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  1. 2018 PGA Championship: DeChambeau wins long drive 10th Check out the results from the annual long drive contest at the 10th hole of Bellerive during a practice round. This was pre bulk up plan. The 2 swings he had were called "the fairway finder" and "the crank."
  2. I am good with banishing rakes. What if a rule is made that if your ball lands in an obvious footprint you can pick it up, wipe the area with your foot and then drop the ball over the newly foot raked area?
  3. This grip in jumbo size with extra wraps installed on my M5 driver.
  4. This was actually on TV this morning. And I watched it. Talk about appropriate content.
  5. I am ok with hoodies strictly because it can be used to ward off skin damage. And I could also see them looking hip or cool without being obnoxious if executed properly. Perhaps accompany it with a rule where if you can't see a players face they have to have their name on the back of their outer wear.
  6. More like $50K / yr. There are only a few golf youtube channels that make ok money and those are the ones that can attract players in the top 10 of the WGR to appear in their videos.
  7. I would fear being sued by Greg Norman... 🤣 Maybe some old WWE wrestling entrance music?
  8. I voted yes. Watching live PGA tour events inspired me to play more golf, work on my game, take lessons, get fitted, get coached...
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