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  1. I've been working on changing that for two years!
  2. 2/27 - Mirror work at the gym. Focused on float load feel at transition. PM - spent about 40 minutes hitting into my net. Worked on flattening the shaft during transition and Key 3 work for about 15 minutes. Then pitching and 1/2 and 3/4 swings. The pitching was in the yard off grass.
  3. Hmm. Spieth is on 12 on Sunday. They are 12 laps from the finish in Texas.
  4. The O'Reilly Auto Parts 500 is Sunday, April 9. Could be a tough day all around for the boys in Augusta, GA and the Texas Motor Speedway! Click, Splash, Crash!
  5. I watched the last hour and half. I switched over to the Daytona 500 three times during commercials. Each time, there was a crash. Then I'd flip back, and there would be a ball in the water. It was comical. It was like I had the power to cause havoc with me TV remote. I am Ate, the Greek Goddess of Misfortune. Fear me!
  6. 2/26 - Backyard range session. About an hour working on Key 3. Also did some pitching around the yard now that the snows gone. Filmed.
  7. Inferno - Struggled to make par. Hanks kept the story going but they left a lot of the charm of the book out. Manchester By The Sea - Birdie. Excellent acting and the accents were much better than some other Boston movies (I'm talking to you Marky Mark). It is not a feel good movie, just to warn those who have not seen it.
  8. I't looking good Bill. I wish I had your finish!
  9. Willkommen!
  10. Excellent! The fact the weather was difficult makes it even better!
  11. Good points. To find the real current value of a club, look at auction listings on eBay. Follow the listing for your exact club and condition, and see what they sell for. "Buy It Now" is not accurate and neither are Craigslist postings. The PGA value guide is pretty useless.
  12. David, Are you referring to GHIN? Because the handicap system for golf has been around a long time.
  13. Remarkably, it is also the same number that care about this guy's side saddle putting troubles.
  14. I love pancakes, but I thinks I'd pass on that one.
  15. 2/25 - Backyard range session into my net. Worked only on 7 iron float load feel and key 3. Filmed it for possible lesson upload.