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  1. So how are the new irons? Everyone can offer advice. For me, I will tend to point posters toward what my instructor had me work on to correct a similar issue. I never pretend to know everything about the golf swing. But if I phrase the advice in that manner, it doesn't come across as advice from a high HC player. It comes across as a comment from a student who also wants to improve.
  2. Well maybe this will keep him away from his Global Underworld Hacker work!
  3. Litigation is pending. They may not want to invest if there is a ruling against them.
  4. April 24 - went to practice green and practiced chipping and putting. Then I played one ball around the green.
  5. Team format this year. http://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2017/4/21/team-format-almost-back-zurich-classic-field-set.html
  6. Good point. Not sure.
  7. Sometimes a word or phrase works better than a count. Tom Watson used "edelweiss" e-del-weiss, as a word in his video. Of course, you may start breaking out into other songs from The Sound of Music, if you use that one!
  8. Good news. Keep practicing gripping the club even when you're not playing. You want it to be second nature.
  9. April 23 - spent 45 minutes hitting balls into a net in the backyard. Slow swings working on impact position and body turn from the top. These are the first balls I've hit in a few weeks other than chipping.
  10. I have my only Eagle ball sitting on a shelf in my office! From 2010.
  11. It is a bit difficult to tell from that angle, but I did notice your shaft going from shallow on the backswing to steep on the downswing. Many of us have had that issue. There are a few causes, so I won't speculate. Take a down-the-line video where the camera is pointing down your toe line. Take another face on. This will really help. Meanwhile, the thread below discusses the problem.
  12. Welcome to The Sand Trap. First, there is a lot of bad instruction/advise out there sad to say. It makes many golfers poorer players and in the wallet. That being said, The Sand Trap is here to help. We have a Member Swings section where you can post video of your swing. The better golfers and instructors on this site have been very helpful to many of us using that Section. Also, others who have had the same issues can relate their experience with what helped fixed the issue. So I recommend starting there. Second, we have an instructional content thread that is very helpful (below). I would avoid giving yourself information overload at first though. Post a video and let us help you.
  13. Luckily I had him on the bench. I did have Ryan Palmer though for 20 points. Both my A teamers missed the cut, Reed and Donald.
  14. Welcome to The Sand Trap. There are a few TST members from the Garden State.
  15. Ricky is a Belieber!