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  1. 15 minutes mirror work. Focused on a bit more palmar flexion at A4 to flatten the shaft more per my Evolvr lesson.
  2. It would be the most popular resort in the entire world!
  3. Usually they will say the current years champs, Masters, US Open, Open and PGA. But they have been inconsistent this year.
  4. Heavy means hitting the ground before the ball. They feel heavy at impact because you started taking a divot before the ball. Thin shots, which feel like you hit it low on the face, can be caused by the same thing. The head skips off the ground into the ball. Thin shots usually fly lower. Get some impact tape, a dry erase marker or some foot spray and cover the face. Do 5 or 6 shots and see where the marks are. Ignore the mishits. If your contact is generally in the center of the face, then the shaft length is ok.
  5. I understand your point. But I am stating that my company uses the same approach. They try and make HR statements generic and gender neutral like "best employee for the job". So it is not isolated to college campuses. I would even suggest that businesses like my company have been doing this a lot longer. People in this thread are making a PC fuss about Princeton, when in really, Princeton is just catching up now. I will add that it doesn't bother me either way. It also reminds me of this scene in Life of Brian.
  6. I like how the movie left out one of the main characters in the book, Carlos.
  7. Now that should be their next commercial!
  8. I did gymnastics when I was young (not very good BTW). I even got to witness the first double back somersault done in the US in competition. It is stunning how far gymnasts have pushed the sport since then. Runners have gotten a bit faster, as have swimmers. Other sports have a had incremental changes as well. But gymnasts have improved an order of magnitude or more. My gym owner won the bronze in 1960 on the balance beam doing back walkovers. 6 years old do that now.
  9. I would stick with the 115. I have the 95 in my AP1 and at times they feel a little light. The 115 is a very good shaft. High launch without being to light or whippy. I use the stiff BTW.
  10. Are you making center face contact? You can check this with impact tape or foot spray on the face. If you're making center face contact, I would not change the length. The height variation could just be from slightly heavy shots. A thin low shot can actually be from contacting the ground before the ball. A high shot can be caused by that as well.
  11. I would like he would need his own clubs. The HS in my town does not supply clubs.
  12. FWIW, this is a very similar approach that the multi-national Fortune 500 company I work for has. We also have zero-tolerance on harassment.
  13. I still have one of these watches. It is my second. My first lasted a dozen years or more and I used it for work and coaching soccer. I've had the second one about 5 years now.
  14. And yet they produce Presidents, both liberal and conservative. Curious.
  15. Mark Goddard is from my hometown. I was friends with his niece in High School. I met him a couple of times. Nice guy too.