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  1. My mother is recovering from ovarian cancer and she’s has other immune issues. She was wearing a mask out long before COVID-19.
  2. Why do I picture these two from your post? Uncle Buck.
  3. Have you ever been in our break room?😜 I agree with you on outside activities. But there are issues on the opposite side. A friend of ours is a young musician in Nashville. He wears his mask when he should and gets chastised by all the toothless, flat-earther, COVID-denying morons there for doing so. He sometimes fears for his safety and he’s following the State of Tennessee guidelines. That’s just plain wrong.
  4. Day 192: Went to the range for about 2 hours and worked on a bunch of stuff. Started with alignment and center-face contact work with various clubs. Then worked on driver ball position and start line. Moved on to short game work specifically on pitches and sand. Used the bunker to pitch over to four different flags with different clubs, LW through 9 iron. Flags ranged from 10 yards to 60 depending on angle. Sand work was similar to different flags using LW, SW and GW.
  5. Then it should have been something like, “Would you rather have it snow and day or two in April, or rain the whole month of July?”
  6. thanks for posting the videos. I would recommend checking out the drills in the thread below. The first five are really good for the full swing. You are flipping a bit at impact and you may be over swinging in the backswing. If you can, post video of yourself doing these drills. They really help.
  7. So you’re the cause!!!!! 😜
  8. But on a job site, it’s not overkill. My former company spends a lot of time and effort training for safety. Some of the training modules I took 30 times over the years. They also do a good job of marking the areas where different PPE are required like safety glasses, hearing protection, sleeved safety garments. We also had to have cotton garments for fire safety and special non-conductive safety shoes because we worked with aerosol equipment and propellants. You get used to it. I wore my prescription safety glasses routinely without even thinking about it. It’s not hard. It was our job.
  9. Maybe the PGA players don’t get a share of the TV revenue like other sports. Just guessing. Oh and the US Men’s National Soccer team should be paying us to watch them. They are colossally inept.
  10. What an awful choice! Is someone having a bad day?😀
  11. That’s good coaching and I’m sure they appreciate it.
  12. My shot of the week was a 3/4 punch hybrid into a 15 to 20 mph wind that faded slightly to the left edge of the green. I wanted to avoid the bunker due to the water on the other side. The greens here are firm and landing on the green from that far out will go over and roll down into the pond as my playing partner found out.
  13. Congratulations! It feels good as a coach when your team wins.
  14. I hope after all this that people who are sick with colds, etc., do the courtesy of wearing it in public enclosed spaces to protect everyone around them. Especially planes and other transportation.
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