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  1. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    I prefer sand that is medium I guess. I have trouble with real soft, fine sand because I am not as consistent with how far I hit behind the ball. I think soft sand is less forgiving. I work to play a sand shot similar to a pitch shot, but with lower hands as my Evolvr instructors and Erik have taught me. My league course has medium sand on the course, but very soft sand in the practice area. My home course has medium sand but no practice area. It's odd, but I never seem to get into the bunkers at my home course. I think I just jinxed myself!
  2. Mary Lou. She was our class valedictorian. I ran into her last year at a Pan Mass Rally event. Good golfer too!
  3. I should. A high school classmate of mine was or is the VP of marketing down in Fairhaven.
  4. Fall Time Change

    I think New England should be an hour earlier than the Eastern Time Zone. Cinncinati sunrise is almost 50 minutes later than Boston.
  5. The Bicycle Thread

    I gave up on white a long time ago. I use black now.
  6. Season ends with injury and withdrawal symptoms....

    Get well soon. My surgery is next week.
  7. boogielicious

  8. His Tee shot includes his accuracy IMO. I would not be 14HC for sure.
  9. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    Yes, of course. I would only fix it if I was waiting to putt and I noticed a pitch mark.
  10. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    I do if there is time.
  11. The Importance of a Trouble Shot

    Same here with maybe a 6 iron. I know I can curve a six iron on a half shot about 100 - 120 yards, almost like a long chip. It can hook too. With a more lofted club, I don't have the skill to keep it low without a fat shot. Plus with a shorter back swing, my accuracy at impact is better. If I didn't have to hook it, I may even use a 3H and just chip it 100+ yards and let it roll out.
  12. Taking lessons poll

    Over the year. In the winter, I post indoor drills and swings to my Evolvr teacher. This winter it will all be rehab work after my surgery.
  13. Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I don't wear it when I play because my knuckle is a little bit big, so the ring is loose. A few years ago, I noticed the ring was out of round due to this. It was jamming and twisting. I put the ring in my wallet now when I play so I don't lose it or leave it at home.
  14. I am sorry

    I don't think your post was necessary.
  15. I saw it. The announcers explained it exactly as you've stated. Finau would have had to wait a couple of minutes for the guy to get down to mark. It was referred to as a pace of play issue.

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