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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 44 at the local muni playing with my wife. Nice day. 4/5 driver tee shots were very good. Need to work on my irons. Short game was very good.
  2. I love this part! A good drill that Erik or Mike taught me early on was to start swinging the club back and forth easy and fluid with loose wrists. Gradually increase the grip pressure on the pinky through middle fingers while keeping the wrists loose. You will find you can grip really hard without tightening the wrists. It take a bit of practice, but it is a good way to separate the muscle groups.
  3. Day 27 - Played nine today with my wife. Driver was surprisingly good on 4/5 holes. Short game was good. Irons need work.
  4. My money is on you! Day 25 - Went to the range today to look at ball flight with the swing changes. It was a waste of time. It was very windy, 20mph with gusts and either in our face or right to left. So a draw became a hook. The 7 iron did look higher, but the wind may have been doing that. I hope to play Sunday.
  5. What Would You Do?

    The course made a claim against the son's insurance company. Same as it was a rental car. If his insurance company denies the claim, the course's insurance company will have to pay the claim. It's the insurance companies that will fight each other. Now if the son's insurance company says he is not covered, that is a different story. Personal injury lawyer would be the wrong type either way.
  6. Day 23 - 40 minutes Net work. Focused on my pitch elbow feel. Hit around 20 balls only.
  7. Well I'm 58, so I would definitely be hurting the average!
  8. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    You can't fair catch a kick-off in the NFL. Only punts. Once you are outside the end zone, you have to run or give yourself up. They can 'take a knee', which you see at times at the end of games, but no fair catch.
  9. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    They might, but the NFL thought that teams would just boot it into the end zone every time. Then teams started trying to pin them. Same with NCAA. Receiving teams will have to decide whether they can get past the 25. Teams will kick it to the 10 and dare them. What this may do it protect the ball carrier. But what it won't do is protect all the other 21 players who are running full speed or blocking before the fair catch is made. Seems and odd rule to protect one guy only. From my observation, it's the other players who get hurt more often.
  10. 2018 College Football Rule Changes

    I think the rule states they "can" call a fair catch. This doesn't mean they will. It will change the strategy a bit to be more like a punt. Special teams will have to decide if they want to run it or fair catch it.
  11. Must I take a divot to play decent golf?

    I think he was referring to the nip bottles he kept in his bag when he was imbibing!
  12. What Would You Do?

    His son's insurance company has attorneys. They will go after the course for the claim.

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