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  1. I must I am not a big fan of his game but I would be happy to see him win a few tournaments and even one major (why not?!?)... It's certainly not the new golf genius he was supposed to be when he came on tour but it's sad to see him play like this...
  2. My driver stayed in the bag all the past season. I simply could not use it! I am used to blades and small compact driver heads (I learnt golf playing such type of clubs) and driver is my main problem. Heads are too big today and offers too much inertia during the swing (not only at impact!). Shafts are too long too. So I played my 3 wood and did not really suffer from this. I can make what I want with this club... I am now getting back to the driver but a 400cc cuted to 44", with a 95X flex shaft in order to have the "quietest" driver...
  3. used to play 44.5" shafts but I think I'll cut it to 44" (easier to swing...) I am 6'23" (1m90)
  4. also noticed that horse riders are using golf gloves..."man, what would they do without golf?!?"... ...
  5. Did a few nice eagles on par 4 from 120 - 150 yards, of course a few eagles on par 5... The only ace I did was after one of my worst shot...the ball went far right, up in the sky, hit a rock, came back to the green and... Strange feeling when you feel you have made a horrible shot and see your ball fall in the hole a few seconds later...sometimes this game is not fair!...
  6. well, I found them to be a little bit harder than GP...but of course they will last longer...
  7. Aldila VS Proto could be ok. Not so expensive and a real good overall shaft. High bend point for low trajectory and you can choose the weight from 60gr, 70gr or 80gr I think.
  8. I remember a video from Taylor Made tour van. The guy was using usual 3M epoxy. Don't see the exact #ref of the paste but it was usual 3M cartridge... In fact, I would try to manage best of both worlds. Golf epoxy can be hard to find or need to be ordered over the net. Epoxy at your local Home Depot are often cheap epoxies... Try to find a good store near your home that sell some "industrial" epoxy and you will see that there is a tremendous choice for epoxy. I personnaly use 3M DP 420 paste. The paste is black, quite fluent and one thing important, the paste is NON-THIXOTROPIC. It is an important thing because it allows for light adjustement during the cure. Sorry for my bad english...
  9. If I remember, the difference was in the lie and lenght of the clubs. The 690.mb were more upright and 1/4" longer...hope I am not wrong...
  10. The One Platinum v2 is the best ball on the marketttt... I find the ball to be a little bit harder than the Pro V1 which is what I like but as previous members said, the balls still offer a nice spin. Did not notice a big difference concerning distance between the Platinum and the Pro V1. The big difference is on the price...You can find AAA used balls for less than 1$/ball...
  11. I used to play it too and ask myself if I will not come back to. I play a Bridgestone J33P (375cc) but I feel the head is sometimes too big when I want to shape the ball. Seems to be the last quite small head available on the market but even with this driver, I really have to accentuate the swing to give spin to the ball. I can't play bigger heads. No such problems with small heads. You swing the club easily. Shaft is shorter and I can give as much spin as I want...