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  1. Day 280: worked for a little while on my priority pieces. Didn’t film due to the sun angle.
  2. Yes. Keep working on that drill and the chip drill. You can combine them too and slow it down.
  3. I’m sure he made his native country of Slovakia proud. 😜
  4. Nanobots. Definitely nanobots.
  5. Day 279: worked a bit on my priority pieces then worked on set up and center face contact with 6 iron, 5w and driver. Finished with SuperSpeed training which I have done for a few months. Surprisingly I hit 104 with the blue and 107 with the driver. Driver was 107, 101,100, 99 and 99 hitting balls.
  6. This drill will help more for that. Try and keep the right elbow from bending more than 90 degrees too.
  7. I’m not a big fan of that drill. It can cause your right elbow to get stuck on your side. I like this drill better and the feel that the right arm widens the backswing. Also, ‘staying connected’ doesn’t really mean that your arms should be glued to your sides. Check this thread out.
  8. Bullshit. You’re trolling. Did you poll any other native Americans or just the ones who would agree with your take? Or maybe your ‘friend’ just agreed with you because they are tired of your endless whining. Stop embarrassing yourself with your ‘silliness’.
  9. Typhoid Mary never got sick either.
  10. You keep digging yourself deeper in the hole dude. I find it pathetic that a white guy from Wisconsin gets so upset about this name change. Move on and stop embarrassing yourself.
  11. As for golf, Schauffele is leading at -11 with Matsuyama at -8 with 2 to play.
  12. She was a wonderful swimmer. Her accomplishment was similar to Eric Heiden winning the gold in ALL the speed skating events at Lake Placid. Mind boggling. When I visited Sydney a while back, I recall there was a boat named after her, maybe a ferry.
  13. Day 278: Range work today focusing mostly on club face control. Started with my priority pieces then worked on setup, alignment and face control/start lines. Finished with some short game work.
  14. Picked up a birdie on my away course, hole 5 a par 4 ay Campbell’s Scottish Highlands. Pulled my drive left but had a nice recovery 4H to about 105 yards. PW to 4 feet and made the birdie putt.
  15. Day 277: Play 18 in a light rain this morning. Played ok with some good drives and shots, but also some missed right.
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