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  1. I didn’t notice that. I started making bread a few months ago and got some back then.
  2. Looks great. I’ve been making bread too.
  3. Day 33 - yesterday’s post got stuck in the editor because I’m a dummy. I warmed up and played a virtual 9. I would have done 18 but it was really cold out. I also did the Day 1 drill. Today, rain held up and I was able to work on my priority piece with all my irons. Focus was on a smooth transition with palmar flexion and swinging out more from the top. Then I filmed the Day 2 drill.
  4. Day 2 - the rain held up a bit, so I was able to film outside. Like a dummy, I wore black so it was tough to see where my sternum was. Also, I have orangutan arms it seems.
  5. @nevets88, if you see this guy in your neighborhood, leave immediately.
  6. This was my Mom’s go-to dish for us when we were kids and weren’t feeling well. Sometimes she made it with butter. I think this is where I grew my love for black pepper too. She still makes it now and is a huge fan of Pecorino Romano.
  7. Penn and Teller Fool Us. Love this show. They have great acts on and some of the magic is mind boggling. I watched their April Fools Day specials again last night.
  8. I would have skulled it, hit the tree, bounced it back and hit the camera.
  9. He and his wife are shipping orders so his employees don’t expose themselves. This is a company in Massachusetts. I am very pleased at his commitment to his employees and customers.
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