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  1. Depth is front to back. So higher and less deep is more over your right shoulder and less behind you.
  2. Working on an additional piece from my latest Evolvr lesson. Trying to reduce early extension a bit. My instructor likes the way I’m going and feels the last changes are producing a more dynamic swings. Certainly my driver has been performing better than it has in years. The add-on is to maintain my spine angle a bit longer from A4 to A5.5. He still wants me to shift back slightly and get taller in the backswing. But instead of just falling on my left side from A3.5 to A5, I am keeping the spine angle and rotating more. Below, I am exaggerating the feeling. The end result is less shallowing and less in to out. My misses are overdraws. Below are a 7 iron and 4W swing. Making some progress. It is a pretty easy feel/swing thought too. I’m also trying to hit down a bit more with the irons. The resolution is off a bit due to low light conditions.
  3. Day 24: Went to the range on a drizzly day. Tried to get some MEVO data but it was only recording every other swing for some reason.
  4. Hedging your bet maybe?😜 Not sure. I don’t think bombers have an advantage there.
  5. I wonder if they make more durable yarn.
  6. I just use my iPhone. There are adapters for tripods. Others just mount their phone or camera on their bag. Bag height is good because it’s hand height. In a practice session, I will set up either face on or down the line and check camera angles. DTL I will lay a club along my toe line and aim the camera there. Then I film that side. I will do driver and 6 or 7 iron and maybe wedges. Then switch to the other view and repeat. It takes a little practice, but once you’ve done it a few times, it’s easy. Try not to fuss about getting a perfect swing. Ones that feel good or bad actually look pretty similar. You want your Evolvr instructor to see what you have. I will set up, but not film until I’m warm and ready to film the drill or swing. Lastly, trim the video down. I post it to YouTube and just put the link in Evolvr. You don’t have to worry about file size that way. I post as unlisted and full HD.
  7. Day 20: Played 18 today. Foggy at the beginning. My rangefinder didn’t work!😜 Played OK. My driver is coming along nicely. My long irons, 3W and hybrid need work.
  8. Not that drill, this one. Low point control.
  9. It’s a little flippy at impact, but there a a lot of good parts. I would recommend doing the first five COVID drills, especially the day five drill. Your basically slowing down your rotation as you get to impact. You want to feel like you continue to rotate your hips and shoulders through to A9. The towel drill will help too.
  10. I think an errant drive may find the prankster’s house next time.
  11. Welcome back. Longer clubs may be in order, but also check out this thread.
  12. I’ve been driving the ball a lot better the last two rounds. I’ve had drives range from 220 to even 260. Yesterday I had an uphill drive of ~250. I’ve worked on ball position having the ball at my front big toe. This has been taking off spin and launching higher. I lower the loft on my driver as well. Below is a practice from two days ago. Long irons haven’t been as good though. I am missing left with too much draw. I will work on ball position there as well. Short irons have been DOBA, especially with 3/4 swings. Yesterday my 3/4 9 iron and PW were spot on target. I feel like I am not hitting down enough on the long irons and coming in shallow, but this swing is better.
  13. Day 18: Play 18 at a new course in RI, Fenner Hill. Very nice. Drove the ball well with 50% fairways, but some were just off. Greens were fast!
  14. My home course was in New Hampshire and I haven’t been there since June. I have got birdies on away courses. I will revise the home course next year.
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