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  1. And it already has gators and water moccasins in it.
  2. Yeah irons were causing pain at impact, so I think I am still a little sheepish on mats. I need to find a grass range to work on things.
  3. Back to swinging again. I actually played yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks or so. Swung at 70% without pain. Played pretty well too. I filmed my swing today to see if there were any changes and surprisingly, it looks about the same. Below are driver and 6 iron at about 80%.
  4. We should let Erik take the lead in this as he already advised you and he knows way more than we do, but no to more hinge at A2. What we are taking about is the shaft shallowing and how the backswing plane affects that. See how Robert Rock’s shaft is steeper at A3 than A5? It shallows in transition. And his hands are above his shoulders at A4. That is what we are talking about. But again, let Erik tell you how to get there.
  5. I use PayPal for that reason. I was having random trouble with cards depending on the seller.
  6. Yesterday, 6 iron over a tree to the green’s edge. I pushed my tee shot right. Lie wasn’t too bad.
  7. I switched from interlocking because my right pinky nail would dig into my left hand. I have no issue with a stronger grip with either, but overlap feels normal to me now. It took about a month for it to feel normal after the change.
  8. I would agree with this. @RFKFREAK, try getting your hands higher at A4. It is easier to get your right elbow in front on the downswing with higher hands because it’s not as close to the torso. I have practiced the Furyk feel and filmed it and it doesn’t look anything like him. Instead, my hands are a bit higher at A4, above my shoulders, and my transition shallows the shaft. Your swing right now looks a bit like Kuchar. Looks at Erik’s hand position at A4 here.
  9. Unless the tournament has a rule to only use the handicap from the first round, they should be using their current handicap.
  10. Tomorrow you will love golf again.😀
  11. Scottish golfers carried a club called a “chainlinky” specifically used to hit balls off a chain link fence. Check eBay.
  12. Try to finish the swings like in this drill below. Start with slow swings and try to feel keeping the hands ahead of the club head.
  13. @cipher This drill below helped me a lot with the same issue. My Evolvr instructor gave it to me. I do it as a warm up drill. You can do it slow as well. I also do a drill trying to fade or push a shot starting with a closed face. It dials in the feel.
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