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  1. Day 235: played 18 at Deer Ridge with a bunch of unfortunate Sand Trappers. Front nine was weird. Back nine a bit better. Played poorly for the most part. Company was great. Tomorrow is another day.
  2. Day 234: More range work today. Focused on ball position mostly, especially with the driver. Moved on to sand and 20-70 yard wedges. Finished with wedges around the green.
  3. There golf info page says “Spikeless Shoes Only”. Are soft spikes allowed? I’ll have my Trues just in case. Golf | Deer Ridge Golf
  4. Day 233: Range work today. Tried to collect MEVO data, but the range grass was light light rough. So I switched to working on setup and not EE. Then finished with short game and sand work.
  5. I’ve read his two previous “Course” books. They were excellent. I will download this to read.
  6. Erik is an expert fitter for putting. He knows way more than you think he does. He done hundreds if not thousands of fittings and has studied this extensively. There are several thread in the Swing Thoughts section on putting. I recommend you read them.
  7. Agree with @woodzie264 on posture. Check this thread out. Also, I think your backswing is too long, but again I am not an instructor. Think John Rahm or Tony Finau. You can generate power without reaching too far back. When you reach too far back, your trail elbow can get stuck on your side on the downswing. Then you have to flip to get to the ball. Do a drill starting with quarter swings with the same setup and backswing. Do 10 reps and post a video of one of them. Then half swings and 3/4 swings. With the 3/4 feel, you will be surprised how far the ball goes.
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