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  1. Watching tour events in person, a common sight on the range are players either swinging a heavy club, some other weighted apparatus, or a couple of irons held together to stretch/warm up. It's likely not all they do but it is a common one to see. I once came across a video (I wish I could find it again) of Lee Trevino warming up on the range swinging two irons held together with one hand (one arm swings) and his range of motion was crazy good to the point where watching him I could feel my own shoulders starting to dislocate.
  2. I voted right length. For me if the backswing gets too long it's because my arms and hence my width is collapsing at the top. When I practice I focus on maintaining width throughout the swing and this keeps my backswing from getting too long.
  3. That is quite interesting re Hamilton and I am surprised. For me, a shot at an 8th title would outweigh the desire for a long term contract, especially with 40 million Euros guaranteed. Even without a contract he'll be able to stay in F1 for 4 more years anyway. And I don't know if he is worth more money than that. Merc can win the title without him. On paper, the rule changes for next year don't look like they will have a significant impact on Mercedes performance. Bottas took second in the championship and George Russell showed what he can do behind the wheel of a Merc. I wond
  4. I decided to go with the 4 player names in golf I believe are most recognized by non-golfers. This to me is a testament of their impact on the game. Tiger Woods Jack Nicklaus Arnold Palmer Ben Hogan Ben Hogan may seem questionable given my criteria but is on my list because any non-golfer who decides to try golf, ends up liking it and wants to improve, will discover Ben Hogan (likely through Ben Hogan 5 Lessons) if they weren't already familiar with the name.
  5. 2018 PGA Championship: DeChambeau wins long drive 10th Check out the results from the annual long drive contest at the 10th hole of Bellerive during a practice round. This was pre bulk up plan. The 2 swings he had were called "the fairway finder" and "the crank."
  6. I am good with banishing rakes. What if a rule is made that if your ball lands in an obvious footprint you can pick it up, wipe the area with your foot and then drop the ball over the newly foot raked area?
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