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  1. Wow, this thread is so interesting because I can actually relate! My driver is a Taylormade SLDR (430cc head). Shaft is 65g X-stiff. I tee the ball 1-1/2" off the ground placed just inside my left foot (more in line with my heel so not teed up as high or as far forward as what would be considered optimum). Trying to squeeze out some extra distance I have hit some massive drives that felt like total mishits. It is not a good feeling or sound. It is not the sweet spot feel/sound everyone is describing. It actually feels like the crown of the driver is going to crack open so maybe contact is high on the face. Definitely weird. Never experienced this with the R11 I had previously.
  2. Michelle Wie Swing Thread

    It looks like DJ Trahan's swing and one his father would likely teach. I agree with @Piz that she might be trying to control an overabundance of flexibility with a restrictive swing style. Maybe flexibility isn't the correct word. Being tall and lanky increases your tendency to sway and a longer swing (just like a longer club shaft) has a larger margin of error for missing the center of the clubface.
  3. I spend more time working on setup and placing the ball perfectly in my stance so I catch it in the sweet spot each swing. That is my first key when I am at the range working on distance. So if choking down helps you find the sweet spot more often then I say stick with it. Working on speed is also important but it's a wasted effort if the smash factor isn't there.
  4. Tour Tempo system

    I used it years ago for 1 full season just for driving. I would bring an MP3 player with me to the course and wear earphones to listen to the beats. It worked very well. I only concentrated on the beats, no other swing thoughts. Most drives were long and right down the middle of the fairway. I don't think the tempo it teaches is perfect, I hit my irons better without it and over time I modified my tempo for driving and got even better results. But for me it worked very well, I was happy with the product and results.
  5. Do you pick up a club someone has left behind?

    I am prone to leaving clubs on the course. So if I am going to take more than one from the cart, I take my whole bag with me. Seems excessive but that is how bad I can be. Once left 2 wedges behind on the same hole and never got them back. They were a pain to replace too because they were discontinued, 2 deg upright, 1/2" over with custom wrapping under a midsize grip. Used eBay to get something close and them have them fitted as close as possible to match the rest of the set.
  6. Ball at Rest Moved - How Would You Improve This Rule?

    I am ok with the rule as it exists currently (I do not see an urgent need to revise it). I am ok with the ruling that DJ was in violation. My only issue is that DJ continues play under the assumption that the original decision by the RO was final. I would have been satisfied if the RO made a decision but informed DJ it is possible upon further investigation that a penalty may still be applied. This way Dustin can decide whether or not he should change his strategy to account for the possibility of a 1 stroke disadvantage.
  7. It doesn't help so many golfers grew up watching Tiger Woods. So many different and cool golf swings to watch on tour (past and present) yet when I think THE GOLF SWING my mind pictures the swing of Tiger Woods. Not surprising considering he got the most air time when I watched golf on TV.
  8. I think Jason Day may have the genetic size/strength/speed advantage over Rory, but Rory's golf swing is better than Jason's for speed. They are very similar but Rory has that squat / jump move that adds tremendous speed when you know how to time it right.
  9. Apple v. FBI

    I would guess to say Apple likely developed their security without considering this scenario (FBI asking them to hack an iphone) or considered it to be a remote possibility. Maybe this event will prompt Apple to R & D an encryption method even they can't circumvent thus removing any question of their patriotic duty to help in this kind of circumstance.
  10. @mythbuster so I tried your method and it doesn't work. Now what?
  11. Longer or More Accurate?

    Everyone wants more distance including me but I have the distance to play comfortably from the tips and I give some up for accuracy already. ie. I hit the driver with a negative angle of attack. So I'll take some more accuracy and see if I can make more aces.
  12. I am going to guess your downswing plane is too steep. To fix this you have to feel your hands are "deeper" at the top of the swing (less beside you, more behind you). When practicing low shots (ball back in stance, hands leading the clubhead more than usual) if I get too aggressive and don't keep the swing plane in mind I have a tendency to steepen the downswing too much. As soon as my divots start to get deep I know I have to get my hands back a little more at the top. It should only be a minor adjustment.
  13. Thoughts from the Range at a PGA Tour Stop

    And compared to PGA tour pros we do not spend anytime practicing.

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