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  1. Came across this video last night. Impressive.
  2. Mission Belts. They have WHITE!!! Collections - Mission Belt Buy a Belt - Feed a Family. Check out the no holes belt that is revolutionizing this age old...
  3. The best approach is to send in a full swing video, face on and down-the-line, and in detail explain what your misses are. Example: my mid iron shots tend to over draw and I sometimes hit them heavy. The Evolvr instructor will send back an analysis and identify a priority piece for you to work on. I sometimes respond asking a question about the drill or piece. I then work on the piece for at least a couple of weeks. If the instructor asks me to send back a video of the drill, I do that. But I don’t send in another full swing of that iron swing until I feel I’ve made progress. I may send in another video of a different swing like driver, short game, sand, partial wedges, even putting. But I won’t keep sending the same swing unless I see improvement or am really struggling. I’ve averaged about two videos a month. Don’t put pressure on yourself to send in as many videos as you can. Some changes take time. As @iacas suggested, work on practicing correctly. Film your drills to see if you are doing them right. Post the drills in your My Swing thread and we can help. Learning how to practice is almost as challenging as learning how to play.
  4. Is it me or is that ball teed up in front of the tee markers?
  5. Ha Ha! BTW, never look at an ad for underwear. It will haunt you forever.
  6. 4 of 6 for me! Frittelli and Im where in the top 7 at the Masters too! They are now on my sh*t list.😜
  7. Good experiment, but I think you need to run additional tests. Those spin numbers are high because of the loft of the driver and where you impact on the face. Try this. Move the ball position forward by one ball width at a time from your current set up. Use your current R1 driver and see if launch goes up and spin goes down. This will change your angle of attack. If you start hitting more up on the ball, it will launch higher and reduce spin. Justin Thomas and Bryson DeChambeau do this. They hit up. I have been doing the opposite of you. I don’t have your swing speed, but I want to launch higher and reduce spin. I have been playing the ball off my left big toe and I get great launch. I have also been lowering my driver loft, which also helps reduce spin. Go to the site below and you can look at what the optimal launch and spin numbers are you your swing speed. Trajectory optimizer - Launch Monitor, Golf Ball Tracking | Golf Simulators | FlightScope.com Find your optimal ball flight trajectory and add distance to your golf shots. Use FlightScope's Trajectory Optimizer to plot ball flight in real-time.
  8. Day 45: Worked on reducing early extension with the drill my Evolvr instructor gave me. Still a work in progress. Did slow swing at maybe 50-60% effort.
  9. Welcome to The Sand Trap. Thanks for posting. You have a pretty athletic swing. Can you post a face on view and maybe do them in slow motion? For the down-the-line, have the camera along your toe line.
  10. I also recall my left knee stopped working during that round. Good eyes, bad knees.
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