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  1. Most shafts manufacturers don't have consistent terms to describe the shaft flex or even measure the flex the same way. I would get that this refers to a regular flex shaft.
  2. Man you miss entirely the point of this forum. This forum was established to help golfesr become the best they can be, period. It was not set up to do band-aid approaches to solve your swing issues for two rounds or quote the latest golf magazine tips. Your constant fly-by posts with crappy thoughts only create more posts by others to repair the damage you do to threads with misinformation. You never read responses to your posts or even answer the questions that people have asked you. You essentially are a non-value added member of the forum at this point. Here's a thought, try and read the posts and learn something from expert teachers and players. That is what most of us do.
  3. I don’t think it’s a rules violation, but it is a story you will get to tell for a long time!😀
  4. “ Best known for my big mistake....”
  5. I want to see the whole competition with more full shots and short game shots and less putting. I find putting dull to watch except for crucial shots. It is easy to film, so they tend to do it too much.
  6. Dave, I think you are just trolling now. You are the one being rude and condescending. Be careful how you respond next, more trolling and you will be warned.
  7. I was giving and example of the need for labeling. I also have considerable experience in this area. https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/fact-sheets/bisphenol-bpa
  8. It is from the California Prop 65 Law. The law identifies trace materials that have shown some carcinogenic properties with some at risk population. An example would the BPA, which is an additive in some plastics. So if the plastics used in a product contain BPA, they need the label. It does not mean that the golf bag will cause cancer. Most companies will try to reformulate or revise their designs to get away from these materials, but it takes time. I would not worry about it.
  9. I would take on any Pro in a putting contest. I may lose, but I have a good chance to win. I have less than zero chance beating them in any long game contest.
  10. In the late 70s they were still a huge act. To see them in a small venue is a very special treat. Love their music and harmonies. When I was learning guitar, theirs were some songs I had to learn.
  11. I used a 20 x 30 mat from Real Feel. I hit on it a lot over the winter with no issues. The range mats can be really hard. There are better mats with silicone gel that are more expensive, but this one was cost effective and didn't harden up in the winter. They make smaller strips too. Home - Real Feel Golf Mats
  12. Welcome to the Sand Trap. Most of us would do Google searches for this. I am not aware of a vintage golf club site, but there may be one.
  13. It’s great Steve! How has it been in the course?
  14. 86 yesterday at The Meadow. Shot a 39 on the harder front side, but had to hooks off the tee and shot a 47 on the back.
  15. Now I have to make this! 😀
  16. We have a whole thread on it. It really helps you dial in launch and spin, but you need to use the metal dots they give you for spin. I tried a metallic marker, but the results were iffy.
  17. Not necessarily. Modern irons except blades are designed to launch higher due to change in the center of gravity, MOI, etc. Because of this, the static loft is lowered slightly to optimize launch conditions. So static loft is only one factor. Even modern blades will launch higher than blades from 40 years ago. That being said, we should always go by distance gaps when we do wedge selection. That includes partial wedge shots.
  18. I played with this guy who was waiting for the green to clear because he hits his 5 wood 230. I outdrove him on every hole with my driver by 20+ yards and I hit that about 220 on average. He topped the 5 wood. 😜
  19. Day 12, Oct 3 Went to the range for a quick practice. Worked on setup and alignment with 7 iron and driver before it started to rain.
  20. Cool, what are they? Nene are not white, correct?
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