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  1. Ha! No way. It's old school as in Boogie Woogie and boogie boarding. But it is about waves. I like @JetFan1983 because I get to feel sorry for him!
  2. Not all stiff shafts are the same. For older golfers, lighter weight can increase swing speed. But flex can affect control. So light and stiff could be optimum for you.
  3. Don't worry about offset. Focus on how the clubs perform for you. Look at launch, flight and spin, feel at impact, sound and looks. Offset is just a part of head design that includes a bunch of dimensional measurements and mass characteristics used to optimize launch and spin. Think of it as where are the puting the center of gravity of the head. Lower and further back (offset) changes launch. Slower swing speeds need a bit higher launch to optimize distance.
  4. And sometimes it snows before the leaves fall! ?
  5. I will use a 5w off the tee in most situations where I need to be accurate. My driver is far more inconsistent and for some reason the 3w is similar. My 5w is much more reliable and goes about 200 yards. I can hit it off the fairway too, so it is not a unitasker.
  6. Hi

    Welcome @Golfnut101!
  7. I've found the opposite. I use the Superstroke 3.0 and came up from a midsize pistol grip. With smaller grips, I felt I needed to have a much firmer grip to feel the putter head, maintain control and get good distance control. With the larger grip, it is easier for me to align my hands and maintain the proper grip pressure. My putting was good with the midsize, around 34 putts per round. But it's down to 31-32 now and my distance control and start lines are better. I do have long fingers though. That may be the difference.
  8. I'm torn on this one. I would love to see the Cubs break the curse as the BoSox did. They've got Lester and Lackey, who I like. But I also like Terry Francona as manager and Cleveland has risen to the occasion. Should be a good series.
  9. Quick tip @DownAndOut. If you paste the quote as plain text, it will reduce the size of the quote and make it easier to read. This one is not bad, but other formats can make it hard to read, especially on cell phones and tablets.
  10. Thankfully they didn't play that song.
  11. Try not taking any practice swings. I don't. I tested this a few years back at a practice green. I found my accuracy and distance control was better without a practice swing. I find it just distracts me. If I do take any to loosen up, it is while others are setting up to putt. I pick my line and start direction from behind the ball, walk up, line up, settle my feet, look down at my ball, do a small forward press and putt. All I focus on after looking at the ball is the start direction. Try it.
  12. I like it for the reasons you stated. Putting shouldn't be easy even though you are closer to the hole.
  13. Saw STYX live for the first time last night at the Hampton Casino in NH. Incredible show. I was very impressed. Great vocals, guitar, piano and showmanship.
  14. Agree, but it follows the original ideas of each state representing itself. CA decides who CA wants for president, senate and congress. They only submit one result representing all CA. I'm not saying I approve of the system, I am only stating the intent behind it.
  15. I would add that the electoral college, in some respects, prevents the more populous states from controlling the results of national elections. I don't think a straight vote count would necessarily be better. States like CA, TX, FL, NY could have a greater influence on the results just because of their size. Imagine candidates only campaigning in those large states and ignoring the low population ones. You wouldn't feel your voice was being heard.