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  1. DJ is playing unconscious and will break the record today
  2. There may actually be something to what your sister is saying? If you made complaints about auctions before, there may be a block or something. It sounds weird I agree, hope it works out.
  3. Tesla is Absolutely relentless. Earnings are next week too. I actually heard a Member at the course talk about shorting Tesla... my goodness...
  4. Tesla picked up where it left off and continues to surge! Earnings are next week and Apple positions are soaring too. With all the election uncertainty and related market volatility, the run continues. don’t forget to set trailing stop loss on your positions! Those of you that do invest good luck next couple weeks.
  5. Wonderful question. In my opinion, it depends on too many factors to derive an easy answer to this question for everyone. I’ve seen some players take fundamental lessons and take off and play at really high levels with minimal.. seen some need lesson periodically, seen awful instructors who just can’t either connect, articulate or let their personal bias interfere, seen great instructors who have to look at the same swing lesson after lesson because the player simply won’t buy in and put in the time to work on the things being taught.. they keep showing up for lessons thinking it will magically fix things...some pros have swing coaches, some do not. Sometimes constant lessons can really wreck a player too... Personally I’ve always been a minimalist, that’s not to say I don’t have a colleague, or pro take a quick look every now and then. If I’m off, it helps to have an extra set of eyes. But I never seek out formal lessons, I teach my son myself as my father did, and the club pro tweaks here and there.. it’s worked out really well. But that’s just me. Everyone is different. Heck I was asking a question the other day about flops shots from tight lies here. (Extremely difficult to get an answer by the way) but hey I’ll always continue to try and learn in every way possible and improve. I’m losing a couple strokes there lately..I’ve been trying hard to contribute since joining the forum and interact to learn and share. That’s all lessons are right? I think finding the right instructor with the right ability is important but the player needs to connect. Some instructors are good at technicals but their attitudes and dispositions are so weird they can’t get along with anyone and seem to get frustrated easily and actually make students uncomfortable. Finding that right combo, a player willing to put in the work, trust a quality Instructor which they connect and bond well can have great results and usually answers this question by the relationship they have. Some find they need more often, some occasional, some for just a tweak once in blue moon. Whatever the case, evaluate how it helps your game and if your improving and being honest with yourself about your commitment. Good luck in your journey.
  6. Age old topic. I certainly agree with “boo” on slow play. I hate it, hard to get in a rhythm.. in casual, friendly play I still don’t like it, but I understand sometimes higher handicappers will inevitably take longer. When I competed in tournaments many moons ago, it was really really aggravating. On tour, there is so much riding on every shot (their lives) I think they overdo it.. seems like if they were excessive they would get a warning to pick it up and would be easier to monitor and enforce on tour. So many things have been done in other sports to speed things up, especially baseball. Letting slow play affect you and get aggravated can certainly take you out of your game. I don’t understand why they won’t address it either?
  7. Best day! Not even me, my little boy shot a 46 today and the look on his face when he made the last putt was priceless. Ive been playing golf a very very long time, but seeing my little kids face and being able to enjoy these types of moments trumps everything else. He is constantly wanting to get better and I told him... always play with the older/better players at the club and even if they smoke you.. you will get better exponentially faster. Proud dad..Regardless of even the score...
  8. An amazing day in the market!! What a terrific turnaround to make money this week. TSLA AAPL SPY all surging!! Keep an eye on the progress of the stimulus.. TQQQ is ripping for my portfolio. Now time to get out and play some golf!!! Have a great weekend golfers!
  9. They may see a bump with the recent talk about legalizing and decriminalization. I have no positions in weed stocks, but canopy growth would be the safest bet with the backing they have by Corona and multiple celebrities. I’ve been more interested in disruptive innovation and technology like EV.
  10. Awful. I hunt in tree stands every year, and hear stories of hunters falling out of trees or trees falling. Never heard of a golf pro getting killed by a falling tree until now. Very sad and doing a peaceful, not-contact sport.
  11. Thanks. I guess I still need to figure out, either work harder on hitting flop from tight lie... or abandon in that situation and practice a pitch from an obvious flop position. I played well and scored well, but this particular circumstance came a few times.last few rounds and sometimes I’m left thinking I go to flop too often when lie doesn’t warrant it. I’m willing to put in the time. I was thinking about practicing like opening up more in the video. But then started thinking, maybe practice pitch from those positions I want to flop instead. I also want to teach my little boy the right thing to do. For a little guy flop shots are already intimidating even with good lie.
  12. Fair enough. So you’re in an “obvious” flop shot position. What do you do? Example. Short sided on lower hill. Your saying abandon the flop, and chip it up and accept the ball rolling out and have a very long putt. Not risking it to get closer. I’m genuinely curious. The video where he opens up big looks like it could be hit from a tight lie. I typically use a bunker shot type approach on thick stuff. I seriously left a few strokes out there and want to improve on that.
  13. Let me try to ask in a different way. If you are faced with an obvious flop shot scenario, what would you do different with a) tight lie b) narly thick grass lie. Abandon the flop and opt for something different instead? Or still go forward? im asking, I feel it was the one aspect of my game I left a couple strokes out there recently, second guessing if I chose the right shot.
  14. Obvious? well, I guess I was asking about particular position + lie. Sometimes the lie seems tighter so interested in abandon, or adjust but go forward with flop. Apologize if I wasn’t clear on my question.
  15. I really enjoyed this video. My question is, what position do you typically find yourself trying an extreme flop shot? does the lie change your mind even though the position has you wanting to take this type of shot? Thx
  16. Hope you are doing well, hang in there and you’ll be back on the course soon. Prayers for ya.
  17. Earnings coming soon. Volatility remains but Tesla is surging again.
  18. You could also take a position in JETS. It’s an etf that holds the airlines you mentioned and more.
  19. Very nice. PENN and DKNG have done well. Yes it has been great after 3/23. I had some call options on CCL when it fell to $8. I have a large position in DFEN, which is aerospace & defense and the primary holdings are Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Hoping that one climbs after this pandemic.
  20. MJ (etf) or a general like CGC?
  21. Slow and Short seems to work well for me personally when working on things.
  22. It certainly been wild. I bought 50 shares of Tesla one year ago at about $259 per share. It skyrocketed to $2200 a share and a few weeks ago split so I have 250 shares now at $428. Wish I bought more but my portfolio is diversified so I limit risk. The market is volatile near elections and factoring in the pandemic. Apple is a good price right now after it also split and is a good long term position.
  23. He was a legend. Very sad to hear of his passing. Whether it was David lee Roth or Sammy Hagar on vocals, the constant was Eddie. Glad we have his great music to still enjoy.
  24. My Tesla positions are thankfully looking great today. I’m long in Tesla and it’s been a wild ride last few months. I don’t have a large position in Acushnet but it’s done well over the past week. It’s the golf related investment I own. Anyone own an other golf related positions? ELY, ADDYY etc?
  25. Hi Everyone, I’m an active trader and seeing who else invests. The CoVID pandemic has caused quite a bit of volatility in the markets. Interested to hear anyone else’s positions and strategy for this market when we’re not on the course. Thanks!
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