8:15 AM, iacas said:

    Thank you! If you have any other comments, I'd love to hear them. Good, bad… with the latter (for me) being more helpful!

    Recommended LSW to a much younger player who can bomb the ball but no real feel for what’s next overall. He and I met while playing in a beginner league , if you will, at our club. 

    Recommended the book to him and suggested he could get a better feel for the game. He said he would look into it.This was a conversation last Thursday.
    He just texted me saying he finished the book and now understands much more and thanked me.


  3. This has been a very helpful book and somewhat of an affirmation as to how I approach playing now at 73. Long drives aren’t there but a200 yard drive placed to make the next shot is. Using the game plan and didn’t know it 

    The zones etc. have broadened my approach to enjoying the game. Very good stuff in LSW

  4. 11 hours ago, BeCu said:

    I think I would get my putter out of the way first as you probably need it every hole vs the fairway wood. But it's very nice  that your wife got you that fitting gift and imo you really can't go wrong whichever club you get fit for for first. Good luck. 

    That was pretty much my thinking. Will use putter on every hole.

    Fairway wood and/or a hybrid next


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  5. My wife , bless her,  got me a gift card for a club fitting session at a local fitter here in Houston. It’s good for one club and I am leaning toward a putter fitting or a fairway wood fit.

    I am a Senior newbie player and I’m hitting my Driver (Big Bertha ) 200 yards  or so with little dispersion 

    Have not purchased a Fairway wood and am using my 4 iron currently

    Putter is a cheap $50 something or other I got on sale

    Know both would help my game immensely just looking on feedback for prioritization 


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