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  1. They are different. Floyd’s book is more about his approach to scoring as the title indicates and is more about the short game and approach shots. LSW goes into much more detail on what is important to work on, how to determine that, how to strategize knowing your tendencies and how to practice. I liked both books a lot, bit LSW is much more complete.
  2. I’ve been working with my Evolvr instructor on these shots. But I did try squaring my pitch stance and being less wristy on the chip shots as you note and it does work well. My pitch stance was feet close together, but open. Chips are all played from the same spot, but he had me deloft with shaft lean at address. The less wrist feel really helped impact. I was already doing the flexion, but hinging more.
  3. I think you are misinterpreting the objective feeling that folks have that Tiger has surpassed Jack with hate. I don’t see that at all from the posters in this thread. Many of them are in fact huge Jack fans. I certainly was/am. We are just being objective that Tiger’s accomplishments have surpassed Jack’s. Tiger won more amateur national championships, many more PGA and professional tournaments in less time. His winning percentage in unbelievable. Both players brought fans to the sport. Both players have tremendous respect for each other too. The folks who post in this thread echo that.
  4. Welcome to The Sand Trap! I like your user name!
  5. Is there a way you can film in slow motion for face on? I helps a lot for reviewing. I did notice your backswing is pretty flat. Getting your hand higher at the top may help. Check out the posture at address and the positions that the pros have in their swing versus yours.
  6. Day 193, April 19 Worked on my PP hitting into my net. Really windy out. Then finished with chips and pitches.
  7. Dave Stockton was a Tour winning Pro long before he became a teacher.
  8. Were your drill instructors not good enough to be marines? There are a few here. Certainly there are more too, Dave Stockton is a former pro. I like his teaching method for putting. World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame The World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame was founded in 1998 by Golf Magazine to ensure that the theories and philosophies of the game's greatest instructors live on. It is...
  9. To shut off, you just press and hold the button again, correct? That is what I did.
  10. Does everyone recharge the GG device after each round? I used it for a nine and did not recharge for a couple of days. It was dead when I went to use it. Also, do you turn it off after the round? There was nothing on the site about that.
  11. Day 193, April 18 Mirror work at the gym. Really focused on pitch elbow feel from A4 to A6. I filmed yesterday afternoon and noticed it has slipped a bit. I hope to hit and film more later if the rain hold up.
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