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  1. Driving and irons. I could putt with my wedges if I only have 4 foot putts for birdie every hole.
  2. I found the best thing is just a compression sleeve over the affected area. It is easier to put on that anything with straps or velcro. The hardest part is finding the right fit. If you have a sporting goods store nearby, go a try a few. I also found that it didn't need to go over the elbow, just compress the affected area. And remember to ice afterwards.
  3. Ooh. That was a good opening hole!
  4. I would have thought it would be warmer in Melbourne this time of year.
  5. The expression on your avatar’s face is dead serious though.😜 I think he’s fair game for the team before the start. They trash talk all the time. Once the tournament starts, it will be all very supportive.
  6. I was happy for you until this line!😜 Just kidding. Pitch one for me @Vinsk!
  7. FWIW, Mary Hardin -Baylor would wipe the floor with either OSU or LSU because they have a hyphen in their name. You got to have a hyphen!
  8. Thanks for posting. This was a proper Design of Experiments test set up. That is the one factor I think they left off. I think they would need to do a drying time variable.
  9. We have a section called Member Swings. You can film your swing and we can take a look at it there.
  10. It was a good run Mary Hardin. 2019 Division III Football Official Bracket | NCAA.com The official 2019 College Football Bracket for Division III. Includes a printable bracket and links to buy NCAA championship tickets.
  11. Glad you are feeling better @Vinsk. So when are you going to show the kids those cool skateboard tricks?😜
  12. So what is the likelihood my 13.0 stays there come January? Should I bet the over?
  13. Don’t you want a cool nickname that’s completely irrelevant to what your occupation is?😜
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