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  1. Day 14, October 23 Mirror work at the gym. Focused on head position at set up, then downswing with lower hands at A6. Worked with the feel of my right elbow going down and forward and staying bent while rotating with my torso. It's going to rain later, so I don't think I will get to hit balls outside or film.
  2. From Geoff Shackelford: GOLFTV Powered By The PGA Tour" Is Launched For Eight Countries Link: GOLFTV Country roll out schedule below.
  3. boogielicious

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Jamieson!
  4. boogielicious

    Kudos to Dynamic Brands

    Good to hear. Thanks for posting.
  5. boogielicious

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    @Slim_Pivot, You are getting a lot of information in this thread. It can be overwhelming. I would seriously listen to @iacas and recommend either getting on-line video lessons via Evolvr, or if you can, go to Erie and visit Golf Evolution. Many of us on The Sand Trap use Evolvr with great success. If I was in Pittsburgh, I would make the trek to Erie for at least the start. Erik is an outstanding teacher. The best way to improve is to work with a qualified instructor who identifies your priority piece for improving. It may take a while to get it down. Then when you've changed that, move onto the next item. Reacting to a bunch of random advice or reading/viewing golf tips can only delay improvement. We've all gone down that path. It will just frustrate you. Some posters mean well, but they do not have the experience to identify what you need to work on and how to get there. If you are really committed to improving, take this advice.
  6. boogielicious

    The Not Tour Player Swing Videos Thread

  7. Day 13,, October 22 Mirror work at the gym. Focused on set up and my head position per my Evolvr lesson. My head was a bit to far forward.
  8. boogielicious

    New guy here

    Welcome to The Sand Trap!
  9. Do you recall feeling any different on the fitting days? Some days when I feel stiff and old, the swing doesn't feel right. Other days, I feel loose and smooth. I would question the readings on the former. The two shafts are not drastically different. The PX is a lower launch shaft at around 115g and the DG is a lower launch shaft at 101. I have a couple of Mizuno MP 57 6 irons, one with PX 5.5 and the other with DG SL S300. I think the DG 105 is very similar to the older DG SL shaft. It feels a bit lighter than the PX, but feels the same at impact.
  10. boogielicious

    Looking for a New Golf Ball

    Because they ARE a premium ball. They just have a lower price. I've been playing them for most of the season. Almost identical feel to the ProV1x.
  11. boogielicious

    Help Improving my consistency

    We have a Members Swing section. Post a video of your swing and we will try to help.
  12. boogielicious

    The Golf Gods Suck

    There are a lot of variables when it’s that cold out. I think you had a great round all things considered and it sounded like a lot of fun.
  13. Day 12, October 21 Played 18 today. 45F 20-30 mph winds with gusts to 40! Played alone. There were only 4 cars in the lot. 😜
  14. boogielicious

    Nike Engage Wedges

    I found a bunch on eBay, but only one 48. You may have to go internationally to get one. I would create a search for the 48 and have them e-mail you with newly posted ones.
  15. boogielicious

    Winter Depression Thread

    I always get a bit melancholy this time of year because it gets dark early and the outdoor non-winter sport activity is coming to an end. I'll keep playing as long as I can, but then it's indoor practice after that.

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