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  1. I go with the feel of letting gravity start the downswing of the putt. I just use a longer stroke for longer putts. Obviously, the feel ain't real, but it helps me from pushing it too far on the downswing.
  2. I recommend you go to a shop and hit a bunch of clubs. Find ones you like, then look on eBay for them. Previous models of that line of clubs will be less expensive. Example: Titleist AP1. The 718 version will be pricey. The 716 will be less. BTW, those are nice clubs for beginners. Same with PING, Taylormade, Callaway, Srixon, Mizuno, etc. PING G line will have previous versions G25, G20, etc. There were moderate changes made in them, but the performance difference is slight. Their G line is very good too. All these would be easy to find on eBay.
  3. Without seeing it, it is hard to tell. But, I have had the opposite issue with the face closing too much. What I would recommend it to grip your club differently than you are doing now, meaning change how you put your hands on the club. If you are right handed, try gripping your left hand on the club when it is at your side instead of in front of you. Then, as you address the ball, set your right hand down. Also, check out the thread below. The grip should be more in your fingers. If it is your palm, that could cause issues.
  4. It's a secret code for a drinking game with their buddies. Every time they say, "game of golf", drink!
  5. This belt below really helps when I have a flare up. I’ve had SI problems since an injury in high school. My psoas muscle stretch above and ice can alleviate pain, but the belts helps you function short term. Serola Sacroiliac Belt | SI Belt | Serola Biomechanics, Inc. The Serola Sacroiliac Belt provides state-of-the-art back and SI joint support to help prevent and heal back pain. Get the back pain relief you need today. I
  6. Day 310, August 19 Worked on my PP and filmed my swing. Also worked with the swing though of smooth transition.
  7. I have a hard time watching shows or movies where there is no one to root for or they are all bad.
  8. I know it’s hard for us Northerners, but I hit into my net through the winter when the weather allowed. I hit on days as cold as 25F. You get a bit colder than that. But it is good to keep working on things and it’s cheaper than an indoor range.
  9. Welcome to The Sand Trap. Check these threads out.
  10. Day 308, August 17 Play a par 3. Purse with my wife. Focused only on tempo as a swing though. Played well with most swings being partial shots or smoother shot clubbing up.
  11. It reminds me of when my brother and I shot an arrow straight up in the air and then dove under the porch. We were 10 and 12.
  12. I used a 6 iron as a cane after my knee surgery. 😁
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