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  1. Day 247, June 16 Range work today with wedges, short irons and driver. Focused on set up and alignment. Didn’t film due to threat of rain. Finished with pitches, chips and sand to various targets.
  2. San Diego and LA are warmer and that is what most people think about for weather there. Up the coast to Monterey and San Fran, the ocean dictates the weather and temp. It can be 90 in Oakland and 60 and foggy in San Fran and they are just across the bay from each other. The ocean currents come down from Alaska, so the water is cold. When the wind is on shore, Pebble Beach is cold.
  3. Day 246, June 15 Played a painfully slow 9 today with my wife. 2:30. This course is usually fast too. Shots 41.
  4. I think this is where Express helps. You just use more fingers. With the Midpoint read method with the chart, I would just add a 3 and 2 read to get 5, etc.
  5. Phil has no doubt seen and heard hundreds of players picked as the “next” great player while he was playing and since. He’s seen them come and go. The really great ones meet expectations and actually win majors. There is no irony there. Not sure you understand what irony means. That is defined as experience.
  6. Day 245, June 14 MEVO work today with short irons and driver. With the irons, worked on launch angle. Driver, worked on launch and spin. Finished with pitches in my US Open backyard rough.
  7. I don’t see the reason for you to be rude and sanctimonious. Phil has an opinion and has played on the PGA Tour and frankly know a ton more about pro golf than you. What have you done?
  8. boogielicious

    NHL 2018-19

    Have fun. They are a big deal for the city.
  9. He’s making me crazy!!!!!
  10. Get your Navy buds to whip up a little maelstrom just off the coast!😉
  11. Makes me crazy when he does that.
  12. The course is playing too easy today. We Parrotheads stick together!😀
  13. That is an awesome hat! What are you talking about?
  14. I like Koepka’s hat! Very Parrothead-like!
  15. boogielicious

    NHL 2018-19

    But it was your bug at The Links, wasn’t it?😝 He does a lot of stupid, pointless things for a player with his skill level.
  16. Is Fowler sporting a mullet under that Puma hat? Would he be the first US Open winner with a mullet?
  17. I have posted in a while, but I was able to film yesterday. Still working on my PP of trying to get the hips to rotate more from the top. It is coming slow. I also am working on set up and alignment to help my swing not be so in to out and to come in a little steeper with the irons. Below are 7 iron and driver. Some progress there.
  18. I just saw Koepka in the Promo. Someone tell him so he doesn't get anyone fired.
  19. boogielicious

    NHL 2018-19

    Blues were the better team. They won three games in Boston. Congrats. Boston wrecked St Louis dreams in Superbowls and the World Series, so they got one back here. I know Marchand is an annoying player, but he is OUR annoying player. He's like the bug that terrorized me last week playing with @billchao But you would love Marchand if he was on your team. The Blues had a few chippy players too, they were just bigger!! A lot bigger!
  20. He sounds like someone who took 3 years of physics courses and never graduated.
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