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  1. Hi! I'm about to buy new irons (z785 or zx7 if they're released in US soon) for the first time and want to take advantage of customizable options, but I'm so conflicted. Im coming from C-Taper 130x and they're fine, I have no problems launching it but think I can do a lot better dispersion and feel wise. I wouldn't mind something lighter than 130g, but the differences between these types of shafts (125-130) are so marginal that's not a big concern. For reference my swing is very aggressive, especially in transition and I generally take big, fairly deep divots. I've just never been able to control "85%" or lower so I get after it within reason. I wasn't a big fan of x100 years ago, so I've narrowed it down to Project X. I feel 6.5 may be too "soft" for me, while hard-stepping a 6.5 will lower the flight too much whereas soft-stepping a 7.0 may launch too high, even more so than a straight 6.5 I've read. Curious if anyone has been in a similar situation? Other suggestions are more than welcome too. Lastly, I'm well aware going to test somewhere is the smartest option but that's not an option currently so I'm willing to take the "risk". Thanks!
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