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  1. I get it. Didn't go do a fitting. I ordered the clubs with the same specs from my last fitting. Only thing I changed was going from Project X LZ 5.5 to Accura I80 stiff shafts.
  2. Played today, took a few holes for them to get used to me. By the time we made the turn I was hitting them pretty good. I had updated my yardage chart with the balls hit on Monday, numbers were fairly close. Only had a couple of shots in my old 6i distance and hitting a 7, yes, seemed better, but really too small of a sample size to say for sure. Playing again tomorrow.
  3. Got the 0211's yesterday. Went directly to the launch monitor with the 7 iron. Picked up 5-6 mph club head speed and 8-10 mph ball speed that equals a full club in yardage gain. I had planned on testing these for a couple of weeks but after hitting about 20 balls with each club they are going straight in the bag. Same gains with every club and they feel is really nice.
  4. $60 may be a little high but have you shipped anything lately? Shipping cost have got up, a quick shipping quote from FedEx is $51.99 from Arizona to Alabama. Clubs are in transit and due to deliver on Wednesday. Can't wait to get them on the launch monitor.
  5. Talked to the guys at PXG today. They were super helpful and we talked through some options. I know my iron specs and having gone through fittings in the past know what shaft specs suit my game. I ordered a set of 0211's. I had been wanting to give graphite shafts a try. They offered the Accura i80 shafts at no upcharge. Ordering by phone they also offer a 30 day playability warranty. If I don't like the shafts they will swap shafts at no charge (stock shafts). Also give a refund minus a 15% restocking fee if you just don't like them. All this with the special price made it a no brainer to give them a try. 2-3 weeks for delivery and I'll start testing them in my hitting cage (with FlightScope Mevo) against my Mizunos.
  6. Who's tried them? The sale price they have going is almost too good to pass up. I don't have a fitter close, so I can't try them. I currently play Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal with Project X LZ 5.5 shafts and been thinking about updating. Thoughts?
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