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  1. Well I'm a newbie here with only a few posts but just have to admit to all that I am a Magpie when it comes to golf bags and headcovers, and I had to pull the trigger on a second bag today. Bag is made by Vessel and while a little pricey, it's perhaps the best quality bag I have ever seen. I'm thinking this bag will go quite nicely with my new Rose and Fire and prg putter cover MFA_Registration.pdf
  2. Well I had the surgery on Thursday and other than muscle tightness and some swelling I am quite pleased as the joint pain is gone. Twelve weeks of rehab and I should be good to go! Really looking forward to the 2021 golf season as it will be the first time I will play PAIN FREE in almost 4 years.
  3. Just purchased the following for post surgery golf being that I am a USAF Veteran I thought they would be appropriate.
  4. Thanks for sharing your story about "Dad" and the video about the martial arts instructor. I hope to be back as good as ever.
  5. Just wondering if anyone else is playing golf after two total hip replacements. I had my left hip replaced in March the week before the world shut down with the Coronavirus. My rehab was cut short due to my concerns, but I tried to do my own rehab at home. After I was released by the doctor I got in about 8 rounds over the next couple months but as I new that I would need the right hip done as well 😢 the pain in the right side made it too tough to play so I haven't been playing for the last couple months. Good news is I am having the right side replaced this week and hope to rehab well an
  6. Just rebuilt my bag except for Driver and Putter. Driver...Ping G400 10*. Kurokage Silver Series 60 Regular Flex tipped 1/2" 3 Wood...Ping G410. Alta CB Red Regular Flex -1/2" length 3&4 Ping G410 Hybrids. Alta CB Red. Regular Flex set on Flat Lie 5-U Ping I210. Dynamic Gold 105. R300 Soft Stepped 1 54&58 Ping Glide 3.0.
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