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  1. Ok. But do go and try those drills. I really think they will help.
  2. Do you usually play from both sides? I would recommend starting with the drills in the thread below, especially days 1 to 5. Setting up the backswing helps the downswing. It will also help you increase your hip and shoulder turn.
  3. Hamilton - I don’t give out eagles often but this was terrific. I’m not much of a rap fan, but this was perfectly blended with rap and phenomenal singing. All the actors were excellent. There was humor and drama. Really excellent musical.
  4. Nothing really. It is more of a preference for how you see the head when lining up.
  5. So I assume the landing zones are different too so there won’t be issues with divots next week, correct?
  6. I really like Tony Finau. Seems like a great guy to be around.
  7. I have a Mission gaiter that is similar. I wear it when my wife and I walk or going into the clubhouse to pay for a round. I have other masks for stores like the ones at a hospital.
  8. I usually film my practice when I hit into my net. Often times I will have what felt like a crappy swing when I practice. It is usually because something felt off or I could get my ‘feels’ down. But when I review the video, they look ok or at least where they usually are.
  9. Filmed my driver and 6 iron swing for Evolvr. I’m working on alignment and set up with the shaft pulled back from being pressed forward. This is to help get my swing from coming too far inside. Played a couple of rounds with this set up with some improvements, but also had some bad misses both days. I’m wondering if having the ball too far forward with the driver contributed to this For the irons, and over draw is the miss. When I set up more right, I get a push 😜 it was so humid this morning I had to wear rain gloves in the end.
  10. Day 132 - Filmed my swing in what felt like 100% humidity this morning. I was soaked after 20 minutes and had to wear rain gloves at the end. Dew point was in the low 70s.
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