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  1. Some of the GolfPride grips add 1/4" such as the New Decade and MCC +4
  2. July 27 - Mirror work at the gym. Focused on turning the left hip back at P5.5. I'm supposed to play 9 later with the league, but the weather looks sketchy.
  3. I coached for 11 years and agree. We even had a couple of head injuries from kicks to the head (both ball and foot) and getting clipped from behind. We instituted a rule to protect keepers in U14 and down, where if the keeper has one hand on the ball, they are in possession and players are not allowed to kick it out. This reduced the incidents of keeper injuries. Take downs from behind are a red card already in some instances.
  4. Will the Browns (yes, I'm an admitted fan) win 4 games this year? I hope so. They've got to stop constantly changing coaches, QBs, etc. It is a never ending cycle. Will the Patriots lose more than two games? No, especially since the Bills and Jets are in turmoil. Who wins the NFC? Tough call, but I would say Seattle. Who is the first coach fired? I'd say it is between Bowles of the Jets and Pagano of the Colts. I don't blame Bowles for his record though, no QB, they drafted two safeties in the first two rounds (yikes!), poor GM. Pagano and the Colts GM are not good either. Do Dak and Ezekiel both suffer a sophomore slump? Dak No. Elliot yes. Dak has the tools and started to look like he had the brain too. I'm not a big fan of the impact of RBs in the NFL. It is too easy to key on them. If Garrett was smart (which is a reach), he would rotate Elliot more to save him down the stretch or use him as a decoy. Elliot also has way to many off the field issues. Does Richard Sherman punch Russell Wilson at some point? I hope not. Both are very talented but need to play smarter like they did in the SB winning season. Wilson regressed last year. Play SMART! You can't rely on toss it up and hope for the best passing. CB are too fast and will key on that. It works sometimes but it is like a 50 foot putt. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you three-putt.
  5. Polo Golf!!!
  6. Happy Birthday @Erg@andreanewman @Dean Josh @irishmike27@Tutenharman@Ray22
  7. Seems to be random for me. I tried it this morning and it only worked for the first one. I will try to edit and see if that works. I had to go back and edit for each other one. This doesn't happen on my Mac at home or iPad. Must be a firewall issue.
  8. Depends on the course, humidity and wind. 90F with humidity can be bad, but if there a decent breeze it becomes more tolerable. I've walked in 95F on a flatter course. But if there are hills, I may ride.
  9. Until she takes up tennis!
  10. July 26 - Mirror work at the gym. Focused on the same feels with shorter swings getting the hips more open at impact.
  11. YES! That'll slow him down too!
  12. What will really curb Speith's achievements are if he: Dates a tennis star. (unless she's really hot! But just make it casual) Changes club manufacturer (DON'T!) Get's engaged (Well OK he's going to at some point I hope) Get's injured (I hope not. I don't wish that on anyone) If he can avoid those for a while, then he's got a real shot.
  13. On a scale of 10 to 1, 10 being incredibly whiny (a.k.a Bubba Watson) to 1, not whiny at all (Matt Kutchar), I see Jordan around a 4 or 5 or average for the PGA. He is certainly not in the league of Bubba or even is friend Justin Thomas, but let's his emotions show more than Kutcher or Davis Love III as an example. I also think we should separate anger at one's self from whiny. Many of Jordan's emotional moments are anger at himself. He will usually say, "Oh Jordan!" out loud, which is very similar to Tiger. I see whiny as more of blaming the course for your own mistake. You see it when Pros step back incredulously after missing a putt and wave their hands with fervor indicating the putt should have broken left but gravity conspired against them in this instance. Or when they put it in the water on a par 3 then grab grass with anger and recheck the wind instead of acknowledging the real cause of a heavy shot or over-curving their shot. With that, I like to see emotion on the course. Jordan, Rory, DJ, Day etc. are the new faces of the PGA Tour. We watch because it is really happening with real people. They suffer some of the same frustrations as we do on the course, which is refreshing.
  14. Welcome to The Sand Trap!
  15. I had them both too.