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  1. Day 106, January 20. Just putting today. Shoveled wet concrete for two hours, so not much chance to hit balls or anything else.
  2. boogielicious

    Your Workout Today

    Today’s workout: Shoveling 5 inches of snow that has been rained on with 1 inch of rain!
  3. boogielicious

    "The Comics" Thread

    Doctor of what????😜
  4. boogielicious

    Which 2019 Driver Are You Most Excited About?

    Thanks. I saw them but didn’t have a chance to hit them this time. They’ve had a lot of turnover there.
  5. Day 105, January 19 30F Super Speed work followed by priority piece work outside. Hit 95/101 with the green club. Felt good.
  6. boogielicious

    Getting Stuck on the Backswing

    I takes time to make changes like this. You need to work not only only the shoulder turn with the club, but also your general flexibility and core strength. Yoga type stretching can help, but there are other simple exercise you can do as a warm up to help. I do them in front of a mirror at the gym to also verify I have a centered turn. I do this one below every time I pick up a club. And be patient. Changes can take weeks to happen. Stick with it, it will change. From this thread, After I do this, then use a club and check out my shoulder turn in the mirror. It really, really helps. Mirrors are terrific tools.
  7. boogielicious

    Have I got the right clubs and shafts?

    Welcome to The Sand Trap. New players should really try and focus on making good contact with irons. DG S300 shaft are a bit heavier than the 100g shafts the fitting recommended, but you should be able to use them. 77 mph is average for a 6 iron (if you used a 6 iron to get that speed) and as a new player, you swing speed will probably increase given your size. Your PW distance would indicate stiff is also a good choice. If you want to get better, I recommend posting a video of your swing in the Member Swings section. We can help point you in the right direction for improvement.
  8. boogielicious

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    Agree. I know what I did wrong on a bad shot just by the feel and knowing my video.
  9. boogielicious

    Winter Depression Thread

    We're supposed to get 9-12" on Sunday. Oh well. I've got my net set up ready if it warms enough. I also bought a cheap mat for the gym at work it hit foam balls.
  10. boogielicious

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    Move her family to New Mexico! I've never been there, but it is certainly on my bucket list. I have friends that do it. They generally leave MA in October and return in May. They have property in both places. Two friends live in Naples and the other in Vero Beach. My wife and I are near retirement, but I don't think we will own down there. We haven't made any definitive plans yet either.
  11. boogielicious

    Hi from CA

    Welcome to The Sand Trap!
  12. Day 104, January 18 Mirror work at the gym focusing on head position at setup, centered hip turn and pitch elbow in the downswing. Follow with some golf specific resistance band work. Hope to do some drill work outside later.
  13. boogielicious

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    One swing thought I use a lot in practice is the feeling of deep hands in the backs swing to A4. This gets my hands into proper position at the top. Then I will add the feeling that the right elbow leads the downswing. I put them together in practice. When I am on the course, the only feel I need is deep hands now because I coupled them together. I will rehearse the feeling before set up.
  14. boogielicious

    Scotty Cameron Putter Certificate

    They don't. Cameron expects you will buy it from an authorized dealer.
  15. boogielicious

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    No No No. A "Laser". It will disintegrate the ball causing you to buy more!
  16. boogielicious

    Let's Talk about Grips

    I varies from store to store. Golf Galaxy does it for $5 each I think. https://www.golfgalaxy.com/s/full-service-golf-club-repair
  17. And you thought only his slider was special!
  18. boogielicious

    Mirror Vision - New App in the Works

    The app they suggested works. But it does seem to have a lot of ads.
  19. boogielicious

    My Swing (Chasing_Bogeys)

    @Chasing_Bogeys Try some 'non-full swing' practice too. You can learn a lot more and make changes stick better by slowing things down and even do partial swings. At full speed, changes are hard to make. A lot of us video our slow or partial swing to see if the change is there. You can also stop at different positions and use mirrors to look at those positions.
  20. boogielicious

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    Looking good!
  21. boogielicious

    Mirror Vision - New App in the Works

    You would have to ask them. Mirror Vision Golf | Remote Camera Golf Training App
  22. Day 103, January 17 Mirror work at the gym. I bought a better stance mat to stand on to hit foam balls. Focused on centered hip turn and pitch elbow to A6.
  23. boogielicious

    Mirror Vision - New App in the Works

    I got and answer from Mirror Vision. I will try it tonight. Hey Scott, Glad you enjoy the app! As for the videos only being recorded in portrait. This has been a frequent request and we will be implementing functionality to record in landscape in the next version. For now you try this app. It will rotate the videos and export to your camera roll. https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/rfv/id1038299582?mt=8 Cheers, Toby

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