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  1. Hey, So I went on a monitor today and it's more like 4600 which as you pointed out is a poor slice when hit badly. Out to in classic. Moved to a stiff 70gm shaft in a Maverick and it dropped to 2800 which is high but improved. My swing is 90% the issue here so I agree. Swing speed 92mph. Ball speed 125. Thanks John
  2. Thanks @Adam C Just thinking out loud here. The Epics lofts are adjustable. So am I better off getting it at 10.5 then that gives me the ability to go down to 9.5 or up to 11.5? Thanks again for your help. John
  3. @Adam C Tricky one to call I know but these are the shafts available in 9deg Stiff: MCA TENSEI AV BLUE 60 GR EVEN FLOW GREEN 50 GR TT PROJECT X SMOKE 60 All roughly the same price but the Smoke being in Good condition Vs Very good for the others. Gun go your head which one you going for? Thanks again John
  4. Hey @Adam C Thanks as always. I dont hit a 3 wood and the fitter suggested my hybrid was a mess 🙂 Im just basing the weight off the shaft he suggested I got from the fit for which was 50gr on the VL SLAY shaft. Alternative is the Rogue Draw in 9deg/Stiff with either: - Adilla Synergy 50 - Grafolloy Projext X Even Flow Blue 60 (Rogue) My ultimate goal here is to get some help coming in to out (which I know is mainly technique but club can help). And also reduce Spin and gain distance by using a newer model driver than my Xhot. Note: If I stuck with a 10.5 there are more options on the site but I do hit pretty high already, but maybe a stiff shaft might reduce that height enough by itself?
  5. Thanks @Adam C. Looks like Callaway pre-owned have a 14 day satisfaction guarantee which is good. What about this below? Similar weight to the one I was fitted for. They have other shafts below but heavier. OTHERS**ALDILA ROGUE WHITE MSI 130 60 GR OTHERS**TT PROJECT X SMOKE 70 GR
  6. Yeh I do fight a slice hence the high spin rate and high trajectory I'm finding. I find it almost impossible to draw a ball haha. Mini fade is my shot. Rogue Sub Zero Drivers | DRIVERS | CLUBS | Official Callaway Golf Preowned Site Shop the award-winning Rogue Sub Zero Driver online, directly from... Thoughts on the below? Subzero seems to help a little more with high spin players Vs the standard.
  7. Hey @Adam C Rogue 9 Def with Stiff sheet or Reg? What about the draw bias one. Would that help at all? Or just a gimmick. Thanks again John
  8. It's the blue version currently. When you say one of the shafts you were thinking. Thinking I should buy?
  9. Hi @Adam C My current shaft in the driver is an: ALDILA Tour ATX 55 R
  10. Hi Adam, Thank you so much for such a detailed reply. I didnt get a chance to screenshot my data but the launch height was very high and i knew that before getting fitted just by playing. Current loft of the X Hot is 10.5 but sometimes feels like 18.5 :). I would say it starts normal height but then gets really high, and almost gets trapped in the wind, possibly due to high spin. I get almost zero run on. "What else did you hit during the fitting, as that could help narrow down options. " - I hit all the new heads really, it was a very quick fitting so didnt get a chance to write and keep up. It definately feels like i need something to help reduce spin. For sure my current regular flex shaft. If you think the head wont be helping me, I could just go for a new drivers but wouldnt really know what to look for. £/$200 would be about the budget. Or I could just pick up one of the shafts mentioned by you previously. Thanks again John
  11. Was more like 6.5 but I rounded it up. To be fair, it was almost halved with a different shaft and a little swing adjustment mid fit. Have a tendency to come over a little...or a lot 🙂
  12. Hi, He didn't actually say. I have a standard flex shaft at the moment which goes really high with 7k spin and I think goes backwards towards the end of the flight 🙂 Im sure any stiff shaft would be an improvement but it would be great to get one close to the adviced club fit. That's pretty cool. Hi @Adam C, As per the above and my reply below. Looking for a serious improvement to my current shaft on my driver whilst keeping the head. I'm a 12 HC so not looking for the best of the best. Just something to calm go crazy high spin which the shaft above cut in half. Regards John
  13. Hi all, New to the site so this is my first post. I finally went for a club fit the other day. It was great and all but they ended up fitting me into what looks like the most expensive shafts going for every club:( They didn't offer alternatives as I guess it means I might go elsewhere. I'm essentially looking for a Stiff shaft for my Callaway xHot driver. They recommended a: VA Slay 55: Flex Three (£200) Length: 45.25 Are there any cheaper/second hand Alternatives I could look at? Thanks in advance for your help. John
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