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  1. The biggest key for me has been where my sternum ends up - if in line with the ball or just forward, I almost always get a solid strike. The second key for me is to clear my hips on the back swing so that I can get more shoulder rotation. All in all S&T; is very good.
  2. Post what you're working on, why, what you hope to accomplish, how you're doing about it, etc. Working on the stack and tilt - bought the DVD series. Doing it so that I have consistent ball striking; hope to accomplish an index under 10; after watching the DVD's I went to the range and my first range session felt as though my body was disjointed and disconnected. I watched the DVD's a second time and went to the range the next day and my second session at the range was GREAT! I was hitting the ball very consistently with all my clubs. I don't know if I would have made the purchase of the DVD
  3. Definitely FootJoy Dryjoys - a lot depends though on the shape of your foot. Don't buy shoes you haven't tried on at the store...happy shopping.
  4. I would try an Exotics CB or CB2 3 wood - you can't go wrong...
  5. Totally agree - I go through the same cycle...
  6. I think it's mostly personal - I would look at two things after look and feel: 1) how's your distance control, can you put it within 2 feet of the hole from 30+ feet consistently and 2) how confident does it make you feel from 3 to 5 feet? Finding all of those things, look, feel, 1 and 2 can take many moons but when you find it you won't remember how difficult it was to get there. Once you find a putter don't let it go or talk yourself into another one. Good luck!
  7. I know it's been said before but I would get a laser rangefinder - I was on the fence for a year on whether to get a rangefinder or a GPS and read a lot of reviews on the Sand Trap and went with a rangefinder. I love it - it's awesome. Always available and exact distances to the pin.
  8. Shot a 75 last Friday and that's with a triple on a par 4. It was a nice warm day up here in unpredictable Seattle and the course had a lot of cottonwood flying all over. Getting a Bushnell V2 has really helped me with yardages and scoring.
  9. I'm working on my tempo - making sure I don't get too quick which is where I often go wrong. Getting a range finder Bushnell V2 has really helped me. Knowing the yardage to the flag helps me pick the right club and to trust it.
  10. I can always volunteer at the Boeing Classic since I work at Boeing but I was referring to the Sahalle event though. Might be fun...
  11. The best looking irons are the ones that help you score the lowest and hit it solidly...
  12. Easy answer - Vokey all the way!!! On the lofts, you should go with a 60 degree or 58 degree for lob wedge and that will determine your sand wedge loft as well. If you go with the 60 pick the 56 and if you go with the 58 pick the 54. Hope that helps...
  13. I have a chance to serve at a PGA event and am curious as to the experience of any members that have done so in the past.
  14. Ditto, I have tried quite a few but have a love/hate relationship with them. I keep going back to my V-steel 5 wood. I know they say that we should swing the hybrids like irons but it's been difficult for me to be consistent throughout the season with the hybrids.
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