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  1. Day 156 - Spent a couple hours at a course today. First hour was short game work. Started with tight lies and worked on pitch and chipping motions with my 54 and PW. Followed with work from rough to different pin locations both up and down hill. Did a few flops near the end. Too many people on the green for sand work. Second hour was irons and driver. Mostly did Key 5 work including the stick drill place about 25 feet in front. Driver has the most variability still. Finished with long pitches with 9 iron and PW.
  2. That’s the first Porky’s reference on this site I think!
  3. Welcome to The Sand Trap. Thanks for posting. A couple of admin things. on the down-the-line angle, have the ball line upon your toe line. It helps us see your positions a bit better. Film in slow motion and edit the videos to just the swing. Give us a bit more detail on ball flight. You say slice, but does it start left then go right or start right and go further right? That being said, there are some great full swing drills in the thread below. Start with Day 1 - 5. Film yourself doing the drills and post the video here. There are no short cuts to a better swing, but proper practice can get you there faster.
  4. You are not too steep at A6. I would recommend continuing with the Covid drills day 1 to 5. Your swings are looking better. It takes a while to make changes.
  5. Dennis taught me AimPoint when he was in Rhode Island. He’s a really good instructor. Not sure why he posted this though.
  6. I would choose static over Johnny English.😜
  7. San Fran is known for drastic changes in humidity, which will prompt BD to pull out this chart below on every shot to calculate air density. I expect to see him have his caddy perform a wet bulb measurement before each shot and take air temperature readings to complete the calculations. So for this reason, I hope BD blows up and shoots 19 on one hole and misses the cut. I am assuming he can read this chart. He didn’t graduate though, so maybe he never took the actual hard classes at SMU
  8. The do hit it as far as me, which is part of the reason I watch. I like to see how good players with my distance play shots. Bernard Langer is a great player, but I’d rather watch Danielle Kang. For men’s golf, the PGA and Euro Tours and a better show.
  9. I agree it is not against the rules as written. We do have a ‘guideline’ of 40 seconds to play a shot. The people who use the line tend to violate this guideline, especially Pros. The green is the only place we don’t have to play it as it lies. I tried the line a long time ago one half season. It was slower and didn’t seem to help. Then I read a Stan Utley’s The Art of Putting in which he stated that many good putters don’t even have there dominant eye directly over the ball. I did the test in his book and my dominant eye was inside and behind the ball by about and inch. So using the line, which requires my dominant eye above the ball, would require me to change my stance. So I got fitted. The result of the fitting was my aim was pretty good (1/2 cup left). A few adjustments to loft, lie and length and I was dead center. Now I put the ball down with no markings at all to distract me. I use AimPoint to read, which is fast and take no practice swings, which is fast. If my ball is clean and not in the way of another player, I don’t even move the ball at all. It makes me crazy when I see Bryson D take two minutes to line up a putt with the line and his putter shaft and remark and move 5 times. I get overjoyed when he misses.
  10. The real question is why did you even try in the first place?!😜
  11. We tend to practice too fast. Check this thread out.
  12. Thanks for posting. Overall, I think your swing has some good positions. But you are flipping a bit at impact. That makes it hard to control the face. The first 5 drills in the thread below are excellent. Day 5 helps a lot with impact. Check it out. If you can, post a video of you doing the drills here. When I do the day 5 drill, I go for the feel of trying to keep the wrists from rolling over after impact.
  13. Saw it live. A bit douchy IMO. Me to rules official: “That looks like a deadly poisonous Australian Brown snake, can I move my ball?” Rules Official: “Sir, it is a stick and we are in Massachusetts.” Me: “Really? I could have sworn it looks like a Brown Snake? Are you sure?” RO: “Yes.”
  14. Keegan has 3-4” reach advantage and played hockey growing up. Just sayin’. Like them both though.
  15. The Most Interesting Man in Golf breaks the start record held by Sam Torrance. 707 starts! Jimenez sets new record with 707th European Tour start Miguel Angel Jimenez made history on Thursday when he teed off at the English Open to make his 707th start on the European...
  16. Day 152 - Range today with Key 5 work. Went to a range where I could put a driveway stick out about 20 feet, which helped. Finished with some short game work. Didn’t have a chance to play this week due to commitments.
  17. The Sun Mountain Micro cart (4 wheel) folds smaller height-wise, but wider length and width. The Clicgear 3.5 and 4.0 fold to a smaller length and width, but slightly taller. Both fit easily in my Jeep. I would recommend the Clicgear over the Sun Mountain after using both. Although they are both excellent carts.
  18. Yes. I’ve made some mods since it first put it together. I got tired on hitting on the slope of my driveway. The Covid Day 5 drill is similar.
  19. Agree, otherwise Instant Karma may get him!
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