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  1. My cousin spent two years at IMG for tennis and I myself also spent two months at IMG for tennis back 2018 and I am not too impress by IMG. Nice facility but that's about it, unless you're going to be a star, it is not a place to be. I am looking for a place near Naples where I can fit in.
  2. Hi All, Due to Covid-19 pandemic, I am not attending college this year. My parents and I will be spending about three months in Florida and I am interested in attending golf academies while I am spending time in Naples Florida. I would like to attend a golf academy from 8am-4pm M-F. Any recommendations? TIA
  3. I agreed that $80/hour is incredibly inexpensive for golf. I used to take tennis lessons twice a week until this spring and the tennis lesson costs $170/hour at a tennis academy in Maryland (JTCC). A few years before that, I took tennis lessons from a former Junior Wimbledon tennis double champion for $200/hour. the golf instructor I am taking lessons from used to compete in the PGA tour for three years so I guess $140/hour is a good deal. Since the start of this year, my mother hires a personal fitness coach to train her back in shape, and I also got to train with the fitness coach. The fitness coach is a former 4 times Olympian and a gold medal at the world championship in Track and Field. He put my mother and I on a healthy and "extreme" diet to whip us into shape. He has also been helping me to put on lean muscle. I hope it will not mess up my golf swing. I feel that I am in very good shape because my best time for the one mile run is 4 minutes and 40 seconds. I ran the marathon events, around a high school track, two weeks ago with ten other runners and I completed it in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Golf is also giving me the opportunity to bond with my father. I am not close to my father like I am with my mother. Since I am not attending college this year, I have a lot of times to improve my golf game and fitness.
  4. Thank you. I was raised by a "tiger" mother and white father. My mother tortures me on the academic side and my father tortures me on the athletic side 🙁. My father is looking around for golf country clubs to join and he is narrowing it down to two expensive one. My father wants me to keep practicing at the driving range until we become members which should happen in a couple of months. I was supposed to start college last month but covid-19 threw off my plan. I am taking a gap year so I have plenty of free time working on my golf game, tennis, physical fitness, and working on improving my guitar and vocal. Because of the covid-19 pandemic and my mother has compromised immune system, I do not hang out with people my age without risking passing covid-19 to my mother. I also purchased the swing caddie last week and I really like this gadget. I don't know if $140/hour is reasonable or not because my father is in charge of the bill. My father told me that he took several private lessons from Butch Harmon back in 2010 at $1000/hour. My mother still makes fun of my dad every now and then that he still sucks 😁. I live in Potomac Maryland, and it is an expensive COL area.
  5. Hi everyone, I am an 18 years old male and I just start playing golf two months ago. I take golf lesson once a week for an hour at a cost of $140/hour. I also practice on the driving range on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 2 hours on weekday and 4 hours on weekend. Prior to golf, I am also a very good athlete, I was trained as a tennis player since the age of 6 and have been a very serious tennis player until a few months ago. I played four years for my high school varsity tennis team at #1 single and double. I could have played tennis college but have decided not to. I also do fitness training everyday for 90 minutes. My favorite golf player is Brooks Koepka. Currently, I am 5 feet 11 and 175 lbs. I would like to put on a little more muscle but my instructor is totally against it but I look at Koepka and he is pretty ripped. Is my instructor right? I pickup golf two months ago and absolutely love it. I hit about 200 balls on weekdays and 400 balls on weekends at the driving range. Today, for the first time, I can drive the ball straight close to 300 yards long on a consistent basis. I am so happy. With the 7 iron, I can drive the ball about 175 yards with nice trajectory. My golf instructor said to me that my golf game is improving quickly because I am a good athlete and that I know how to rotate my hip and quite relax when I swing the club, just like a tennis forehand. He said that I should not play on an actual golf course for another three months, once I master chipping and putting. Is my instructor right? One other thing, my tennis UTR rating is 11.5 and I've been doing it since the age of six. How long is it going to take me to achieve similar in golf, or is it already too late for me? TIA.
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