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  1. That’s would not be difficult from what we saw!😜 Mine is down to 12.4. Starting to find more fairways off the tee, which helps. Ranges opened Monday, so now I can work on start direction and ball flight to feed back to my Evolvr instructor.
  2. I would start with drills 1 through 5 here and progress through all the full swing drills. These are great drills. They step through the proper positions and sequence of your swing. If you have a mirror, it helps too.
  3. Some of the places I play require pre-payment. That would solve the issue.
  4. I had this lie in a bunker yesterday. What you can’t see is I am six feet below the green. I chunked it out to the other side of the green with my lob wedge. I think if I opened the face a bit more, I would have got a better result.
  5. I’ve had to plan in advance, but stuff is available.
  6. Shot a 41 with no hooks! Had three up and downs and only 13 putts with 5 one putts.
  7. Day 87 - played 9 and shot a 41. No hooks today but a few pushes. Good news is the ranges are opening and I can get a handle on ball flight.
  8. I taped it and watched yesterday. It was fun that way. It was a better format than last weeks. I liked that they played in the rain too. I liked the trash talking and Peyton’s rolling commentary. He is funny. They should have kept the mic on him more in the cart. Phil’s personality came out too, which was entertaining. He is a very confident FIGJAM. Brady showed he was human after all. I think they were muting his mic during the F-bombs. I’ve seen that stone face so many times when things are not going right. Tiger was quiet for the most part and I think the rain caused some breakdowns. Charles was Charles, always a character. The carts definitely sped things up. I enjoyed it.
  9. Post it. It’s not embarrassing. So many of us have had trouble and got help here.
  10. Yesterday’s work steep to shallow from A3 to A5.
  11. Well then hit it into the adjacent fairway and use a 3W to birdie the hole then!😜
  12. I’m not saying that this will always work, but if you played each par 5 this way, you would be 4 under par.😜 it seems to be a trend.
  13. Please review this article on how to film your swing. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
  14. Welcome to The Sand Trap. Please review this article including how to film your swing. Also, film in slow motion. It really helps us see your swing.
  15. Start a My Swing thread in the Member Swings Section so we can see and help you.
  16. I sent in a driver video to Evolvr. My instructor recommended staying the course and opening the face and playing a push which should draw slightly, which I have been practicing. Also, he wants me to focus on the steep at A3 to shallow at A5, A6 feel. I think maybe on the course I have been overdoing the palmar flexion at the top. Below, I’m feeing the flexion only in my left index finger then swinging out a bit and driving the swing with my right elbow. The ball launches higher with this alignment. I’ll have to do some MEVO work to adjust. I can lower the loft on the driver or playing with position. I did the same for the 6 iron. It’s getting closer. I will stay this course and work on that feel on the course.
  17. Plus 14 exclamation points and a comma!
  18. Mark Twain has a quip for everything! Yes, he was beheaded when she was for carrying one extra niblick.
  19. Agree. I have noticed how much better golf attire has become and you can get it for less money now. My son is 25 and he doesn’t mind wearing a polo.
  20. When you attain the age, wisdom and accumulated injuries that your Dad has, you’ll will understand that is it experience that brought him this knowledge. 😀
  21. You’re trying to change a habit that you’ve done for a long time. It’s hard. Golf is Hard ™️! You’ll get it though. Try starting with really short swings to warm up instead of full swings. Break the habit, change the picture.
  22. If you are working with an instructor, I would recommend listening to them. If you’re looking for drills, check out these.
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