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  1. Depending where folks come from, West Point Golf Course would be a nice location.
  2. I'm about 10 minutes from The Links at Union Vale. Recovering from a bit of surgery, else I'd love to meetup and play. I've heard Richter Park in Danbury is good, but no personal experience.
  3. I have gone mostly by feel, but I am in process of trying to be more quantitative. For example,, around the green, I used to look and say to myself, hmm...looks like about a SW, maybe a 52 degree... all feel. Lately I've been trying to quantify: Let's see, want to land it here, let it roll out to the hole. So I have one part carry, two parts roll. so choose PW (for example). Then on another shot, maybe I have one part carry, 4 parts roll, so I choose a 9-iron. My target is changing from a sort of fuzzy "leave it around the hole" to a specific "land it exactly here". No
  4. This is bsically the Pelz method, yes? I do similar, however I don't think I have enough separation between my 1/4 swing vs my 1/2 swing. Mostly I get too much yardage out of my 1/4 swing. I have a bit of tape with the yardages written on it on my club just below the grip. Best feeling, once I shot the pin with my laser and it was 65, so... pulled my 52 degree which had 63 yards (for 1/ backswing) on it. One hit, one bounce, bingo. I thought I had discovered the holy grail, but found out quickly, golf is hard. But I digress...
  5. I read, and I can't find the reference right now, that you should swing at what feels like 80% effort, which is actually about 95%. I was at the range and working on tempo and noticed that even with seemingly slower swings, I was getting almost the same distance with 5 iron (26 degrees). Contact was better, and consistency better also. For my drills I was aiming for about 60% tempo.
  6. Aren't the superspeed sticks meant to increase your potential swing speed? Is that your goal? Were me I'd be aiming to make good contact since you haven't played in 2 years.
  7. Based only on crowd always cheering "koooch.." Maybe missing big name Korean based on size of korean market? Reagardless, there are gong to be some big names left off whatever the final list turns out to be. And DJ? I mean he is awesome, but so laid back I wonder if he makes the list.
  8. Makes me wonder who the top 10 are: Hideki (based on international/Japan popularity) Phil Poulter Fleetwood Spieth Bryson Patrick Reed Stewart Cink Matt Kuchar Morikawa *Tiger (Hmm... i wonder if a player has to be active to collect?)
  9. Aren't Velocity balls refreshed on even numbered years 2016, 2018, 2020, ... While the ProV1 line is odd numbered years? Even when not looking for balls, I find quite a few Velocity's lost in the woods. Must be a good seller.
  10. I have a Nikon Coolshot and like it alot. Mine has slope but I recently disabled it. Don't miss it. Been very reliable, great battery life, no issues. I looked at other more expensive ones, happy with the Nikon.
  11. Bumping old thread. I've noticed quite a few people already this year with electric carts. All of them are using remotes. People seem to like the idea of remotes, but they seem to be always fussing around. I was looking at a QOD and I really don't want to be running around with a remote in my pocket, but I thought I'd ask, since maybe now you have more experience with your QOD? If I have $1000 to spend to improve my game/experience, maybe I'll buy a e-cart. To clarify, I know the QOD doesn't use a remote, but most others do almost exclusively.
  12. Hey! Beats the alternative. Out of respect for players playing competitively with a chance to win (or earn significant $$) past champions should be encouraged to step aside when they are no longer competitive. I suspect its only a handful of players who can't let go. Turn the page....
  13. Where I will see the most improvement is approaching the green. Still too many that come up short, left or right, and today was over the green on 9 holes, yep. Was determined not to underclub. Been working on my "around the green" game and while I still don't get up and down enough, I'm at a comfortable up and 2-putt. More work here needed. Tee shot is bit of a fade. I am purposely never trying to draw my tee shot although I will try to straighten it out on the right-to-left doglegs. Recently taught myself a semblance of Aimpoint and I like the confidence of committing to a read. M
  14. That's a heck of a game you got if you can fix the driver woes!!
  15. Yeah, I let them through no worries. Funniest (not) thing was playing once with a stranger, walking, and very fast twosome behind us. I waved them up on a long par 3, and my partner started shouting "no, no, we're not slow, you're not coming through". Only in NY.
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