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  1. I play weekly on a Trackman simulator. I find a lot of important stuff carries over to real golf. For me the most important thing is it keeps me flexible and my golf muscles in shape. The feedback from Trackman is also awesome and very accurate.
  2. My coach had one and I tried it out for a brief time. I thought it was a great tool to teach a good impact condition.
  3. Let me dumb it down for you by answering your questions in the simplest way possible. “There have been a few guys on here, HC 17, and above, claiming that their swing speed is in excess of 105 MPH. One was 110, another was over 110, another 118 MPH, etc. Is this possible? ” YES ”Or is this similar to the guys that claim to drive the ball, on average, 280 yards.”. NO
  4. Ok thanks Leadbetter. I guess we can all stop worrying about silly things like club path, face angle, dynamic loft, attack angle, launch angle, smash factor, spin rate...
  5. Want to know what else we aren't talking about here? DISTANCE Read the original post before commenting next time.
  6. Swing speed doesn't mean anything (unless you don't have it, then you are capped to how well you can play). Hand a driver to a professional baseball player or hockey player (or any great athlete) who has never played golf before and they'll likely have a very high swing speed despite not being a good golfer.
  7. How about taking one on one lessons every 3-6 weeks and group coaching weekly to keep you on track? At least group sessions for coaching will help keep the cost down.
  8. This is a good drill. I have also seen it with the 2nd ball closer to the back of the club head at address. I have used it and found it to work well.
  9. Ball striking. The greatest players can take a full swing and consistently have: 1. Swing bottom 4 to 6 inches in front of ball 2. A little bit of unreleased lag at impact (still an angle between the lead arm and shaft)
  10. Would you rather...? #12 Would you rather play golf with Santa Claus at the North Pole and receive the present of 2 holes-in-one in that round or play golf with Tiger Woods and have him beat you by 35 strokes while looking away from his drained putt on 18 to shake your hand? And Santa Claus is much more famous than Tiger Woods. He also knows the game and I am pretty sure he can play. After all he has been bringing me golf gear every year since I can remember and it's always exactly what I need.
  11. Would You Rather… #3: Would you rather hit your best drive (i.e. if your maximum drive is 250, then hit it 250, if your max is 300, then its 300, etc...) to the center of the fairway every time you tee off from now on. OR would you rather hole every putt from inside 10 feet from now on? I am a good driver of the golf ball but I attribute this to regular practice swings at home working on rhythm, working out and staying flexible. I am kinda "meh" in the putting department (sometimes I get hot but I also get the yips). But I am taking the driving as the obvious answer for anyone who: a) Plans on having longevity in this hobby b) Doesn't always have a chance to practice, work out, stay limber
  12. The biggest guy I know who plays decent golf has a swing that is pretty much all arms but he cracks it out there and hits quite straight. He can't generate a lot of width so instead he lets his lead arm fold a bit, cocks the wrists quite early and uses what appears to be a wrist roll through impact. The swing is quite short and quite vertical but I think because his body doesn't move much he can control it pretty good just concentrating on what his arms are doing.
  13. The 3 wood is a club I hit well. Actually might be the club I hit the best. For me it feels like the perfect length and weight balance to fit my swing and setup. If you find yourself topping the ball, pulling/hooking when hitting off the deck I can tell you what I do. 1. I find it especially important to keep your width throughout the swing so there is a sweeping motion. I think big arc, lead arm stays relatively straight, at least don't let it break down, collapse so to speak during transition or the downswing. 2. I actually feel my head moving downwards during transition. Or think of that squat move that lowers your body slightly. Might feel as if you are going to hit it fat but it is the move I find that keeps from topping the ball because after all, you tee up the driver and the woods off the tee block the most, so you obviously have to have a different feel when hitting off the deck. 3. No need to try and swing out of your shoes. The 3 wood is a long club and keeping a big arc will provide the swing speed. If it's not enough, know your distance and lay up the best you can. Note: I wouldn't recommend looking for an alternative club. I sucked at the 3 wood before I spent the time at the range to figure it out and put in enough reps to get comfortable with it.
  14. A video of Sean O'hair setting up with a closed club face but still hitting the ball straight (can't see what shape the ball flight ends up with though).
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