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  1. I was thinking a similar approach with a hybrid or fairway. Just pop it off the bark.
  2. Mirror work at the gym before my workout. Too hot to go to the range for an effective session.
  3. We have an excellent thread on this.
  4. Range session today. Started with driver. Worked on flattening the shaft from A4 to 5 and closing the face. The picture is changing with the driver and 3w but I am still leaving the face a bit open and getting push fades. With the irons, I am still a bit steep at A5. Made good contact with mostly draws to slight pull draws. I made some adjustments and the flight straightened. I did mostly slower swings. finished the session with short game, pitches, chips and sand shots.
  5. Awesome!
  6. Doesn't look too bad at all. One thing I see is your posture is very rigid. Check out the thread below and also post a face on view when you have a chance.
  7. It is really hard to tell much from this angle. I looks like a pretty good swing. But you need to have the camera lined up along your toe line. What I do is take my stance then lay the club down along my toes. I then go back and aim the camera along that line. What that angle does is allow us to see where your club is at each swing position, A1 - A10. And from that, we can see if you are steep or coming over the top, etc. Your previous videos showed you were shifting back in the backswing a bit and you could shift more forward on the downswing. With that piece, we would need to see a face on view as well.
  8. Luke, I am your father. These are my same misses.
  9. This is exactly what my Evolvr instructor has me doing @freshmanUTA. Film it too. What I do at the range is first a mapping drill to get the feel down (I film that). Then I start with full swings at slower speeds. I film those and see if it is working. Then I get progressively faster. There comes a point where I can't do it. I then back off and see on the video what is different. In most sessions, I only hit 3 or 4 full speed swings.
  10. Club up into the wind. In a 20mph wind, that could be as much as 2-3 clubs. But think of it as a % change versus distance change (LSW discussing this a bit). Example: My league course has a short par 3 that plays around 120. That is PW for me. But a month ago we had sustained 20mph winds with gusts to 35. I used my 8 iron with normal flight, which is my 140 club, and put the ball to 8 feet pin high. So that is a 20 yard adjustment. 140/120=1.17 is now and adjustment factor. On a hole playing in the same direction, I can expect to have the same change. So for a 150 yard shot (7 iron), I would have to use my 150x1.17=175 yard club (4 iron is my 180 club) into the wind. 180, 210 (3W). Downwind, it doesn't help as much. If I was downwind on the 120 yard hole the same day, I would have just used my gap wedge (110 club). Cross wind is more about guessing right. If you play with friends that you know their ball flight, watch the effect on their ball and estimate how much push the wind had. Then adjust your aim accordingly. Constant wind is not bad. Variable wind can wreak havoc. One course I play has a downhill par three that is 170 to the center. I usually play my 160 club (6 iron). We had those same 20mph winds with gusts and it was in our face. My playing partners all ended up short so I used my 5 iron (170 club). The wind died as I was hitting. The ball landed on the back third of the green and rolled off into the Merrimack River. Lesson here is to know where you absolutely cannot hit the ball and choose your club for that. I should have stayed with the 6 iron and just expected to be short, but safe.
  11. Welcome Adam!
  12. I meant dragging US politics into a thread about the Rio Olympics. I think you know that and your post could have started OT discussion in that regard. Crap on the IOC, Brazil Olympics, the PGA all you want.
  13. In some respects yes. Scoring has been a bit erratic but flight is better with fewer hooks.
  14. Drop and give me 20! I takes time. Some things more than others. I think in our busy lives we want faster progress. The changes I am making this year are starting to become permanent, but there is a way to go. When things go awry on the course, it is easy to blame the instruction or the practice method. But in reality, it may just take more time. I promised myself that I would only practice Simple, Slow, Specific this year. So far, so good.
  15. RNC

    I'm still moderating this thread folks, just so ya know. It's been well behaved so far. Please keep it that way.