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  1. Haven’t played Presidio yet but I’m told it’s in very good shape compared to Lincoln Park, but LP is a nice little course for the money, and the views are great. I’ll have to check out Monarch Bay, I don’t mind a little drive.
  2. Absolutely a good point about Pebble. In fact, now that I think about it I remember Tiger complaining about the greens. It’s not that I think grain is affecting my putts, I can’t blame a poor stroke on grain, I guess I’m just trying to determine how much I need to be thinking about it out here. I live in the city, near the Ferry Building. I’ve been playing primarily at Lincoln Park and at Diablo Creek out in Concord, but I’m definitely in the hunt for other places to play so any recommendations are welcome. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. It looks like Poa is basically what you're stuck with around here, but as you said it's not necessarily bad, and there are many top level courses with Poa greens (pebble beach is not too shabby). As far as grain goes, it's obviously not as grainy as bermuda, but somewhat grainier than bent?
  4. I’m relatively new to the Bay Area. I grew up on Bermuda grass greens in the southern US, and I’m trying to figure out 1) what types of grass I’ll typically encounter here in the Bay and 2) how differently to approach them from Bermuda. I’ve been made to understand that because of the cooler climate here, most courses are using either bentgrass or Poa Annua, a grass with which I am wholly unfamiliar being from the south. Can anyone give me some guidance?
  5. 90 from the Whites at Diablo Creek. I’m struggling with the cold tops with my driver and 3-wood. It’s highly frustrating. But, I drained 2 long putts and swung my irons well. Last night, I watched a youtube video about spine angle and the next swing thought I’ll take to the course will be to rotate around the spine.
  6. 3 part embedded ball question. This was my tee shot into a par 3 today. Hopefully the photo shows what happened—the ball plugged hard right against the edge of the green. First, is this ball on the green or on the fringe? If it’s on the fringe, is it embedded? If so, would I have been entitled to relief? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi Everyone: I'm just getting back into golf after about a 3 year break from the game because...life. I'm so excited to be back. I've just finished rebuilding my bag with Ping G400 irons, TaylorMade M5 woods, Vokey SV8 wedges & a Ping Sigma Arna putter (which I love so far). I live in San Francisco, and I've been playing our local city courses, primarily at Lincoln Park, and I've just re-established my official index which is a 16. My goal is to get to a 9 in one year playing at least 2x a week with at least one good practice session per week. We'll see how that goes. In the meant
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