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  1. Nobody meets in Albany. Just ask @colin007! In true debate competitions there is a declared winner. The Presidential debates are not really held to those standards.
  2. Just a correction. This is Clinton's first Presidential debate too. All her other debates were primary debates the same as Trump. Second, President Obama debated McCain and Romney, not Kerry.
  3. It's never always bad argument!
  4. Welcome to The Sand Trap. There is a lot of good advice you can get here. But I would recommend reading the book Lowest Score Wins. It identifies what the most important things you need to work on are and shows you how to work on that. In addition, it discusses how to shoot lower scores while you are making improvement through practice. I've read dozens of golf books and this is one of the best. http://lowestscorewins.com/
  5. I hope he recovers. When he plays well, he is fun to watch.
  6. Welcome to the Sand Trap! Not sure on the pairings. But I think the best part of the Ryder Cup is the alternate format matches. We don't get to see that a lot.
  7. Come on folks! We've got two days left. This is a great prize!
  8. I would say there are holes that hate me, but not entire courses. The one course that eats many balls for me is The Savanahs in Brevard County in FL. It has a lot of water. I've played it twice as the first course on a winter FL trip. Maybe I should save it for the last.
  9. Thanks all for continuing to behave. It has been civil so far. But remember, the mods are watching.
  10. 9/26 - 15 minutes mirror work at the gym. Focused on centered turn and then the torso starting the downswing again.
  11. Have you played with ball position at all? In the videos, it appears you have the ball near your left heel for all three clubs. Maybe try moving it back a half ball width and see if the contact is better. Ball flight may lower a small amount, but better contact may be worth it.
  12. "I meant to do that!"
  13. We have one at work that I use occasionally with DD cups. Not as good as DD, which I get on the way in each morning. Interesting story on the inventor. http://archive.boston.com/business/articles/2011/08/07/the_inside_story_of_keurigs_rise_to_a_billion_dollar_coffee_empire/
  14. Insider trading??? Don't shy away from starting threads like this. At times we can have civilized discussions on divisive topics. It is up to the posters to follow the rules and act like adults.
  15. Nah. The over-under will be more like page 9.