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  1. boogielicious

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    This is my favorite song of hers. She wrote this one too.
  2. boogielicious

    Getting more out of my driver distance

    Where do you get the ideal launch and spin numbers? I would think the launch should be higher with a swing speed of 80. I’ve used the Flightscope Trajectory Optimizer below with my numbers and I got better carry with a higher launch. Just curious if you have a different source. https://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/
  3. boogielicious

    My Swing (billchao)

    Not as much as my Ladybug mat! I find practing in different footwear a good change of pace. I’ll have to try sandals when I’m on vacation next week
  4. boogielicious

    Humidity revelation...

    I got that tip from this site a few years ago. It does work great. I don’t usually wear gloves, but I also sweat a lot. This really helps.
  5. It could, but there are other factors. Do you have a My Swing thread? I would post a video there. It would help the discussion.
  6. @GBAB1973, You are on the right path with those drills, but it will take time to undo bad habits. The chip drill works well and helps you feel good contact. I do that with driver down to wedges and focus on keeping my right elbow bent and in front as well as hands in front at impact.
  7. boogielicious

    My Swing (Antneye)

    I’m not an instructor, but I don’t think the left knee bend is that crucial as long as you don’t sway back and it doesn’t cause you to tilt toward the target. The yellow lines are where your hips were at setup. They haven’t moved back. The axis tilt Erik refers to is your back. It’s is up right at A4. It is better to have it tilt away from target a bit. Almost like your butt would be an inch or two more towards the target but head and shoulders in the same place. This position then makes it easier for your down swing to come on plane. I practice in front of a mirror to work on this. Check out The Centered Hip Turn thread to see more details.
  8. Day 59, Aug 17 Off day today. I am tired from to days in a row in high humidity. 😛 Just some stretching and easy swing motions. Left wrist is a bit sore too for some reason. I won't play or practice full swings until Sunday.
  9. boogielicious

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Many 'Amateur Engineers' like Johnny Miller, make these mistakes. 😛
  10. boogielicious

    My Swing (HereCannonBallit)

    I would start with that and post the change. It may make it easier for the back and downswing if you are more bent over with your legs less upright too. Practice it slowly at first to get the feel down.
  11. boogielicious

    My Swing (Antneye)

    You've made progress in my opinion. You are swinging less OTT. It can still be better though. I practice by slowing down everything. Go to the top, A4, then swing slowly to A5, A6, A7, A8. It is called mapping. I try to feel my body in the correct positions at those points and I film this practice to see if I am doing it right. Then I do 50% swings. It is hard to make changes at full speed. It takes a lot of time to undo bad habits, so be patient. Film the practice and post it here, not just the swing. Many of us have gone through the same issue. Face on at A4.
  12. boogielicious

    Hello From New Member

    Welcome to The Sand Trap!
  13. boogielicious

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Terrific information. Thanks for posting.
  14. Day 58, August 16 Playing a league 9 today. Yesterday was brutal. It was 71 and cloudy at the start, so I decided to walk. Tactical error on my part. It got sunny and hot AND humid after two holes. I had to wear rain gloves most of the round so I could hold the club.
  15. Welcome to The Sand Trap. The general advice you will get here is to post a video of your swing in the Member Swings section. Without seeing your swing, it is hard to make an objective comment. We do have an Instructional Content thread that can be very helpful, but there could be a few causes.

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