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  1. My little brother would feign incompetence to get out of chores when we were kids. Made me crazy.
  2. I want a belt with...
  3. Ken Collins in Manchester? I've gone to him and he is excellent. I may try Frank next time because he is much closer. Kustom Clubs - Manchester, NH Golf Club Fitters | Kustom Clubs At Kustom Clubs, you can be assured of having the finest professionally fit custom clubs available.
  4. "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right here I am stuck in the middle with you" - Stealers Wheel
  5. It’s not that he “can’t “ throw. It is more that in these playoffs, they have chosen not to throw much. Jimmy G can throw effectively, but SF strength has been the run game lately with their zone blocking. KC is the opposite, a great passing team, but their stock run game is average. Mahomes has been their leading rusher this post season. I think it will be a good matchup.
  6. Once KC was up by 2 or 3 scores, Titans were forced to pass. That skews the stats. In the first quarter Henry was chewing up 5-10 yard runs. If the Titans defense was better, or they actually called any of the holds the KC line was committing, it would have been different. I don’t think SF will be able to run free against KC. The packers D was awful. But SF is a more balanced offense and has a better D than the Titans. They play more man. Titans were doing a lot of zone, which killed them. I hope is a close game. These last two were runaways.
  7. He'll half to throw more than 8 passes. I think both teams have strengths and weaknesses. KC is not that good against the run, but it SF can not get behind, then they have a chance. SF cannot let Mahomes run free. That will kill them.
  8. Maybe not Wile E., but a well struck 3W may take a real one down. We have lots of coyotes now in my town. They do get rather aggressive.
  9. Damn! That's right!!! LOL! Even more a B*****rd!
  10. I played with this guy who drove his ball into another fairway on a par 5. He played it from there and still parred the hole, the Bast**rd!
  11. He is when he's tipping caddies!!!!! Thanks, I'll be here all week!
  12. How much do you think temperature affects the readings? I feel that when it's 40 and below, the readings seem low for distance and spin, but good for launch. The balls are cold. It may be that I am just more bundled up too.
  13. @The Be Boy We also have a Member Swings section here. You can post a video of your swing and we can help you with drills and such. The section below has a lot of information to help as well.
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