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  1. My Swing (saevel25)

    Matt, Reading your post feels like you are expecting a bad result on the course. Don't focus on the expectation of a bad result. You will get a bad result. Listen to Erik's advice and clear everything else out. Be the ball Danny. Be the ball.
  2. I voted 2 although I rarely notice anyone when I putt. I wear Rx glasses, usually sunglasses. If they are not in my view through the glasses, they aren't that noticeable regardless of where they are. Sound is more of an annoyance.
  3. Favorite TV Show(s)

    Great series by David "Boaty McBoatface" Attenborough. The new one was really good too!
  4. The Bicycle Thread

    I just got a nice bell for my MTB. I use it to alert people on the trail that I am coming so I don't startle them with "On your left!". It is not loud enough for cars though.
  5. The Bicycle Thread

    Agree. I love cycling and raced for a bunch of years. I commuted the 13 miles to work for a while too. But we are not set up for what Amsterdam does. I've been there and seen first hand. And it is not like folks are commuting into the city from the suburbs either. It is from within in city. Our commutes are on average much longer.
  6. I'm too cheap to throw or break clubs! I just chastise myself out loud!
  7. My Swing (Dakota Atkinson)

    I'm not an instructor but I was able to capture some screen shots. For the most part, it looks pretty good. You do sway back a bit on the backswing, see A4 on the right in the first screen shot. Your path on the downswing looks pretty good though.
  8. Etiquette Violation?

    Agree, but let's try to steer the thread to be more generic vs. getting folks down the path of talking politics in the thread. Some cannot help themselves.
  9. Food Thread

    I caught a 6 foot eel in my hometown reservoir when I was a teenager. I was not much of a fish eater then. But my mom, who is 100% Italian, made it into a stew that was quite good. I see the appeal of making foods look like other familiar foods, but I agree that I would like it better as itself.
  10. Hurricane IRMA

    I've seen photos of St John, USVI, an island I am very familiar with. They didn't get a direct hit but are devastated. This storm is extremely dangerous. Stay safe. Houses and cars can be replaced, lives cannot.
  11. Etiquette Violation?

    No politics please.
  12. What would a PGA Tour player shoot at your home course?

    Nice summary! I would add, "and having fun doing it!"
  13. Hurricane IRMA

    Stay safe! Been through a winter version of this which destroyed my neighborhood. I hope for the best for all of you.
  14. Good review Erik. I too am an advocate of working on my swing with a net. This one looks worthwhile, especially if you don't want it to be seen when not practicing. I use a Rukket Pop up golf net, which works well, but it takes a few to set up and is not good in the wind. The spot I would put my net does get a lot of water though from run off on my driveway. My fear with the CrocBox would be it literally being submerged in a heavy downpour. I would have to think of a different spot to put it.