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  1. Welcome to The Sand Trap @Val Raj. Please remember to pick an avatar.
  2. Ask the New York Yankees! Opinion | Vaccines didn’t stop the Yankees’ covid-19 outbreak. But the case proves how well they work. - The Washington Post In fact, they're working almost exactly as expected.
  3. Birdied 7 on my away course.
  4. First, playing off your front foot is not bad at all. I play everything forward at my left heel and just widen my stance as the club get longer. I get good height on my shots this way. Second, if you post your swing in the Member swings section, we can help you even more.
  5. I can’t wait for a fitting in Erie! I’ve never been fit for wedges, only putter and full swing irons and woods. This should be fun.
  6. Day 216: Got a bit of work in between rain showers. Focused on wider stance to help with EE. Filmed it.
  7. Did they reattach the head? Not sure what the point of this game is. You could just do it on a football field. Why take up space on a golf course? Also they’e from Ipswich, MA. I’ve never seen anything like this around here.
  8. That’s what happened to me. I emailed them and they really didn’t respond other than asking for logs. I’ve used it since and it worked, but the round I lost was gone.
  9. Thanks for posting. We need to see a video of you hitting a ball. Practice swings without a ball can be very different.
  10. You continue to make a fool of yourself in this thread. Please post elsewhere where you have some knowledge. You have nothing to add here. And yes, it’s my opinion that you don’t care anything about the thousands of dead Americans.
  11. Now you’re just being smarmy and patronizing. I’m sad for you and your poor decision making. And sad for the people you may infect because you couldn’t do your duty as a citizen. You’ve never had any of the diseases you were already vaccinated for but chose to not participate in this one. The state of Wyoming has died and you couldn’t give a sh*t.
  12. It’s not what I believe, it’s what does the data say. I’m a retired chemical engineer. I based all my career’s work on data gathering and analysis. The data is out there for this vaccine. The analysis of that data concludes that it is safe an effective. You chose to ignore the data and analysis waiting for an epiphany or 100% guarantee, which you know never will come. So you will act like you’ve reviewed the results and pretend you’ve made an educated decision, which you haven’t. You’re gaslighting yourself, which is just sad.
  13. I find it challenging because I can’t practice it at the range, only on the course.
  14. I find hybrids are not as good out of rough as I have seen advertised. Maybe it’s my technique, but I am reaching for my irons instead now.
  15. We are not going political in this thread please. Also, I know of people on the opposite side of who you are referring to who are also anti-vaccine sadly. It’s the trust is misinformation that is driving them.
  16. It can have some effect depending on what is causing the slice, but it is minimal. Best advice is to try it out at the range.
  17. My 87 year old mother, who has survived ovarian cancer only got a sore arm with Pfizer. And she also has a weak immune system do to kidney issues. She got hers the second it was available. Sad that healthy people are foolish not to get it.
  18. OT: FWIW. In the three years I played, we had very few injuries as compared to American Football at our college. When you tackle with your own body, without pads, you learn to do it correctly. Rory is in good form and I hope he really contends in the PGA and US Open.
  19. You have all you need to know about the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J vaccines. The same methods to show efficacy and side effects for all other vaccines have been used on these. And these COVID-19 vaccines are showing to be more effective and have less side effects than previous vaccines. Please David, just get the vaccine.
  20. Day 213: Did range work in the morning making some adjustments to my driver stance. Play 9 in the PM and the changes worked really well. I widened my stance a bit to help reduce EE.
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