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  1. boogielicious

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    Phil violated a rule with blatant disregard and should have been DQ'd. That has been the majority of the discussion. It speaks to his character as a competitive golfer and is perfectly relevant.
  2. boogielicious

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Get off my lawn!!!!!
  3. boogielicious

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    Let's please stick to the golf topic.
  4. boogielicious

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Great point. This was best illustrated IMO by Brooks recoveries from bad shots too. The par 3 that he overshot, then put the next into the bunker and still ended up with just a bogey was more spectacular than some of his birdies.
  5. Day 2, June 18 - Mirror work at the gym. Focused on lesson work and smooth backswing and transition.
  6. boogielicious

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    You and I know that it was sarcasm, but others may not. More: Wife states that PM offered to withdraw. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2781585-phil-mickelsons-wife-says-he-was-ready-to-withdraw-from-us-open-after-saturday
  7. boogielicious

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    I don't think Erik is making too big of a deal. He is just responding to posters who are saying it is not a big deal. In the scope of this tournament, it is a big deal. PM's reaction afterward made it much, much worse. He won $27,000, that someone else should have got and valuable points towards OWGR and FedEx. He disrespected his opponents and flaunted it afterward. I too have enjoyed watching Mickelson's rescue shots over the years, but now I would rather watch other players who aren't immensely arrogant and disrespectful to the game and fans of the game. I have a similar feeling toward JB Holmes after his "so what if I took 5 minutes to lay up on 18" at Torrey Pines debacle. Our viewership pays your salary dude. Don't be an ass.
  8. boogielicious

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Nah. It’s me. I picked him in Fantasy Golf and usually I’m a jinx.
  9. Day 1, June 17 - had to take a few days off to rest my groin pull. Hit balls into a net for about 30 minutes. Focused on smooth backswing and transition and finishing my swing.
  10. boogielicious

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    This has been discussed in the previous 3 pages. It is different.
  11. boogielicious

    Is Phil Mickelson Going Nuts?: Hitting a moving ball at US Open

    After reading Mickelson’s interview comments, I have to say he’s lost me as a fan. If he just said, “I lost my cool” or something to that effect, it would have been OK. But what he did instead was give the USGA and golf fans the finger, telling us to “toughen up.” He even said he was laughing about it in the scoring tent. Sad ending to his career. I will not cheer for him now. I didn’t forgive Pettite! 😜 He’s a Yankee!
  12. boogielicious

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Annihilation - Par. Interesting story and good acting.
  13. boogielicious

    Top ten things to yell after a tee shot

    5. OOPS! 6. Right in the lumberyard! 7. Have you thought about a different career? 8. Just a bit outside! 9. You should have yelled, “Two”! 10. FFS! Hit it in the short grass for a change!
  14. boogielicious

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    I guess I am of different opinion than most, but I like the US Open to be won at even par. I want it to be hard. Let’s face it, these guys are incredible golfers. In the conditions we play, the game is easy for them. Here, the conditions make it hard for them because they don’t play it all the time. If they did, they would eventually figure it out and start going low. We have a formidable course with penal first cut, extremely penal fescue, lightning fast, firm greens and closely mown areas that are like vacuum cleaners drawing miscues yards away. I love it. It makes these guys look human for a change. Berger and Finau now need to step up to the plate and repeat yesterday’s performance. It will be hard. DJ found that out yesterday. He was off target, a lot, and putted poorly. It cost him. But he still has a chance. They all do. They have to play the course the way the find it, hit fairways and GIR and putt to win. Then need to adjust their approach to make this happen. We started seeing that yesterday, when the went with irons off the tee on 500+ yard par 4s just to get it in the fairway. The winner today will be aggressive and on target. Can’t wait to see it!

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