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  1. Shot the worst 80 of all time at The Wilderness at Lake Jackson yesterday. Two lost balls and a water penalty, two of which were on par 5s, plus terrible scrambling. Had a good putting day though which kept the round alive. SG (compared to scratch) Driving: 0.46 Approach (>100 yds): -2.86 Short game (<100 yds): -2.35 Putting: 0.87
  2. 5-1-4-2 My home course is very wide open not only with several holes running alongside each other, but a few holes have mounds so you can't see part of the landing area in the fairway. Thankfully I've never seen anyone injured, but there's been some close calls.
  3. Hi Erik, Thanks for the feedback. I had actually recorded these in high speed with my iPhone, but uploading them to my computer removed the effect. I'll try trimming them in iMovie and seeing if I can keep the high speed effect by importing them through that. Could you explain what you mean by having my lower body support the turn more?
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 15ish years? My current handicap index or average score is: 2.9, avg 78/79 My typical ball flight is: Dead straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: A weak slice or pull hook from coming over the top. Videos: So to be honest... I think my swing is pretty ugly looking. A lot of compensation going on at the release where I almost stand straight up to prevent myself from hitting 2 feet behind the ball but... it works somehow for me. Most of the time at least. One thing I REALLY want is just to be able to hit the damn
  5. Pure liberation. Every chord just rings so bright and pure, passing through my body like a bell.
  6. I'd spend a month practicing putting up to the date of my round and shoot mid-high 70s. With my current game it's probably high 70s-low 80s.
  7. Played Memorial Park in 20-30 mph winds today and shot 81 for a 9.2 differential, which I'm pretty dang happy with to be honest. Didn't putt great and got a bit exposed by the tricky green complexes, but with the breeze as strong as it was it was just tough. Highlight of the day was definitely hitting 3w into the center of the green on 16, water surrounding on three sides with a 30 mph wind blowing straight into us, then two-putting from 60 feet downhill, downwind for par. SG (compared to scratch): Driving: 0.28 Approach (>100 yds): -2.35 Short game (<100 yds): -1.93
  8. hunterw297


    I putt everything outside of ~6-8 inches out, and try to putt as many inside that as I can without interrupting my playing partners. People who give themselves putts are only hurting themselves by artificially lowering their handicaps. Plenty of video of PGA Tour pros missing putts inside 2 or even 1 feet. I missed a 2 footer yesterday. It happens. It doesn't happen often, but it happens.
  9. 79 today for a differential of 5.8. Ball striking with the irons was better but my wedges and putting were awful. Couldn't control the distance or direction at all with how bad I was striking it for some reason. SG (compared to scratch) Driving: 2.49 Approach (>100 yds): 0.19 Short game (<100 yds): -2.66 Putting: -2.40 I also track the "Tiger Five," which is a better way of quantifying all the silly mistakes I make during my rounds. These were: Bogeys on par 5s: 0 Double bogeys: 0 Three putts: 4 Bogeys with 9-iron or less: 2 Blown ea
  10. Hole in one (one), eagle (several), LSW, broke 80.
  11. My routine is the same for both casual rounds and tournaments: 20 minutes on the range and 10 minutes putting. I know from experience that trying to warm up for longer for tournaments than I would any other day just gets me out of my comfort zone, which is huge for tournament play.
  12. Played 27 today: +3, +1, +3. Terrible ballstriking overall ESPECIALLY with my long irons, but no three putts and holed a TON of 5-9 footers for par. I've practiced quite a bit on my putting the past few days, so I'm super happy to see immediate results on my first time back out.
  13. I played tee ball when I was really little, like five or six, but other than that it's just been golf.
  14. I've been playing since I was about 5 years old. Didn't break 100 until I was about 11 or 12 and 90 till about 13 or 14, and from there I've slowly gotten better and better in spurts to where I am now at 22. I can't afford a coach so all of my improvents have come from just grinding it out on the course. I don't focus on mechanical stuff at all, or even practice on the range much. My swing has plenty of flaws I'm sure, but when I've tried tweaking stuff in the past without the help of a coach I've screwed up my game for weeks or even months before I got the natural feel back.
  15. I would've been about a 3-ish this time last year, but am only a 2.8 right now, so handicap wise I'm about the same. I did have a very hot stretch of about 7 weeks from late July to early September this year where my ball striking and driving levels went way above anything I had seen before. I was probably playing to about a scratch level for that period, despite losing over 3 strokes per round (compared to a pro) due to my putting. Hoping to knock those easy putting strokes off, get that great ball striking back from a few weeks ago and watch my scores drop like rocks.
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