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  1. I'll do it for $75!
  2. Mine moves in the ethereal plane.
  3. He seems to be very twitchy too at the tee and when he is setting up for shots.
  4. I lost three, but they were all on the bench. I had Finau, which helped a lot.
  5. May 26 - Shoulder turn work. Rainy day.
  6. I agree with David. I have 3 patents and my company has done the leg work. There is a lot of prior art searches, etc., that you can do yourself, but the search engine at the patent office is complicated. If you really think this is a great idea, do it right.
  7. I've got the XP90 in stiff. I'm between stiff and regular in driver swing speed 92 - 96 and was fitted for lighter and stiff shafts a few years back. The lighter stiff shafts are kind of in between stiff and regular for heavier shafts. I would look at your distances more than the loft number. My AP1 PW goes 120. I have the AP1 GW and it goes 110. My 54 wedge goes 90, so I do have a gap there, but a 3/4 swing with my PW is my 100 yard shot. I carry a 58 for my lob, but rarely do full swings with it.
  8. May 25 - Shoulder turn work during conference calls.
  9. I think it has a lot to do with looks as much as engineering. Certain putters fit people's eye more and help them aim better. If you aim better, you putt better. As for feeding the myth, maybe they just haven't really studied it as much as we think in terms of toe hang. Ping spent a lot of time on sound early on. SC, Ping and Callaway spend a lot of time on how the ball feels off the face. We know sound and feel are important factors too. Whenever I go to a golf store, I putt a bit. It doesn't seem to matter too much which putter I use as long as the shaft length is close and I can aim it.
  10. https://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/titleist_716_ap1_review My review for the site is above. I've been using them since writing this review. Excellent clubs. One watch out is with short game shots with the PW and GW. They will go a bit farther than a corresponding chip or pitch with the equivalent wedge. The ball feels like it jumps off the face with good contact. So be careful with that.
  11. or Walmart!
  12. You don't expect him to be able to write proper "English" do you?
  13. May 24 - Mirror work at the gym. Left knee is really sore for some unknown reason. It was fine playing 18 yesterday.
  14. 87 - Had 6 pars, but the doubles killed me. Left knee is really sore today, but wrist was manageable and the left bicep a non-issue.
  15. Welcome to The Sand Trap!