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  1. If you miss a day or two, don't worry about it. It is in the OP. Sometime I write my post and forget to send! Day 23 - Mirror work at the gym. Lot's of slow swings to get the feel of the hip turning through impact and pitch elbow.
  2. Rules Situation: Ball Rests on Twig Over Hole

    This is where I messed up. I didn't know the loose impediment on the green had no penalty!
  3. Best way to ship golf clubs?

    Welcome to the Sand Trap. You replied to a really old thread.
  4. Thanks. My birthday is coming! I just re-read your Outsider review. Which do you like better?
  5. I have arthritis in my right big toe joint. My PT recommended many of the same exercises as shown above to keep the flexibility. Stiff shoes are the opposite of what you want. I also like low heal drop shoes and wide toe boxes. So when I buy running shoes, hikers and golf shoes, I have all that in mind. I end up buying a longer size just to get the toes right. My Footjoys are pretty good for the most part. I really liked earlier Trues, but the water and cracking issues turned me away. The latest reviews make me think it could be time to go back.
  6. Day 22 - 15 minutes of mirror work hitting foam balls into a net at the gym. All slower swings focusing on turning the hips through impact and pitch elbow. It stopped when I launched one of the balls, hit the top of the pup net and it ricochet up to the ceiling and got stuck there!
  7. My Swing (billchao)

    Great, thanks!
  8. Rules Situation: Ball Rests on Twig Over Hole

    You can't move the stick without moving the ball, so you have to play it as Matt said. It is not resting against the flag stick, so that rule doesn't apply.
  9. Filling in Cavities by Regrowing Dentine

    And I just had a chip repaired! This sounds very promising.
  10. My Swing (billchao)

    This is where the Mevo is going to excel for us. I wonder how much a mat vs. grass will change the results. I plan on doing this into my net, but once the grass ranges open up, I will repeat it.
  11. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I like having segments for the same reasons others have stated.
  12. Winter Depression Thread

    I do more golf specific workouts in the winter and mirror swings 5 days a week or more. The golf specific workouts are designed to keep my core strong and improve my swing. I also try to get to a launch monitor or heated range once a week. I focus on improving my swing. I also try an film whenever possible.
  13. Day 21 - Mirror work at the gym. Focused on hip turning through impact and pitch elbow with slower swings.
  14. Winter Depression Thread

    Will do! Net is supposed to arrive Friday.

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