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  1. For, it’s my hands and flexibility below 35. I feel much tighter. My hands don’t get warm even with Mizuno winter gloves on
  2. Ah no. I want more tee, approach and short game shots. Maybe some aerial views to show what the player is up against and shot tracer more often. Less putting. My grandma could putt.
  3. Man you are having a rough time Shane! I’ve had a hernia. Funny enough, I got it one month after knee surgery. Your issues are way worse. Get better dude!
  4. I’m a boomer and have never said that! If anything, I find boomers tend to overestimate the amount they work and how tough they are.😀
  5. I voted right length. I’ve worked on this with my Evolvr instructors for quite a while. I wish it was longer, but it’s working for me.
  6. Yeah, my Dad was a plumber, my grandfather was a plumber. I’m a fancy plumber. I’m like Mona Lisa Devito. I thought for the raw finish, they wanted them to patina.
  7. Day 105: Did a bit too much today. Shoveled/Snow-Blowed (if that’s a word) for 1.5 hours, then did some painting prep. By the time I got to practice, I was beat. Worked on a drill from the COVID practice (Day 5 drill) then did SuperSpeed. I was way down on top speed. Next couple of days are going to be really cold, so I wanted to get the SuperSpeed in.
  8. @IowaGreg, In the GIF below, Newton’s Cradle, the steel balls have almost no kinetic energy loss due to deformation. This demonstrates an elastic collision. A perfect elastic collision with no energy loss would go on forever. If the balls could deform slightly, as in plastic balls, the energy transfer would be less. The cradle would stop rather quickly. A cradle with say Playdoh on it would have complete deformation. They stop almost immediately. This is called an inelastic or “plastic” collision. If we put golf balls in the cradle of different “compression”, which is really deformat
  9. At least it wasn’t Kelvin.😜
  10. It’s an interesting claim, but how does it really translate to performance? It can be confirmed there is more contact surface area, but the effect on backspin, side spin and flight need to be demonstrated.
  11. Day 104: Did chipping indoors in the morning then worked on my priority piece with a 6 iron in the afternoon.
  12. What do you wear at that temp? I have trouble keeping my hands warm hitting into my net below 30F.
  13. You’re supposed to say, “I would like to thank The Academy....” Congrats!
  14. They are talking about counterfeit clubs. They most like are not made from the same molds or production lines and therefore will not perform as the OEM model. Also, it is illegal.
  15. Thanks. It’s because I have old knees!😜
  16. Be patient. It takes time. Sometimes when we fix one thing, something else gets off a bit. I can tell now when I early extend by just how the ball strike feels and ball curves. I just haven’t completely changed the picture yet.
  17. FWIW, my instructor has me shaft steep at A3 and shallow at A5. My hand position at A4 is similar to yours, I’m just flattening on the way down. We got that figured out a few months ago. But others do what you show here and are fine. What he has me working on now, with that steep to shallow feel, is keeping my spine angle through to contact so my “butt stays on the wall” so to speak. When we straighten up too early, early extension, the shaft can shallow from A5 to impact. I was getting fat shots or pulls. I was also coming in too far inside, so hooks. In your DTL view, you look rea
  18. Welcome to The Sand Trap! Lots of areas on the forum to ask questions and learn. When you have a chance, pick an avatar.
  19. A couple of swings from today after my priority piece drill.The driver swing was full speed and done right before my SuperSpeed session. Still a little EE but good turn with the driver. I noticed that my hands are higher and slightly forward at A4 with my driver versus the 6 iron. I will check on that tomorrow. It seems to give me a little more room to get the right elbow through the turn.
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